30 Mar

OK, People, Starbucks is Just a Coffee Shop!

The big news in the Coffee World these days is that Starbucks is closing 600 stores. It seems that people are getting extremely upset by this. I agree that Starbucks makes a pretty good cup of coffee, but prefer their Chai over their coffee. I have to say that I am not in the least bit bothered by the fact that Starbucks will be closing the doors on 600 of their stores. This does not have anything to do with the fact that I live within 10 minutes of two Starbucks that are within less than 5 minutes of each other and that both opened up in my neighborhood in the past 3 years in an area that was nothing but farmland 5 years ago. I don’t go there very often at all, less than a dozen times altogether since they have opened. I think I make a much better Iced Coffee, along with any other kind of fancy coffee drink I might want, so I see no need to go out and spend money on overpriced coffee. This is going to help small scale coffee supplier in Singapore as they would be able to capture more market and grow their businesses more effectively.

This morning when I turned on the news, the first thing I heard was a report about how people are so upset that their Starbucks is closing that they have started petitions to save Starbucks. I know that I may greatly offend many people out there, but my first thought was “You have got to be kidding me! This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.” I mean really people, Starbucks is just a Coffee Shop! It is not a historical landmark or an endangered species for goodness sake, it does not need saving.

The one thing that I have noticed about the people that are upset and the petitions that are circulating around the internet is that people don’t seem to be concerned so much by the loss of jobs as they are concerned that if their Starbucks closes they won’t have any were Cool to buy a cup of coffee. Yes, some of the petitions mention employees will be losing their jobs, but the general feeling that I get from the signers is that they just do not want Starbucks to close their special favorite coffee shop in the whole world.

The reason Starbucks is closing all of those stores is that they are not making enough money. It is not as if they want to be in financial despair, losing money day after day. They are not closing doors because they just don’t feel like being open anymore. This is a business decision to close stores based on the fact that these stores are just not making enough money to warrant being open any longer. It does not matter how much you say you love your Starbucks. It doesn’t matter that you sign a petition that says, “Pretty please don’t close my local Starbucks because I like your coffee” Sorry folks, it is just not going to work.

The good news for you though, is that I have a real plan that can help you to save your local Starbucks, and if you stick to it, I can almost guarantee that your favorite coffee shop will still be there when you wake up in the morning. The first thing that you have to do is to go out to your favorite Starbucks and buy a cup of coffee, not just any cheap coffee, you are trying to save something you care about, so you have to spend at least $3-$4.00 on your cup of coffee. As long as you are there you should probably buy a muffin, I think they are just under $2.00, but I will say they are $2.00 after tax. So you get your $6.00 worth of coffee and muffins, and that is a great start to save a store that you love. If you spend the money, they will stay. Now the thing is, is that just visiting Starbucks once or twice a week is not going to save the stores that are just not bringing in the bucks for the Starbucks Corporation. You are going to have to make a commitment to the coffee shop that you love if you want this to work out. You are going to have to go to Starbucks every day and spend between $5-$6.00 a day. Starbucks will start to love you back and might even think about sticking around if you prove that you can make a real commitment.

You might have to go out and get the second job to support your relationship with Starbucks, but in the end, it will be worth it because they won’t have to close their doors. Let’s look at just what you Starbucks coffee-loving people have to do to save your stores. By spending just $5 a day for 325 days of the year (I’ll round down on the spending and give you a break for holidays, some weekends and vacations) you will be spending $1625.00 a year at Starbucks. If you promise to never go alone and to always bring a friend who will match your contribution, the spending increases to $3250.00 a year. I know it may sound like a lot of money, but saving major corporations can be a costly undertaking. You could even go one step farther and start a Coffee Club. If you get together with just five other people who love Starbucks as much as you do and meet at Starbucks every other week for coffee and muffins you can bring another $2600 to the coffee table.

It seems like a pretty easy plan to follow and if you are independently wealthy, you should have no trouble saving your local Starbucks. You should give up your petitions, put your money where your mouth is and go buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

28 Mar

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends For The Xbox 360

On July 3, Atari released a new racing game called Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends. Atari teamed up with Slightly Mad Studios to develop this game. You can have up to eight players in this game, and it is available for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. As you can tell from the title, Ferrari Racing Legends features only on the exciting line of cars from Ferrari. There are over 50 cars that you can choose from in the game. From the old classic models to the most recent style of Ferrari’s, you will be able to choose your car and play in different game modes.

