williamThis is a blog that focuses on the ‘root’ of a certain topic. The ‘root’ can be ideas, inventors, entrepreneurs, causes, etc. The blog is not industry specific; so you will find a diverse range of topics from science and technology to health and travel.

The thought of this blog occurred to me when I started reading about the various technological innovations that took place in recent years. The innovations resulted from an idea or need. For example, the main idea behind Uber was to overcome the problem of waiting too long for a taxi to come after work. If you consider the invention of Facebook, you know that it was formed for building a social network in college so that people knew each other.  What about the increase in the number of obesity in various countries? What has caused this sudden rise? We usually know about the innovations, how they work, or what the condition is, but we don’t know why they are here in the first place and whose brilliant idea was it or what is the root cause of the problem.

This blog is suitable for everyone, though my main target audience is student. By reading this blog, students will learn a great deal about inventions and discoveries on many fields. They will also know the reasons behind various problems in the society. It is a very interesting blog and hope you will read it regularly.