22 Mar

Five Worst Places to Go on a First Date!

So the person of your admiration has finally agreed to go on a date with you! You’re all excited and know that first impressions count so want it to be an enjoyable experience. So here are five dating scenarios to avoid for the first date:-


Never ,ever, ever go to the cinema on a first date! You see it all the time as newly hooked up couples buy their tickets, popcorn and oversized cola drinks then sit for two hours together without a word to each other! The whole point of a first date is that you get to know each other, to find out interests the other has and to hopefully share a laugh or two. In the darkness of a cinema whilst it’s all quiet, the only thing you’re likely to say is, “do you mind if i get past you,.. I need the toilet”. At which point all your date knows about you is right now you need to go pee.


So you’ve gone for a few drinks, loosened up a little and had a good chat over a few cocktails and a couple of beers. It’s midnight and you both question where you should go next. Whatever you do, do not suggest a nightclub! A first date should occur in an environment where you can chat and talk about each other in relaxed surroundings. The last thing you want to do on your first sociable meeting is to go somewhere where you can’t hear yourself, let alone anyone else, and then to round the evening off with your date watching you attempt to ‘dance’ to the latest tunes. You’ll only catch sight in one of the many mirrors of either; A) You dancing like you’ve dropped ice in your pants, B) Your date checking out other beautiful people in the club, or C) The last glimpse of your date leaving as your freak out on the dancefloor like a drunken orangutan.

A Really Posh Restaurant

Two reasons to avoid ‘The Ritz’ on a first date. Number one being that you and your date are going to feel intimidated by all around you as you try and make smalltalk amongst the offerings of caviar and champagne. Trying to talk about your favorite baseball team, whilst the head waiter flambe’s your steak in between you two, isn’t going to be easy! But the second reason, especially if you’re a man, is this first date could quite easily be your last.. and no amount of the finest champagne will wash away the sour taste of bitterness as your date stands up from the table and announces, “It’s been nice, but i see you more as just a friend.. I’ll call you”, leaving you to pay the extraordinary bill!

Shopping Trip

Put simply, this is a big no no! If you’re a man and you’ve invited the blonde from accounts out to get to know her better, believe me when I tell you you’re going to get no attention whatsoever if she’s given the option of discussing half price shoes with a sales assistant! You’ll both either end up walking aimlessly around the stores, trying to ask where you both last went on holiday amidst sales hungry shoppers constantly bumping into you, or you’ll go off seperately to buy some goodies and arrange to meet later on (?!) The most likely conversation you’ll get out of each other is the lady asking “Does this skirt make my behind look big?”, to which the male will have to stop himself from saying, “No, it’ll be the high fat diet and lack of excercise that does that,..”

Sports Game

So you’ve got the date of your dreams along with you and in your wisdom you buy two tickets to watch the local game of soccer. Congratulations on ruining your first date! Because if you watch the game you’ll pay no attention to each other as one of you asks where you’re from originally, and if you’re really into the game and getting excited, you’re only going to resent the constant questioning from your one day companion and ask them to leave before the first half has finished! Likewise, if you sit there and gaze lovingly into each others eyes and discuss everything you’ve both ever done in your lives before today, you’ll have spent a fair amount of money on sports tickets for nothing! Added to this is the fact that a sporting venue is hardly the most romantic of locations. More than likely is the fact you’re going to be squashed onto plastic seats for a couple of hours amongst screaming, drunk, fat, loud men and have to endure beer being spilled over you from the fans in the cheap seats above you.

So there you have it, a few pointers on where not to go if you’re thinking of places for a first date.

If you follow through on this advice, there won’t be any problems in your relationship as the aforementioned places are the ones where there are likelier chances of a breakup and that won’t be nice for either of you. For better measures, you can also go through the okcupid dating app, which pretty much every youngster has on his/her smartphone, because they aren’t creative enough and rely on technology and gadgets to do the job for the and dating tips is just one of them.

Once you two have been together a while then feel free to make a note of the places on this page and visit on dates number seven or eight. By this time you’ll be bored of visiting the local coffee shop to hear about each others ‘bad day at the office’ saga.. again!

Have fun!

21 Jan

How to Host and Indian Birthday Party

Little boys love to play cowboys and Indians. My boys are no exception. Several years ago, my youngest son wanted to have an Indian birthday party. We already had a seven foot teepee, Indian costumes and a bow and arrow set. I figured that was a decent start for planning and hosting an Indian birthday party.

