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Search Hcg Injections Online

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin injections are those which are used to lose weight. Losing the weight is a huge thing when compared to that of gaining. You don’t find much trouble while gaining it, but losing takes a lot of effort and more juice from you. It doesn’t mean, it’s totally tough, but do think twice when you go out for eating food outside, fast foods, street foods which are enriched with high quantity of cholesterol, ghee etc. The things like these make much affect on the body, which you need to shape it again for reshaping it. You may be found of street food or some foods which are sold outside, they may be certified to the FDA but you never know the stuff you are eating, high calorie, more cholesterol or something like that? So, keep your fingers crossed if you think, you have done much for gaining weight and haven’t done yet anything for losing it. You may feel lazy for doing exercises; you may face difficulties for the stuff in Gym or aerobics. Following diet is not only the thing you should follow, you need some workout that will let your body to calm down to the food which is, once got attracted. And if you are sick of trying all these heavy stuff, like aerobics, exercises, and gym then you start preparing yourself for buying something that takes you weight off.F12.large Yes! There are products which can take the extra fat off your skin and body. But not all the products in the market are given the same importance because of the quality and the brand things. If you are sort of good thinker, then you will find something like exercises for your body lose the extra fat which is attached to you these many days. But laziness caught many people after gaining weight, that’s no doubt a problem for everyone who has gained their own. For those people who are worrying about their fat or weight gain, can no longer be worried about the extra fat on their body. Now, there are various different stuff, that can help you to lose your weight without straining your body.  These methods are designed for those who can’t workout, and problem few are the best procedures but taking the right step when you are up to leaving exercises and picking alternative procedure. One wrong step, in this procedure can take your blood off, you can go ill. Stuffs like these, will make you go crazy.hcg-diet-human-chorionic-gonadotropin1

There are different things that can make you lose your weight like drops, injections and pills.

HCG offers all these things for the people in losing the weight. HCG injections were first given in 1950’s for people who were suffering with obesity. But that was past, when there used to be situations like people going to the doctor to take the remedies, even now, we have that but we can buy HCG injections online.

How do HCG injections work?

Not long back, Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons, who was a British endocrinologist, published his first revolutionary book, which was called as pounds and inches. It was not popular at that time, but years after years, it has become the popular method for losing weight. It has helped many people for losing their excessive fat over their stomach, chest, and many other part of their body.

He was the first person who came up with the combination of HCG along with low calorie diet for losing weight. The diet refers to a person having a 500 calorie food each day, restricting high protein, fat and carbohydrates.

If you are person who loves taste different types of food wherever you go, then finding some diet tips on the internet can help you to lose weight but you can struggle with your hunger. Few people also suffer with weakness when they eat no food or very less food. But believe it or not, considering proper diet with HCG injections, one will not have hunger problems or getting weak for no reason. This is mostly because of the HCG inside their blood, it kills the more hunger. One can buy HCG injections online through pharmacy online. There are different websites which offer you the best product in the market.

Strong points of using HCG injections:

As, one can know about, using an injection, pills or drops, easily lose weight within no time. But mentioning, no time doesn’t suggest to a rapid change in your body. Losing weight should screw your health; this procedure will help you to lose weight while not losing your health. When the excessive fat starts melting, you get healthier as well. All the above pros can be attained by simply taking a hormone.

The average cost of HCG injection online, when self mixed is $140

Amount of HCG needed:

Usually, people need one or two 5000 i.u. ampoules or three 1500 i.u. ampoules per HCG. It totally depends on the person, HCG dilution and dosage.

It usually takes 3 to 6 weeks for delivering the self mixed HCG injections and these self mixed are not usually delivered from USA. Obviously, medical things need to store in cool environments. HCG injections are no different from all those of pharmacy, you need to store it in a refrigerator. The pain level you suffer while using these HCG injections is slight to moderate. You need 23 to 40 syringes with needles of 25 to 32 gauges. Use one shot per day for a minimum of 23 and a maximum number of 40 doses per cycle.

Anyways, before taking these HCG injections, one has to consult the doctor for pre treatment. You need to have a pre check up and then asks whether the intake of the HCG injections is useful and helpful for your body. Because few people have their family issues like hereditary, they can do nothing wrong in their weight gain. But consulting a doctor before you buy HCG injections online will make you not suffer from anything.

