26 Jun

Buy League Of Legends Account

League of Legends is a super popular online multiplayer video game which was developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft and Mac OS. It was first released on October 27, 2009. It has been played by approximately 30 million people around the globe. The game has given birth to a new genre as it blends both real time strategy and gladiator style fighting. It is said that the game has got its inspiration from games such as Defense of the Ancients, The Frozen Throne Mod and Warcraft III.

In the game, the players assume the role of summoner that controls a champion who has unique abilities and then battle against the computer controlled champions or a whole team of other players. The main goal is to destroy the enemy team’s structure which is the nexus and which lies at the center of the base and is protected by defensive structures. In the beginning of the game, the champion often start at a low level in strength but they gradually increase it by accumulating items and experience.


The game League of Legends has gradually increased in popularity over a due course of time. According to a survey, League of Legends was the most played PC game in the North America and in Europe it was the game which was played for the maximum number of hours. Also, it is worth noting that over 67 million people played the game per month and 27 million people played it per day. These figures state the immense popularity the game has achieved in the past few years.

Currently, League of Legends has over a hundred champions and new champions are being released all the time. Also, one of the interesting features of the game that captivates the users is that you never necessarily have to pay money for it. The points that you earn by playing each game can be used to buy new champions. There is no as such monthly subscription or free trial period thing in League of Legends. However, for instance, if you want champions without working for them, or pimp the champions out with a new skin, then you might have to spend some money. League Smurfs, League of Trading, MMo-Armory.com etc are a few websites available to buy LOL account.

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As per the data available, the facebook page of the League of Legends has around 13892650 likes and it still holds its title of the most played game across the globe. If you are wondering what’s so special about this game, just give it a try yourself and you’ll get the answer!