22 Jan

Buying Guide for Wrinkle Cream

Before you decide on which is the best wrinkle cream for your face, it is important to check not the price, but the ingredients of the cream because that is the best indicator of quality. And if your main aim is to prevent future fine lines and wrinkles, then buying an antioxidant cream and applying a sunscreen daily can do the trick. If you have just witnessed signs of aging on your face, an over the counter retinol cream, which has additional preventative ingredients is what you should buy. Revitol-Anti-Aging-Cream

The best wrinkle cream will automatically have the following ingredients;

No Fragrance

Most fragrances will cause irritation of the respiratory tract or the skin with multi-fragrance products resulting in an array of different odors. If the product is fragrance-free, even the men can use it comfortably. So one has to be very carefully when chooses a wrinkle cream from the market because most of them have fragrances and they should be avoided at all cost.anti-aging-creams-1

The Packaging Should Be Opaque

This is because anti-aging ingredients normally become ineffective and damaged when they are exposed to air and light. So the best packaging is the squeeze type tubes or pump-like containers. It is believed that the screw lid jars apart from degrading the cream, germs can be introduced during the scooping.

The Compounds

It is advisable that the ingredients in the cream should include retinol, which is Vitamin A. it is an antioxidant, which neutralizes free radicals and repairs the damage which has already occurred on the skin and prevents further damage. The retinol present in the cream should be at least 2 percent. Other ingredients to be checked out in the cream are those for smoothening, moisturizing, and soothing the skin.

Make sure you read this guide before doing any purchase of a wrinkle cream.