31 Aug

A Glimpse Over Dubai Free Zone License Cost

The free zone economic structure of Dubai provides ample opportunities to the business owners to develop and flourish their business. it is because of the liberty and countless benefits a person gets while running a business it has become so popular. Each of the free zone of business is developed around the industrial sector and each zone has been given appropriate license for commencing the business activities.  The dubai free zone license cost varies from different licenses which have been rendered to the owners. There are four different types of licenses which are given to the owners.  Therefore, the general cost of setting up a license cost in Dubai varies in terms of different license. The general expenses of the license include:


One time registration fee of a person

  • Name approval charge
  • Trading yearly license fee
  • Rent of yearly rendered office for business
  • Post box rental
  • Registration of labor and immigration costs.

Here are the four different sort of license being issued:

  1. Commercial license- activities that are given permission by the authorities are the distributions, import, export, storage, and warehousing of products. The maximum limit to which a product can go is seven products a line.
  2. Industrial license- activities of business which are permissible under the law are the import of raw materials, processing and packaging, assemble and export of finished products, manufacturing etc.
  3. Service and consulting license- business activities that are given permission under the service and the consulting license fee are the service in the field of management, legal matters, economics, labor relationships, industrial development, marketing of business and other related associated subjects.
  4. Commercial trading license- a generalized trading license is issued to the general traders for engaging into business with seven product lines.


So these are the four different sorts of licenses which are issues to the owners of free zone economy business owners. The free zone policy in Dubai renders lucrative business opportunities to the owners so that they flourish in the business. In a free zone business area, the business owner is free of all taxable schemes of the region and there is no such intervention of custom authorities in the import, export, distribution and other business activities followed. The cost of licensing may vary from the nature of the business and for further details the company can be contacted.