17 Oct

Ap Touch Innovation At Its Best

Photoshop Touch is the latest innovation from Adobe and is aimed exclusively at tablet users. The name itself is an indicator of the software’s suitability to a touchscreen user interface. Tablet computers have created a huge niche for themselves and this has given a fillip to the development of a versatile ecosystem. Adobe is betting big on this massive and still growing segment with the launch of Photoshop Touch.

Adobe Photoshop Touch – What’s it about?

The Photoshop Touch allows the user to make changes to images with the help of popular Photoshop tools that have been designed particularly for a tablet. Apart from this the software also comprises features that are tailor-made for a mobile platform and on-the-go social networking. With access to the Touch, you can edit images without the need for a desktop computer.

Using Photoshop Touch or Adobe Photoshop Mac, you can combine many photos to create a new image, or make funny and popular edits and even apply a few professional effects. The software also allows you to find images quickly from your image library. Sharing your images with others and following-up with the comments is a lot easier thanks to the top-notch integration with Google and Facebook. The software also features a number of in-built interactive tutorials that you can refer to for better-looking results. Syncing your images is possible with the Adobe Creative Cloud which allows you to upload files that can also be opened on Photoshop CS5.

Stand-Out Features

  • Layers

Combine many photos with layers. Tinker layer order, adjust opacity for each layer and manipulate and move layers freely.

  • Photo Browsing –

Select photos from multiple places which include social media websites like Facebook, image search engines like Google Images, or even your tablet camera’s live feed.

  • Interactive Tutorials –

Hundreds of step-by-step guides that help you get the hang of various techniques and their advantages.

  • Selection Tools –

Select any part of an image by simply scribbling. There are also other standard selection tools to choose from.

  • Photoshop Filters and Effects –

Apply popular filters and effects to one particular image, or a selection, a layer, or even an entire compilation.

  • Filter Brushes –

Using this option you can paint spectacular effects on your images.

  • Color and Tone Adjustment –

Achieve the image quality you prefer with the help of numerous color and tone adjustment tools.

  • Text

This allows you to use fantastic texts on your images in addition to applying strokes, adding fades and drop shadows, etc.

Hardware Requirements

Photoshop Touch requires your tablet to run on Android 3.1 or higher with a display size not less than 8.9 inches. A minimum resolution of 1280×800 pixels is also recommended as is an integrated camera.

The Uniqueness of Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch is perfect for everyone. Both amateur and professional users will find it quite handy to edit images on a tablet. All the popular Photoshop features can be accessed through the Touch while more advanced features can be used by simply syncing the files to Photoshop CS5 through the Creative Cloud Storage. With such a multitude of features, Photoshop Touch is sure to be a strong contender among the many image-editing apps out there