15 Jan

6 Features to Look for While Buying Your Tent

Are you contemplating to buy a tent? Well, you can always rent a tent. But, tent rentals are especially for those who rarely go out for camping. If camping trips are the “thing” for you, and you plan to do them frequently- then the smarter thing is to “buy” a tent. But, then, rent purchase is always a considerable investment. There are several points to consider while looking for a great tent worth your money.

Strong construction

The first thing to look for here is strength and durability of your tent. You can’t buy a new tent after every two years for your frequent camping trips. Thus, find a tent that will last you for a considerable amount of time. Find tents made of durable fabric and aluminum poles. If longevity is a concern for you, avoid tents carrying fiberglass poles.

Waterproof tent

This is certainly a must when you are looking for a quality tent. Make sure your tent is made from waterproof fabric (canvas, nylon, polyester coated with polyurethane) that carries a minimum rating of 1500mm. You can check out reviews and ratings of best waterproof tents online before selecting a final one.

Size of the tent

You must mind the size of fellow travelers or your family when you are planning to invest in a tent. The rule of the thumb is to buy a tent slightly bigger than the number of people who will stay inside the tent. For example, if a tent claims to accommodate 7 people, it would actually be comfortable for no more than 5 people.

Roof vent

Your tent must also carry roof vent to ensure easy air ventilation.

Screen porch

Best tents generally carry screen porch for privacy and to keep nasty bugs at bay.

Easy operation

Your chosen tent should be a breeze to setup and easy to carry along.