18 Jan

Beach Volleyball – a Blooming Sport

Beach Volleyball has been a fan favorite for a long time. The game can be played from any number of people up to 9 or 12. There are many types of tournaments. there are co-ed tournaments, 6 player, 4 player, 3 player, and my favorite 2 player.

It is played at many different venues across the US. There are games behind bar and grills, at parks, picnics, and on the beach. If a beach doesn’t exist, then they play in the sand. The height of the net depends on whether it is men or women’s action. A women’s net is 7-4 and a fourth. A mens net is 8 feet high. A court is 8 by 8 meters. Antennas mark the boundaries above the net. Lines marking a court can be done with a string or rope like material.

While the game itself is full of fun and entertainment, a regular practice can come in very handy and beach volleyball is no exception in this matter. Just make sure that you frequent 토토사이트with your playmates to get a gist of the game as beach volleyball is completely different from regular volleyball.

There are some difference in the rules,too. Here are some of them:

  1. Overhand finger passes are called tightly.
  2. Overhand passes or hand sets are called for catches more frequently unless executed well.
  3. A block counts as first contact.
  4. Open hand dinks are illegal.
  5. It is legal to cross under the net as long as you don’t interfere with play on the other side.
  6. Players are not required to rotate positions but, they must share serves.
  7. Players play barefoot.
  8. The ball is slightly bigger and lower on air pressure.(lower internal pressure)

The game of Volleyball first began in 1895 by William G. Morgan at a YMCA in Holyoke, Mass. The net then was only 6 feet 6 inches high. In the 1920’s, it was said that men were seen playing on the beaches in Hawaii. However, it is believed to have started on the beaches at Santa Monica, California. This is also where the two man games started in the 1930’s.

Since that time the game has blazed across the world to countries like France, Brazil, Australia,and Bulgaria just to mention a few. Beach Volleyball really took off in the US when Jose Cuervo took over sponsorship in the 1970’s. Prize money started growing attracting great players. Then in 1981 Miller Brewing started advertising the game. The two companies started promoting Beach Volleyball everywhere.

In 1994 The Goodwill Games at St. Petersburg, Russia hosted the first Beach Volleyball in this venue. Then in 1996 Beach Volleyball was held in the Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Since that time both men and women’s beach volleyball has been on the incline. It is not unusual for money prizes to be as high as $50,000 for a winner and $170,000 in prize money for the whole tournament.

Just a few highlights in modern time include Karch Kiraly winning 146 career titles. Misty May and Karri Walsh winning 72 tournament titles. Several Beach volleyball players have won over a million dollars with their tournament play. Today there are over 1600 tournaments world wide involving up to 7800 professional players. This is just at the professional level. To get into these tournaments, a team has to qualify in preliminary tournaments. There are also many rankings that are used to let players into certain tournaments.

Beach Volleyball is a great outdoor game. It can even be played indoors. This is sometimes done to help seat more spectators. But, Beach Volleyball in its truest form is best played outdoors.

Players will use hand signals behind their back to let their teammate know if they plan to block a serve or where to play or serve the ball. Some of the signals for the better players are a way to communicate to each other. They hide these signals from the other team. There are 6 main skills in Beach Volleyball. They are the serve, receive, pass, set, spike, and block. Another skill is sometimes referred to as the dig. It is usually combined with the pass. It is important to note, that teams that dig the ball well are usually very successful.

Beach Volleyball, although very strong among the younger age group, has been a fan favorite for a long time for just about everyone that loves the game.