5 Habits to Improve and Keep Great Breast Health

Pomegranate juice, EVOO and cod liver oil, 15 minutes of sunshine and more. New habits for breast health are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. Also, testogen review tells how testosterone boosters help in muscle production. So, it helps in keeping your breasts on good shape too.

Omega 3 fats are good for you: Not just for breast health but for your heart and mind too.

For many of us, we’ve been told that margarine is better than butter. We’ve also been told that we should eliminate fat from our diet. Neither is true. If you incorporate omega-3 fats into your diet, you are promoting breast health. All trans fat (most margarine is trans fat) should be eliminated. That means you’ll need to do more than just look at a label that says “0 Trans Fat”; look at the ingredients for “hydrogenated oils.” If you see that word – don’t buy it, not even if it says “partially hydrogenated”.

Good sources of omega- 3: Butter, olive oil, nuts and cod liver oil. Eggland’s Best Eggs (w/ omega-3)

Vitamin D: Get outside and soak up the sun.

You’re told to never go out into the sun without sunscreen. However, if you have on sunscreen Vitamin D cannot be absorbed. The latest advice is to wait about 10 or 15 minutes before applying sunscreen. Why is Vitamin D important? Most of those who get breast cancer have low amounts of it in their blood. It’s not easy to get enough vitamin D (even with supplements) unless it is processed with the sun. Cod liver oil and egg yolks are better sources of Vitamin D than milk. The cod liver oil gel tabs and calcium tablets with magnesium are good sources of Vitamin D.

Sleep: Women who get more sleep have 1/3 less chance of having breast tumors.

Restful sleep will help your body and reducing the amount of nighttime light stops the interruption of hormone melatonin. Move the clock away from the bedside table to prevent light disturbing your sleep. If you don’t like this option get a clock that you can push to see the time.

Diet and exercise: Keep an eye on the scale especially during and after menopause. The more weight you carry the more chance of breast cancer.

-Excess estrogen and insulin are controlled by diet and exercise.

– Recent studies suggest adding pomegranate to your diet. The juice is delicious.

– Carcinogen blocking foods: Crucifers, fruits and onions and garlic have good carcinogen power and may repair damage caused by free radicals.

– Less refined carbs can increase insulin resistance. Eat whole wheat bread and whole food when possible. It will improve general health too.

Use glass containers for leftover and stainless steel water bottles. Do not reuse plastic containers or disposable water bottles. Body tissues are sensitive to hormones and hormones-disrupting chemicals and excess estrogen called” xenoestrogens” found in pesticides and plastics. These chemicals mimic hormones causing breasts to be susceptible to cell damage or inflammation.

Plastics leak when heated. If you are someone who reuses your water bottle or puts hot soups into your perfectly sized sherbet container, you could be adding dangerous plastic chemicals into your system. Stop leaving your bottled water in the car on a hot day, and don’t reheat leftovers in plastic containers. There are sturdy plastic containers that may be safe, but not disposable plastic butter containers, water bottles or throwaway containers meant for cold salads. These chemicals mimic hormones; breast tissue can be vulnerable to these chemicals.

These new habits don’t prevent breast cancer but hopefully, should improve your chances of getting it.