12 Jul

Atv Graphics: Everything You Need To Know

All-Terrain Vehicles are an absolute pleasure to ride. These four wheeler provide a motorbike like experience, packed in a higher adrenaline rush package. ATVs go where motorbikes can’t, up the hills or down the sands in a sea beach. Although you might not get the high speed experience in motorways like motorcycles, but ATVs serve a different purpose which is certainly more exciting. If you own an ATV and planning about giving your favorite machine a visual upgrade, ATV graphics could help you. You could find plenty of different designs and styles in a local motorbike upgrade shop, and online orders would get you another handful of options for ATV graphics.

The Difference in ATV Graphics

Apparently, all the stickers you see on ATVs look similar from a distance. However, if you get closer you would realize they aren’t all the same, there are few prominent differences that separate the graphics types from each other. If you live in an area where ATVs are common vehicles, you would find the following different types of ATV graphics kits for your quad bike. Otherwise, you shall have to rely on online stores.


  • Full Body Kit:

These stickers are available in full body measurements for your quad bike. The stickers will cover every visible parts, including – air box portion, fenders, fork guard, fork tubes, seat cover, plastic body parts, radiator shrouds, backgrounds etc. However, this would solely depend on the kit. Not every package might offer each of these items, but most companies would deliver these separate stickers in a full kit package. However, if you find an online store that specifically sells stickers for specific models of ATVs then it would be easier to find a ATV graphics kit.

  • Radiator Shroud Kit:

These kits only cover the radiator shrouds, as mentioned by their names. However, some kits could also include other body part ATV graphics even inside a radiator shroud kit.

  • Trim Kit:

Trim Kit ATV graphics basically include the front and rear fenders of your vehicle. Other than that, forks and air box decals might come with the packaging. Finding an appropriate sticker package for the trim kits is important since every ATV has different measurements for the fenders, fork tubes etc.


  • Number Plate Backgrounds:

If you want to add some design to your number plate, then these graphics could help. However, ensure that your local law enforcement allows this.


Purchasing an ATV Graphics Kit would be easier if you find the store right, application is the difficult part. Hire a professional for best output.

12 Jul

Steps You Shouldn’t Miss For The First Time Of Using Expedia Coupons

You can book your travel tickets and accommodations everywhere, through retail or physical store or one can find an online booking site or third party thing that can be used for payment for your travel. The online website which has risen from the dark to the shining stars is Expedia. This has proved the global market that, a vision with some strategy can help the people as well as themselves also. The Expedia coupon not only help the people, but have a huge business for the websites as well. This is called marketing strategy, there were days where people used to market down on the roads with one after the other houses. Now, days and technology has had a drastic change, one need not to market their products by reaching the customers. They can do the same thing by applying this marketing strategy that helps the people and people help the company. Let me show you how to dig the best Expedia coupons for you and your family:


  1. First step to log in:

For every travelling or any other type of booking website, one has to provide general details, and log in.  if you are sort of new user to the Expedia website you can directly log in through your Gmail account or Facebook account but if you want a new account which is totally not dependent on your social media accounts, then click on sign up. You get to a page where you need to fill your general and personal details. There are certain deals which only show up to only their users or customers that means, you need to log in for the best deals or un-showcased deals. There were special promo offers given by Expedia of about INR 100 for registering to their website. Once you start booking your journeys, you can get some Expedia points which you can redeem later on your future deals.

  1. Home page deals:

After logging in, go to the home page which displays the deals and can have Expedia coupons at the particular moment. After you book your travel tickets and accommodation you can cancel them at any time. These are some good things you get when you plan your trip. They offer more points if you are a first time registered user and booking for the first time. Obviously one can get points for doing so and will also get points for booking tickets even if not.


  1. Go harder for Expedia specific deals:

There are Expedia specific deals which will help you at the last minute as well. You need to be patient in searching the specific deals like, last minute deals, vocational deals, hotel deals etc. before you start booking your travel tickets, search for them, you never know where is your luck hidden in.

  1. Be flexible if possible:

If you missed out to see this article and you already booked your tickets for your journey, be flexible to see this one for the next journey.

12 Jul

Fighting Back Against Drugs

Drug addiction is a dark and ugly truth that exists in our society since ages. Be it the 60s, or the rock and roll age 70s or the present time , people are suffering from an illness known as drug addiction. Ever since the introduction of mind altering drugs in our society, the youth have always been attracted towards it. Some see as a cool thing, something which their favourite artist or rock bands do, and they follow them in that path. Some see it as a way of escaping the pain or depression they are going through, to find a feeling of happiness and solace.

