01 Jun

Car Rental In Madagascar

What is a car rental?

A car rental is nothing but hiring a car or car hire agencies a company which gives automobiles for short periods of time. Car rental allows a user to late a vehicle to the different location. For an example busy city areas like airports and visiting places and historical places. We can make reservations by using websites.

The main theme of this care rent is for those people or travellers who are out of their hometown so we don’t have a car to travel from one place to another place at this time we have to take a car rent from other who provides us with a rented car. These types of renter provide insurance compensation if we make any damages to their vehicle. These providers not only rent cars but also give vans, trucks, and other automobiles.


At the same time, they use GPS (global positioning system) navigation system to know their destination place is how much fare not only GPS we can use few other applications maps, portable Wi-Fi and etc.

History of car rental in early 1912 in German company sixt had given three cars for rent. The increase in travelled to form the establishment of several international companies such as National Car Rental, Budget Rent a Car and so on.

In this business, we have to know the two major terms they are

  • Car Rental
  • Leasing a car

Car Rental:

Car rental is nothing but hiring a car or car hire agencies a company which gives automobiles for short periods of time. The business vehicle is representing in Germany, Spain, Great Britain and the United States with Sixt’s subsidiaries. These services are divided into following areas like rent a truck, rent a car, luxury cars and so on.

Leasing a car:

Car rental companies works by either purchasing or leasing the vehicle. In these companies, they will take many numbers of cars according to their requirements from their customers for some amount. Car Rental activity can b structured in several ways whether providing insurance for that vehicle by  http://locationrakotobe-mada.com/

Car rental agencies may also provide different sizes of their vehicles. A car rental provider may serve the self moving industry. By customer needs, they can provide van, trucks and many more things which are required to them.


The following are the few conditions which included in car rental which is subjected to many teams and conditions that may differ from brand to other brand. The vehicle which is taken by the customer must have to return in good condition and must not have to drive it in over speed if have exceeded the speed he has to give an extra amount.

Some other companies set up minimum age to drive the vehicle or to take a car for rent along with this he even has to have valid driving licence.