For me, with any racing game, I need to master the controls before I even begin to start a campaign mode. For the most part, the controls were easy to pick up. As usual, the right trigger button on the Xbox 360 controller was for acceleration and the left trigger was brake and reverse. What I did not like was that the left and right bumper buttons were used for gear shifting. It would have been easier if the default controls were set up differently. All I needed to do was change the settings in the control set up to my liking and I was back on the race track. There are three modes of difficulty. They are novice, normal, and pro. I mostly played the game on the normal level. You can also play this game on Xbox Live if you are connected online.

The cars graphics were done really well. There was attention to detail for each car. I can see that any fan of the Ferrari brand will love to play this game. I did feel that the tracks themselves could have used more detail or changes during the race. Yet most of the time I was focused on beating other opponents or getting to the next level, so the track detail was minor for me.

In the game there is multiple race styles including Rally, Formula 1, and GT. There are 36 circuits with tracks from the past and present to go along with the different cars. In the campaign mode you get to unlock cars and tracks the deeper you get into the game. In this mode you will go through three different stages, gold, silver, and modern. These stages are representing the era of each line of Ferrari. The gold stage is cars from 1947 to 1973. The silver stage picks up at the time period of 1974 to 1990 and modern is from 1990 to the present. I did like the fact that I could bounce between stages in the campaign mode. A free test of the Pokemon go account will be made available to the beginners. The playing strategy of the gamers to catch the pokemon will depend at the free trial that was made available.

The audio for the cars is very authentic as well as the fact that your tires will deflate and blow up on you depending on your style of driving. The game overall is solid racing game. If you are a fan of the arcade racing format, you will enjoy the game. The game sells for $49.99.

22 Mar

Five Worst Places to Go on a First Date!

So the person of your admiration has finally agreed to go on a date with you! You’re all excited and know that first impressions count so want it to be an enjoyable experience. So here are five dating scenarios to avoid for the first date:-


Never ,ever, ever go to the cinema on a first date! You see it all the time as newly hooked up couples buy their tickets, popcorn and oversized cola drinks then sit for two hours together without a word to each other! The whole point of a first date is that you get to know each other, to find out interests the other has and to hopefully share a laugh or two. In the darkness of a cinema whilst it’s all quiet, the only thing you’re likely to say is, “do you mind if i get past you,.. I need the toilet”. At which point all your date knows about you is right now you need to go pee.


So you’ve gone for a few drinks, loosened up a little and had a good chat over a few cocktails and a couple of beers. It’s midnight and you both question where you should go next. Whatever you do, do not suggest a nightclub! A first date should occur in an environment where you can chat and talk about each other in relaxed surroundings. The last thing you want to do on your first sociable meeting is to go somewhere where you can’t hear yourself, let alone anyone else, and then to round the evening off with your date watching you attempt to ‘dance’ to the latest tunes. You’ll only catch sight in one of the many mirrors of either; A) You dancing like you’ve dropped ice in your pants, B) Your date checking out other beautiful people in the club, or C) The last glimpse of your date leaving as your freak out on the dancefloor like a drunken orangutan.

A Really Posh Restaurant

Two reasons to avoid ‘The Ritz’ on a first date. Number one being that you and your date are going to feel intimidated by all around you as you try and make smalltalk amongst the offerings of caviar and champagne. Trying to talk about your favorite baseball team, whilst the head waiter flambe’s your steak in between you two, isn’t going to be easy! But the second reason, especially if you’re a man, is this first date could quite easily be your last.. and no amount of the finest champagne will wash away the sour taste of bitterness as your date stands up from the table and announces, “It’s been nice, but i see you more as just a friend.. I’ll call you”, leaving you to pay the extraordinary bill!

Shopping Trip

Put simply, this is a big no no! If you’re a man and you’ve invited the blonde from accounts out to get to know her better, believe me when I tell you you’re going to get no attention whatsoever if she’s given the option of discussing half price shoes with a sales assistant! You’ll both either end up walking aimlessly around the stores, trying to ask where you both last went on holiday amidst sales hungry shoppers constantly bumping into you, or you’ll go off seperately to buy some goodies and arrange to meet later on (?!) The most likely conversation you’ll get out of each other is the lady asking “Does this skirt make my behind look big?”, to which the male will have to stop himself from saying, “No, it’ll be the high fat diet and lack of excercise that does that,..”