Drugs and mind altering substances have always been romanticized in rock songs and pop culture. In the world we are living today, people have real easy access to find and buy drugs. This makes people even more vulnerable and an easy prey for all the drug dealers out there. The drug dealers and kingpins make huge profit out of selling mind altering substances to young people, which gets them addicted and keep them coming, wanting for more.


Talking about drug addiction, it is a chronic condition which alters the mind and body of the victim, that causes compulsive drug seeking . It extremely impacts the person’s behavior and personality, and can even make them violent and irrational if they don’t get what they need. Drug addiction not only effects the victim, but it also effects the people around him; family and friends. People don’t take this seriously, but drug addiction is a real disease and the victims need love , care and support like the patients of any other disease.

This is a kind of disease that grabs you even harder when you are trying to let go. That means, even if an addicted person tries to leave the drug, he might get withdrawal symptoms, that only get worse with time. That causes panicking, sever sweating, depression and loss of appetite. An addicted person can go to any extent to get the drug that he needs. Drug addiction is more complex than you think, and even the people of strongest will and good intentions fail to quit it. It changes the structure and function of the brain, and it’s like the rational thinking part of your brain dies.

young woman in a conversation with the psychologist

But even if you or anyone you know is battling with drug addiction, don’t lose hope. There are a number of drug rehabilitation centers that can help you get out of this disease and help you live a healthy life. One such Centre is the luxury rehab Malibu, which provides top notch services, and help. They understand their patients and the problem they are suffering from, and provide their care and support every step of the way. They provide the necessary medications and counseling needed for the victim to get better in terms of health. You can meet new people who are battling the same fight as you, and you will come out a totally different person, leading a healthy and better life.

10 Jul

Time To Save Your Pets

The bond that a human being and his pet share is inexplicable and the love you have for them is more than words can say. Whenever you came back to home for holidays, your pet beat even your mom to run towards you to caress you just so that you realise that this adorable creature safeguarding at the gate is enlivened by your presence. The loss of pet does feel the same when you lose a close human being if not more. Sometimes it is your sheer callousness that costs you the pet’s life and sometimes it is your pet’s carelessness. But now you can breathe a little because many GPS pet tracking devices are available that are easy to operate, are reasonable priced and more than anything else can save the lives of your pets.  The devices are a use of robust technology that can track your pet over long distances and come in different price ranges from hefty to moderate prices.


There are few important parameters that need to be into account before purchasing a GPS pet tracker. Firstly look for the battery life of a GPS locator. An inclination for a longer battery life is a basic prerequisite as for any other battery-supported system. The device should be suitable for the size of the pet and should not be bulky that it weighs down on your pet. The device should be tautened around the part clung to the device so that your pet does not lose the device. For this some devices come with clips to be fastened to your pet. Water resistance is another quality when choosing the GPS pet tracking systems. If you have a litter of dogs and cats living in house you may fetch good discounts as many retailers are offering special deals with reduced prices on multiple purchases of the tracking devices. Another important feature of the device is its compatibility with your mobile phones or laptops as many trackers function via the GPS pet tracker App installed in the electronic devices.

According to customers’ pet tracker reviews POD GPS and WIFI tracker has emerged as the best pet tracker device. It is small, light (around one ounce), waterproof and helps you track your pet through GPS, 2G network and WIFI and buzzes you when your pet treads outside the safe zone. The combination of WIFI features helps quick location of the pet even inside. You never run down on batteries even when your pet is without the tracker because it comes with two interchangeable batteries.


Whistle GPS pet tracker is rated as second best. It is a combination of pet locator and also helps you track the health of the pet. It works on GPS, Verizon network and also with phone and computers with the facility of SMS. It sends your message via the app or texts and helps you locate the position of pet on the map. Whistle zone is the area where your pets are supposed be and the moment they leave that vicinity, pet owners receive the alert.  The only complaint received so far is that the time between the dog leaving the whistle zone and alert retrieval is lagged. It has a battery life of 10 days.

08 Jul

Prepare For Funeral In Singapore

There will be a time when you come into an age where you will have to ready you or a loved one’s funeral. That way, you will be prepared for the worst, and you won’t have to burden anyone with having to prepare for the funeral arrangements. While this may sound unfortunate, it is actually a practical way to make sure nothing will go wrong, even until your last moment. When preparing a funeral Singapore, there are some things to know beforehand.

