27 Sep

Dog Bullying: Is Your Dog A Bully or Bullee?

No matter how much you dislike admitting it, dog bullying is real and it does exist—just as in a human world, you would find bullies in any high schools, elementary schools, or even in kindergartens. Similarly, there are larger dog bullies who prey on other smaller dogs such as Shiba inu puppy in a “doggie environment,” such as a dog park, dog daycare, grooming parlor, dog party, or a beach area where dogs and their owners are congregated.

Dog bullying often takes place in large groups, regardless of the size. Usually, dog bullies are of the larger breeds, however, most commonly seen are those from the bully breeds preying on smaller dogs. While there are also smaller breeds—commonly in the Terrier group—with a strong, dominant personality who would bully on other dogs of all sizes.

The bully breeds, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, were originally bred to kill vermin for either utility or sport. In addition, they were also used in other blood sports, including bull-baiting and dogfighting. Because of this background, as well as their continued use in unlawful dogfighting, there are concerns about their temperament. Having said, this is not to conclude that all bulls and terriers are dangerous dogs to be around with. As a matter of fact, most of these breeds are extremely people-oriented and some are great with children, they’re just not very reliable with other dogs. Of course, there will always be some bullies who love their fellow canines without any special training or socialization. But for safety precaution, it is best that owners expose their bully puppies to as many good dog experience as possible.

How Do I Know If My Dog Is a Bully or Bullee?

Do not be mistaken that all dominating dogs are bullies and all shy dogs are bullies (being bullied). Not all-dominating dogs process the great leadership skills of an Alpha dog, neither all Alpha dogs have an interest in bullying their weaker counterparts. And certainly not all submissive or passive dogs are subjected to be bullied. Dog bullies and bullies come in various shapes, sizes, and status.

It is not that difficult to recognize a dog bully as I’ve mentioned some of the traits above. But for “bullies,” the signs can go unnoticed for as long as the dogs have never exposed to a group of dogs in an unfamiliar setting.

To find out whether your dog is a bully or bullee is to observe how he behaves toward the other dogs in a neutral ground like in daycare, the park, or other places where there are other dogs around. I highly suggest you do not force your dog into this situation if he has never been to any socialization classes like puppy kindergarten training school.

Here are a few more of the obvious traits of a dog bully, he often does these behaviors for no legitimate reasons…

  • growls at other dogs
  • jumps on other dog’s face
  • gangs up on other dogs
  • When a Dog who is Being Bullied, he is…

almost always happy and comfortable around other people and dogs, but feel nervous and scared around the bully dogs

  • constantly mounted on even she is not in the heat
  • continually being taken away from his toys, water, or certain spots
  • being attacked, beaten, pinned to the ground, and pushed around
  • continually being menaced
  • being badly hurt or bitten, that is in a worst-case scenario.

Whichever side the coin your dog is in, these acts cannot be tolerated either they can be ignored. Both owners (the bully and the bullet) have to acknowledge that there is a behavioral problem and should work on resolving the situation before it gets out of hand. In the next issue, I’ll share some pointers on how you can prevent this situation from taking place and what you could do if your dog is being bullied.

03 Sep

The Island of Rhodes – Vacation in Greece

If you’ve all of the time fancied a vacation on a Greek island merely were concerned about occupy beaches and jammed cafes and discotheques and totaly abuzz young visitors entertaining then maybe Rhodes is the goal you have been seeking. Maybe it is the location of Rhodes that puts it divided from other Greek islands, being a lot closer to the seacoast of Turkey than Greece. Rhodes for certain gives a slightly dissimilar experience to the another main islands suchlike Corfu, Kos, Mykonos, Naxos and Kefallonia and Zakynthos off the west coast. It appears to attract an senior crossing part of travellers and a lot of family groups. The spending of the vacations in the island group is advantageous for the people. The gathering of the complete information is necessary to have a secure and happy journey. Different companies are combined at the platform to offer the benefits more than the spending of time. The options are used for attracting more customers. 

When you go through the surveys placed from people about their travels to the island, the usual topic is quiet beaches, relaxed environment and peaceable hours on the sun.

Quality is another word related to Rhodes and the island holds its average share of elegant 5 Star Hotels

Rhodes is favourable enough to delight across 250 kilometers of seacoast and so gives a large selection of beaches. One of the finest is the strangely named Anthony beach, named after the actor Anthony Quinn who fell in love with the island although shooting The Guns of Navarone and finished purchasing some land on the island. This beach is lowly and beautiful only not good fitted for families with young kids as the rocks and stones are catchy underfoot.

A more highly-developed beach with total facilities can be found at Faliraki Beach. It is one of the largest and most improved beaches along the island and has got dozens of golden sand and clean waters to maintain tourists happy. At that place are a lot of coffeehouses and restaurants on hand and also a choice of watersports activities for more dynamic people. Kalathos beach and Tsabika beach both offer gentle sand, but several beaches along Rhodes are rocklike because of that families with kids should watch cautiously wherever they heading for. Leiebilnord will provide the best services to the people to meet with the requirements. In order to know about the correct services, the availability of the correct information is there. The families with the kids will enjoy the benefits available with the services. There is an enhancement in the experience of the family.

Like several Greek islands, the main town owns the identical name as the island itself and Rhodes town is for certain fully of fascinating attractions. It has its fair share of holidaymaker developings, letting in big hotels and shopping areas only it as well gives a wealth of history to research and delight. The medieval part of the city, seated higher up the harbour, goes back many centuries ago and old fortifications point that the town was much subjected to siege and invasion across the centuries. It’s this region of Rhodes that draws in a lot of visitors. The big palace circled by paved walkways and alleys, mixed with squares, courtyards and gateways offers an antique town that exemplifies architecture and style throughout the senesces. The primary fortress is separated into northern and southern halves. In the south the Hora households a Turkish fair and extra marketplaces, although the northern part, the Kollakio, has the Street of Knights the palace of the Grand Master. Rhodes town, which is accessed by one of eleven old gateways, has been constituted as a place of global cultural heritage by UNESCO, one of only 878 in the world.

Rhodes is as well a very green town, with fields of grassland between the antique castles and a lot of tree lined avenues. It for certain makes a walk around the town a very enjoyable way to pass the time.

The seaport is a cardinal focus for the capital and, although not big by any means, has an interesting mix of aged and modernistic boats. It’s as well a stopping point for greater passenger ships and island hopping cruise ships.

Flights into Rhodes arrive at Diagoras International Airport, which is situated south west of Rhodes town, approximately 15 kilometers away. The airport takes a mix of public flights, in the main from Athens and charter flights from abroad bringing tourists to the island. The aerodrome was opened in the late seventies but profits from a new terminal which opened up 3 years ago.