Sports Game

So you’ve got the date of your dreams along with you and in your wisdom you buy two tickets to watch the local game of soccer. Congratulations on ruining your first date! Because if you watch the game you’ll pay no attention to each other as one of you asks where you’re from originally, and if you’re really into the game and getting excited, you’re only going to resent the constant questioning from your one day companion and ask them to leave before the first half has finished! Likewise, if you sit there and gaze lovingly into each others eyes and discuss everything you’ve both ever done in your lives before today, you’ll have spent a fair amount of money on sports tickets for nothing! Added to this is the fact that a sporting venue is hardly the most romantic of locations. More than likely is the fact you’re going to be squashed onto plastic seats for a couple of hours amongst screaming, drunk, fat, loud men and have to endure beer being spilled over you from the fans in the cheap seats above you.

So there you have it, a few pointers on where not to go if you’re thinking of places for a first date.

If you follow through on this advice, there won’t be any problems in your relationship as the aforementioned places are the ones where there are likelier chances of a breakup and that won’t be nice for either of you. For better measures, you can also go through the okcupid dating app, which pretty much every youngster has on his/her smartphone, because they aren’t creative enough and rely on technology and gadgets to do the job for the and dating tips is just one of them.

Once you two have been together a while then feel free to make a note of the places on this page and visit on dates number seven or eight. By this time you’ll be bored of visiting the local coffee shop to hear about each others ‘bad day at the office’ saga.. again!

Have fun!

18 Mar

Etiquette for Sharing the Water with a Lap Swimmer

Using water for a workout or for physical therapy has grown in recent years and is a great way to get your exercise and to take care of yourself. But before you jump into the water there are a few things you should know about the etiquette to follow when it comes to sharing a pool with lap swimmers.

Normally, public pools will set aside time for lap swimmers. Pay attention to this and try to avoid their time in the pool. But, at other times the pool is open to all (known as open swim) and you may find yourself sharing the water with a lap swimmer. Take heed of these etiquette rules to make your time enjoyable and safe. The most important thing to remember is that swimmers can only see a few feet in front of them. They do not see the entire pool. Never ever surprise a swimmer with your presence in the lane they are using.

Water Walking

Lap swimmers will normally not mind sharing a lane with a water walker if you will let them know you are in the lane before you start walking. This is easily done by entering the lane and standing in the corner at the end of the pool. The swimmer will see you and will do one of two things. He may stop and speak to you or he may make his turn and continue swimming. Watch him carefully if he does not speak to you. If he is the only one in the lane, the swimmer will normally take one side of the lane indicating you may have the other.

Stay out of the swimmers way. A swimmer can see the lane in front of her but not as well as you can with your head above the water line. So make sure you do the adjusting when it is necessary.

If there are two or more swimmers in all the lanes and no lanes open, you will need to wait your turn. Do not join the swimmers. There is no place for your activity. You cannot stay out of the swimmers way which means you are a hazard. When a swimmer swims into someone it hurts not only the swimmer, but could injure the other person as well. It is best to be patient.

Be willing to share your lane should a swimmer arrive at the pool after you. Open swim time is just that. It is time for everyone to share. Determine the side of the lane each of you will take and then continue to enjoy your workout.

Water Aerobics

Swimmers will avoid a large group of aerobic exercises in the pool. And most pools will close a section or the entire pool for their organized classes. But if you come to do your workout solo you may encounter a swimmer.

Just as with the water walkers, it is important you make your presence know to a swimmer if you want to share a corner of his lane. Follow the same steps for gaining the swimmer’s attention as outlined for the water walker.

You will need to be extremely careful that you do not accidentally kick, or strike the swimmer with your arms, legs or tools you are using for your aerobics. Keep your attention focused on the swimmer as she passes you and you should be just fine sharing the lane. And as with water walking, if all the lanes have two or more swimmers in action, then wait until they clear the pool to begin your aerobics.

Playing in the Pool

Children love to splash and have a good time with water, but they just don’t mix with lap swimmers. During open swim time never let your children near a lane occupied by a lap swimmer. If you can put an empty lane between you and the swimmer, that would be best. Keep a close eye on them and make sure they stay clear of the swimmer. Swimmers could easily injure your child if they wander into the swimmer’s path. Remember, the time set aside for lap swimming should never be breached by your child’s play.