How to Prepare for a Funeral in Singapore

You will have to consider a few factors. It’s similar to planning an event, where you will be setting the place you will want to be resting on, and other things. Here are the things to know on how to prepare for your or a loved one’s funeral:


  1. Look for a trusted funeral home that is able to deliver quality service. That way, you won’t have any strains in emotions, nor will you stress out over your loved one’s funeral arrangements.
  2. Find their rates and services included. Instead of going to various companies that offer different individual services, opt for the one that is able to do everything you want and need for a good price.
  3. Read the contract before you go into any agreement. Look for any hidden fees and details that may end up costing money and effort.
  4. Prepare the casket. Some may have to be custom made, depending on the size of who you’re preparing the funeral for. Depending on the casket, they can be quite costly.
  5. Prepare the obituary and list down what you want said, along with the people you would like to include in it.
  6. Ask about any religious services that need to be made or you would like to have made. Depending on your religion, your local churches will be able to cater to that.
  7. Location is also key. Where would you like to be buried? Or how would you like to hold your funeral? There is cremation, where your family can keep your ashes or spread them in your favorite area, or you can be buried in an area around the cemetery. You can also be kept in a funeral home where your family will be able to visit you.
  8. Remember to list down your will and testament, with witnesses and a lawyer signing it to make it official.
  9. When preparing a funeral, make sure all your family members have copies of the details so if you do go, they will know what will happen. It will lessen the burden, and instead of being in shock with all the preparations needed to be made, they will be able to properly grieve.
  10. All the small details need to be looked into, especially when it comes to looking for a funeral home. Make sure you work with a trusted one that will be able to do the job.
08 Jul

About Pc Games For Free

Games, this is the word that interests not only children but most of us and when it comes to PC games, the level of excitement of children and other fans of gaming touches another level. Gaming on PC is excited since the invention of first generation computers and later, with various advancements in technology, has today reached to another level of success.

With the increasing popularity of PCs for educational purposes, the demand for PC games has also increased. However, when it comes to pay for these games on your personal computer, though you may be really very rich, none of us wants to. What we all look for is juegos para pc gratis. And you can get quite a lot number of these PC games without paying any price. A study has mentioned that there was a drastic increase in the IBM’s, the largest computer company, games like Microsoft Flight Simulator etc. The data available on the internet about various games show the extreme popularity of these games. Few of these games have around twenty five million of their copies sold and are still very popular.


For instance, the game named Minecraft, which is now publicly available, that means it is available for free. The first version of this game required a paid account, but later when made free, it started accumulating sales. Also, here it is worth noting that subscribers are not the same as sales. Few other popular games available for free are World of Tanks, World of Warships, Star Conflict, Winning Putt, League of Legends and War Thunder etc. These games are really interesting and above all, available free of cost.  World of Tanks makes you believe that so many tanks could exist. You also have several vehicles to unlock and enjoy the game. In all these games, the controls are very simple and welcoming. And it really is fun to enjoy your free time with these amazing games. Around twelve million players play these games almost every day.

There are also various websites available on the internet which makes these games very easily available for the users. My Real Games, one of such destinations, has all the latest games and hence, you can satisfy your craving whenever you want to at just one go! Another such site is Gametop. It has all the legal versions of PC games and for free. Also, all the games are guaranteed to be safe and completely secure.


However, all these PC games have also created quite a few controversies. Violence has been regularly associated with gaming. Also, another one is presence of offensive and objectionable content which may not be appropriate for children. Few parents have also raised questions regarding the same. So, these games, under proper guidance may prove to be really great sources of fun.

06 Jul

What Are The Techniques To Implement While Horse Riding For Beginners?

For majority of horse riders, it is not just a sport. It is obviously the love of their life and their passion. Even for the beginners who didn’t show much interest towards this sport, but they come up with curiosity. They all end up doing horse riding a hobby and then to love and passion. Those people who like to go out for adventures are the ones who find their love towards this sport, Horse Riding! A lot of challenges during this sport can be achieved. By enjoying this sport few of the people think that they can achieve mental peace by eliminating their fears.

The main reason for few people is that they can overcome their fears and convert them into thrills and excitements. Yes! Horse riding is a very risky sport compared to all, if you aren’t prepared yourself. And to mark precaution measures for those beginners who wish to start their new sport action, this article will provide you them. Even though this is a risky sport, one can easily adopt this thing when you overcome your fears. Once you are done with your fears, this risky sport turn to your exciting holiday hobby.


