22 Sep

A Simple Guide To Crack A Wi-Fi Password!

There are so many times when we visit a place and every time we open up the wireless feature on in our smartphones, we may come across a list of several networks but in order to connect to one we need to be aware of the key, as majority of them come with secure lock mechanism is there any way to crack the Wi-Fi password? Yes there are many let us explore the ways one by one!

The Wi-Fi WPA WPS Password Tester

This is absolutely free software that will help you crack the password of a wireless network after following the right steps. It can be easily downloaded from the internet through a browser or an android phone.


The steps involved are:

  • After you have successfully installed the application, launch the app. The app will start scanning the list of available networks and their names will appear.
  • All networks with a green dot are hackable while others cannot be hacked. Click the one that you want to connect to.
  • You will be given two options ‘Root’ and ‘No Root’. Click on No Root .This will take you to a list of pins.Begin choosing a pin randomly and then click on Connect.
  • As soon you will click ‘connect’,the process will begin and in case you are very lucky you will get access to the network in the first attempt itself.
  • However,if a pin does not work choose another one,one of them will work for sure.

The only limitation involved with this WI-FI password cracker is that it works only with WPA and WPS secured wireless networks.


Other Ways of Hacking a Wi-Fi Password

Some of the other free applications that you can consider using in order to hack a Wi-Fi password are Jumpstart, Winpcap and Wpspin which work more or like this only.

Another method to hack a Wi-Fi password is called the Brute Force Attack but the limitation is that it works only for weak passwords. WPS Security Bypass is also used to connect to a network without the need of password but this requires extensive guidance and knowledge and is not easy.

Hence there are many methods available to hack a Wi-Fi password. While some require extensive technical knowledge and skills others require simple step by step procedures. Hope this article helps you the next time you plan to crack a Wi-Fi password.