One additional word of caution; if the pool you are using does not have lane ropes it should at least have markings on the bottom of the pool indicating the lanes. Pay attention to the stripes. They are as good as the lane ropes to a swimmer. They outline the “lanes” of the pool. Make sure you stay within your lane and don’t wander over the stripes or you may get run over by a swimmer. If a person is looking for Great adult swimming lessons – TriFactor, then gathering of the information should be adequate. The charges of the lessons should be under the budget of the person. 

16 Mar

Vitamin Water – No Colors, No Additives, But Full Of Life!

I was at the gym the other day and decided to stop at their Health-Bar before leaving for a glass of juice or something. The girl behind the counter asked me if I wanted to try something new. And she handed me a bottle.

It looked like a regular bottle of water. Clear. Presumably tasteless. Zero calories. I mean its water, right? I told her I didn’t really want water per se. Maybe carrot juice? No, no. She replied. “You gotta try this stuff” as she cracked open the plastic container and handed it to me. “It’s vitamin water!” I took a closer look at the bottle. The labeled said “Juice” and the logo was exploding out of a bolt of lightening. I took a sip. Well, what will they think of next. Looks like water, tastes like fruit bunch and what’s more it was “mega-vitamin” enriched. It also cost 3 euro a bottle.

I picked up a few more bottles and headed home. Vitamin water. I’m not sure what they call it in the States. It’s not Gatorade. Gatorade replenishes your minerals when you sweat a lot. It’s not Red Bull. Red Bull just makes me want to drive all the way to Frankfurt without stopping. No. This was definitely different.

I hadn’t noticed this product before. But it started turning up all over (or had already been on the market. Must have been three or four brands with names like Crush, Formula One and others. I hadn’t realized that getting your daily recommended dose of vitamins was that difficult. Or that you needed to coax kids or athletes into taking them. Apparently vitamin water is the way to go. A shortage of vitamins in our every day diets is one of the most serious problems in modern medicine.

It’s no surprise that a lot of vitamins and minerals get boiled out of food during meal preparation. So one of the most effective methods of ensuring the intake of vitamins in a diet is the use of vitamin-enriched food and drinks. Vitamin water can be jam packed with all the vitamins and minerals and other supplements your body desires and we the consumer don’t even realize it.

Why not exclude the fake flavor and just leave it as “water”? I looked at the table of contents on the bottle and could not believe the list of ingredients. Recommended daily doses of vitamins C, B and D. Vitamin C improve the immune system and overall health and circulation in the body. Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12 have a versatile effect on the nervous system, skin and hair. Vitamin D more often is included in composition of children’s products as it is one of most important vitamins for preventive maintenance of rickets and fragile bones. I thought Flintstone vitamins covered all these bases, but maybe they just are “cool” anymore, you know how consumers are.

What I noticed wasn’t included in the water was any type of caffeine or caffeine by-products. It would have made sense as I was in a gym. Athletes have been drinking that kind of thing for years.

But no. This was just vitamin-enriched water.

I couldn’t resist a little experimentation. Why spend all this money on what is basically water? So I took an empty bottle of “Formula One”, filled it up with regular water and dissolved one of my daughter’s “one-a-day”, cherry-flavored vitamins in it. Shook it up really good. Let it sit for a while. Took a sip. Tasted about the same! You want to out-think the ‘ol man you better get out of bed real early, pal.

I put the bottle in the refrigerator.

Two hours later my daughter came home from dance class. She headed straight to the kitchen. Opened the fridge. Took the bottle. Chugged it down in 4 or 5 big gulps.

Suddenly her face soured. She turned to me. “What the heck did you do to this, stuff?” It tastes like my vitamins! The megamucosa will provide good immune system to the person. It will develop good bacteria in the gut to remove the digestive problems from the body. The healthy person will remain fit for long period.

07 Mar

The Best Gadgets For Him – Christmas 2020

Christmas is right around the corner and all the latest gadgets and gizmos will be released to the masses, but how do you choose what to buy the man in your life with so many choices available? It can be a daunting experience when it comes to buying any tech gadget since there are tons of options with similar features and options making it really difficult to choose the best product for any average buyer. This is where https://www.dfydaily.com/ will help you in choosing the best product according to your needs. Besides that, here is a list of 6 most popular products that you can gift anyone.