Horse riding is not just a sport, it can thrill you and can make you goof friendship relations who are similar to you. With these enough advantages, one can learn how to be obedient to animals. And this will help you to know the feelings of other living being and that can further help you in better future and make you a better person as well. While riding a horse, understanding each other is very important. Because if you don’t understand the feelings of others, then one can get it more difficult situation during this sport. Riders will end up building good relationships with their horse.

These are the reason behind most of the people’s interest, love and passion towards this sport. You will enjoy this sport only when you got the training properly. If the beginners didn’t learn the basics well then they can end up with only sour experiences which further can maintain the distance from this sport. There are many cases where the beginners get into this sport without any basic level knowledge and hurt themselves. One should take the basic lessons from a good coach who has a keen interest and better knowledge.

What are the basic tools to remember when you’re the beginner of horse riding?

Horse riding is not just a simple task to complete; one has to be prior in his basics before getting into the reality. One can get the knowledge of basics from these sources without the trainer:

  • Reading useful magazines and books on horse riding tips & techniques.
  • Watching horseback riding videos.
  • Internet.


Few of the beginners try to start this sport without any basic knowledge, may be this can help in any other sport but not this one. Do remember, only when you put efforts for training of horse riding, you can feel the fruitfulness of the sport.


Now-a-days, horse riding can be learned at home by using the DVD’s. Watching the basic techniques of riding a horse is one of the best ways of training to be the master of horse riding. One can spend less time in self training while watching DVD’s. You get the best benefits when you feel your presence on the field and riding horse yourself.

This gives your different knowledge on riding a horse, reading a book can help you in having the perfect posture while riding or positioning but whereas watching the DVD’s can help you in some of the practical skills. Though even the bookish knowledge is also needed to be the perfectionist but it doesn’t help you throughout. Watching the professionals riding a horse can help you improve your skills. Confidence is the main important aspect of horse riding, if you are not confident about riding a horse then start gaining some for you.

There are some things which can’t be learned from the bookish, as one has to visualize everything. But when you watch the clips of the professionals, one doesn’t always imagine the situation. As the visual experience is the best way to understand for the beginners.

There are many DVD’s which offer the beginners a help but only few of them have the standards and quality. A DVD named 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman which is more recommended by everyone. Hence a DVD can bring many of the techniques to visualization but confident of riding a horse is self made. One needs to gain his own confidence; you cannot buy anywhere or steal from anyone.

The DVD’s can give you more information in horse riding techniques and the behavior or so, like

  • Maintaining a horse properly
  • Getting used to the rather uncommon equipment related to horseback riding.
  • Different positions you can adjust on a horse.
  • Knowing your horse and his behavior.

Know Your Horse:

When you are up in the market for a car, everyone are very keen to know about its features, just like that one has to know his/her horse behavior properly in order to get a good sport experience.


You better know these few things before getting upon him:

  • Style of running.
  • Dislikes.
  • Level of patience.
  • Likes.

Few of the horses are very cool to handle and can be easily used before giving any instructions to it as few of them would need. Some of them are very rude and not easily handle by the beginners; they need a perfect trainer for giving and understanding instructions.

Similarly, few of the horses are quite and calm and other are very aggressive. Riding a horse without making proper relationships with them is a very difficult task even if you are perfect rider. Hence, understanding the behavior of your horse is the first step to make your riding career successful. If you’re a true beginner for this sport, there are many techniques and supportive measure to be considered, which are shown in www.horse-show-schedules.com.

05 Jul

Reasons Why Friv Games Are Different And Lovable

Probably playing games online is a standout amongst the most appealing time goes for individuals from various parts of the world. Few individuals affection for playing web games through Facebook applications; while others adoration to invest energy playing the web games simply sitting before their PC, for example, friv games of different sorts. These games are basically flash games which are been enjoyed by so many people all across the globe. They come in various versions like friv 1, friv 2, friv 3 and more.

About Friv games

Friv games is a free internet gaming gateway of Frivschool.org. The vast majority of the games are easygoing. Friv additionally is one of the greatest suppliers of online fun and energy that definitely you will appreciate. Dissimilar to Prepaid Online Games you need a heap with a specific end goal to level up quick and get focused. friv is totally diverse, you can even play as a visitor without joining. Free is great and fun. One of the most up to date Friv gaming entryway is frivschool.org basic the best, well disposed and served crisp online Friv Games Daily.