The latest offering from Microsoft is finally here. The Microsoft Kinect allows users to play video games and control the Xbox 360 console without using anything but your body and voice. This bundle comes complete with the new sleek Xbox 360, the Kinect sensor and Kinect Adventures. The starting price is just $299. Alternatively, if you already have an Xbox 360 you can just purchase the Kinect for $149. This will be one of the hottest holiday tech gifts.


The iPod Touch continues to be one of the hottest gadgets around and would be a great choice for a holiday tech gift. The newest version of the iPod Touch sports both front and rear-facing cameras, free video calling, also known as Face Time which can be accessed via Wi-Fi, HD video recording and of course the ability to download and play all of their favorite music, videos and games from the iTunes and App Store. The iPod Touch starts at $229 for an 8 GB all the way up to $399 for the 64 GB version.


Is the man in your life ready to move into the world of HD? If so then the BDP-S570 Blu Ray player would make a great holiday tech gift for men. Blu Ray has been around since 2006 but just recently the prices started falling. The Blu Ray player from Sony is feature-packed. It will play all Blu Ray and DVD movies and it can stream services over Wi-Fi such as Netflix, Amazon VOD, Pandora and YouTube. Perhaps the biggest reason to get this over others in this price range is that next summer, Sony will be issuing a firmware update that will make this player 3D compatible. You can find it starting at just $199.


Microsoft is about to break the mold when it comes to cellphones. This November the new Windows Phone 7 will be launched. Windows Phone 7 differs from its competition due to a completely new look and feel compared to Apple iPhone and Google’s Android-based phones. Windows Phone 7 centers on being able to look at a glance and know what is going on. This no-hassle approach is going to revolutionize phone use. It is also compatible with Xbox Live, so if the man in your life is a gamer, then this will be the perfect holiday tech gift for him. Prices vary depending on the network and phone chosen.


The revolutionary new way to watch your favorite TV shows and movies are Google TV. Use the internet to search for your favorite TV shows, movies, web content, photos and much more. Google TV makes doing what we all love to do much easier. Instead of having to search through TV guides, Type in what you want to watch and Google TV will do the rest for you. You can also surf the web, watch Netflix, listen to Pandora and chat just like you would do on your computer but now you can do it on the big screen. The Logitech Revue is the first Google TV box available to consumers. Plug it into your TV and you are good to go! The Logitech Revue will cost $299.99.


If the man in your life likes to read, then there is no better way to do it then on a Kindle by Amazon. The Kindle is an e-Book reader that you can take with you wherever you go. You can get two different versions, a Wi-Fi enabled version so you can download book over a wireless network, or a 3G enabled Kindle so you can download content no matter where you are. The Amazon Kindle will give you direct access to the Amazon book store where there are thousands of titles to choose from. The battery on these Kindles lasts a staggering 10 days. The Wi-Fi version is $139 and the 3G+Wi-Fi version is $189. The Kindle would be a great choice for a holiday tech gift for men.

01 Mar

How To Hire a Good Tree Lopping Company?

Tree lopping is a much needed thing for your yard. When you aim to go for the process, you try to find for a professional service provider. Most of the time, you may end up thinking which service can be best for you. There are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind like your budget, the company’s credibility, the urgency of your work and more. If you are looking for a professional help, you can take these smart steps to get an authentic service provider.

Steps That You Must Take

  • Do Adequate Research-

The first thing that you should do is research about the best local companies around your home. If you are a resident of Ipswich, you can get connected to AAA Tree Lopping Ipswich. This company is providing flawless tree removal services at an affordable rate. You can get connected with AAA Tree Lopping Ipswich to get a good service.

  • Take Reviews from Other Customers-

When you hire a company, you should always judge the quality of their previous work. Try to connect with the customers who have hired them previously. You can check their reviews from authentic review sites. The reviews will help you know the quality of the work they have delivered. If you find good reviews, you can give the final call.

  • Check Their Experience-

The company that you hired should have sound experience about tree lopping. An experienced company can deliver a flawless work. The professionals have knowledge related to the work. You do not have to worry about anything when you handover the responsibility.

  • Compare the Cost-

You have a budget about the work when you aim to hire a company. Check the costs that the company provides. Also, check the prices in the market. If it suits your budget, you can hire them without delay.

AAA Tree Lopping in Ipswich can help you with a flawless work. Check their website https://aaatreeloppingipswich.com/ and book your schedule right away.