You can play a large number of online Miniclip amusements from various classes. Much the same as, No. 1 Friendly Friv were anybody can without much of a stretch comprehend to play and arrange every one of our amusements with the assistance of directions and depictions. No. 2 Educational Games like math, critical thinking, and astound breaking challenge.

No. 3 Skills Games a large number of our Miniclip amusements are classifying with abilities enhancer like drawing, painting and even mold planning. No. 4 Adventure Friv Games for those gamers who love the energizing background and investigating, simply be cautious enterprise Friv, Miniclip Game might be hurtful and unsafe. No. 5 Action Addicting Games young men love activities the most mainstream smaller than usual class recreations in our site like karate, arcade, battling and some more. Agonized over mates? Why not challenge with the PC it is more enjoyable.

Security concerns

Playing and enjoying games on the friv website of any category, whether friv 2, friv 3 or more is absolutely safe and secured. There is no security threat whatsoever in any manner. So, without any hesitance, go ahead and play the game of your choice.

How are friv games different from others?

Friv games are online flash games. Nowadays people play flash games on facebook applications, but there the user have limited options. Here in friv games, the users have numerous options of flash games to choose from. This is how friv games are different from others. One has a plethora of choice to play from.


Response from common public

With numbers of users daily logging in or visiting as a guest and enjoying the assortment of games available in the portal, it is evident that the game is very much liked by the public. The flash games are very interesting and easy to play. Some are fun, some are brain teasing, some are casual time pass. Obviously, one would love to stay connected online and enjoy such games of their choice in their leisure time. Even if you check the reviews on the internet, you will find positive responses from various users.

Final thoughts

Refreshing yourself in the leisure time is obviously needed by all of us. At different times we are in the different mood and thus need to entertain ourselves accordingly. At that point, if you have something which gives you such options to entertain yourself as per your choice, then obviously everyone would love this. Friv games give you that option. So visit their site and explore the world of flash games.

02 Jul

What Is Gymnastic And Different Types Of Gymnastic Bars?

Gymnastics is a sport which involves the performance of how we can control our body. For example we have to stretch our body, we require flexibility. Not only this but there is one more important thing, that is balancing of the body. Without body balancing we can’t do gymnastic. That’s why it is most important i.e., body balancing.

In gymnastic, we have different types of gymnastic bars. Some of them are as follows:

  • Uneven Bars
  • Horizontal Bar
  • Parallel Bars
  • Balance Beam

Uneven Bars:


It is the first type of bar in which gymnast uses uneven bars. We have another name for this, that is, it is also known as asymmetric bars. The uneven bars are inventive gymnastics equipment. It’s far used best by women gymnasts. It’s fabricated from a metallic body. The bars are made from fibreglass with a wooden coating, or less usually timber. In these gymnasts use only a single bar to perform their act. The bars are positioned at extraordinary heights and widths, allowing the gymnast to jump from bar to bar.

Horizontal Bar:

It is the second type of bar which gymnast uses that is a horizontal bar. We have another name for this as high bars. It is a men oriented event where only male gymnasts will take part in this. The bar shape will be in cylindrical shape and which is made of metal. The bar is placed equidistance from the surface of the ground or floor with the help of strips or cables for support. In these gymnasts uses only a horizontal bar to perform their act.

Parallel Bars:

It is the third type of bar which gymnast uses that is a parallel bar. It consists of two parallel bars which are placed parallel to each other and which are placed above the ground level at certain amount of height. The bar is made of metal with a combination of wood also which is coated outer layer of the bar. In these parallel bars gymnasts use a leather based grip gloves to perform on the bars. In these gymnasts use only two bar which is parallel to perform their act.


Balance Beam:

It is the third type of bar in which gymnast uses that is balance beam. In this balance beam the gymnast uses the technical equipment to perform. The technical equipment is known as apparatus and in simple words it is known as a beam. The beam which is used by gymnast is made of leather material and the beam is very thin which is placed above the surface at a certain height where a gymnast performs on his legs. It is associated with female gymnasts.

In this sporting event we have different categories for male and female gymnast. Depending on them it is divided that is in some categories only female can take part but male could not take part likewise in some categories only male can take part but females are unable to take part.