I went to a local craft store and bought a rubber stamp that had an Indian print on it, some feathers and face paint. This was the beginning of my party planning for the big day. We stamped the Indian pattern on the teepee, painted the stamped designs and added other hand painted Indian designs on the outside. We made colorful invitations with construction paper using the rubber stamp. We also included an Indian feather on the front of the invitation to add a special touch. We let our guests know that they would be learning to shoot a bow and arrow, paint on buffalo skins and making their own headdresses as part of the party fun. You might find it difficult to believe but some of the best parties can be organised by Casino Night Denver, the nation’s #1 company casino party experts.

On the day of the party, we set the teepee up in the yard and had the craft projects ready for our guests. As each child arrived, they made their own Indian headdress with the rubber stamp, feather, paints and precut headdresses. Once the squaws and braves had their headdresses complete, they moved to the next station we had set up-face painting! Several of my friends volunteered to help with the face painting table, so it made this part of the party go smoothly. Each child painted Indian designs on their face and then headed out to shoot the bow and arrow with my husband.

As the children waited for their turn to shoot arrows, they helped me to pick flowers, leaves and grass to make paints for the buffalo skins. We crushed raspberries and blueberries to use as natural paints. The children helped me crush the flowers, leaves and grass using a mortar and pestle and while the kids all ate cake and ice cream, I simmered the plant matter in pots of water onthe stove (separated by color). By the time my son opened his gifts, the paints were ready to be used.

The children had an amazing time painting buffalo skins with the paints we made from nature. Prior to the party, I ripped large brown paper bags into buffalo skin shapes. I crumpled them and wrinkled them until they looked like buffalo skins. I had a stack of skins for each child to choose from. I also had several books that included Indian designs to help spark their imaginations. The kids all left the party happy after having a great day pretending to be squaws and braves.

14 Jan

Princess Mononoke – a Reflection on Our Environment

Princess Mononoke is a refreshing addition to the genre of anime because it incorporates all the themes that different audiences expect from a movie. Princess Mononoke has action, horror, drama, romance, and even several aspects of fantasy.

This wide array of genre’s merged together into an epic adventure, is what has made Princess Mononoke the success it has been in so many countries all over the world.

Although these themes have made it a success, another viable factor to the film’s popularity is its focus on nature and how humans interact with it. It shows the true character of humans, and how they can sometimes forget about the importance of nature for their own selfish needs.

There is a clearly evident portrayal of this concept when Jiko the “monk” attempts to claim the head of the forest god, Didarabocchi. Although the forest is being destroyed around him as he runs away with the head. However, only when his own life is in danger does he make the decision to return the head to the Didarabocchi. This is the epitome of human greed, and moreover human morals.

Another example of the human versus nature theme was expressed when Lady Eboshi builds a great town (Iron Town), at the cost of the forest around her. She destroys and kills all the natural things around her to make herself and her town better. For this reason her character is often portrayed as cold as the iron she makes. When her men and injured and fall off the cliff when attacked by San (Princess Mononoke) and the wolf clan, she leaves them behind to die.

However, the hero of the story Ashitaka is able to save two of the men. Ashitaka’s role as the hero is mainly what brings in the male audience to the story. The action in story mainly revolves around Ashitaka and his “curse” which was put on him by the Tatari Gami which attacked his village. Ashitaka’s curse gives him supernatural powers which allow him to have demon-like skill with his bow and arrow.

Flying by on Yakkul, Ashitaka is able to swiftly decapitate his enemies with a single arrow to the head. Ashitaka also functions as the peace keeper between the humans and the animals. In the end he is successful in saving both Iron Town and the forest; however the forest spirit is killed during the incident.

The female audience also needs their own hook, and the author supplies this skillfully with the romance between Ashitaka and San. At first she rejects Ashitaka for being human, however as the story progresses she realizes his intentions are pure. As San infiltrates Iron Town and attacks Lady Eboshi, Ashitaka interferes and stops the battle between the two. He is able to knock both of them unconscious and leave with San.

However he is shot and falls after escaping from Iron Town. San returns the favor by taking Ashitaka to the forest spirit to heal his wounds. The forest spirit heals the bullet wound however the curse remains on his arm. San also acquires the curse as the story progresses and she and Ashitaka both must rid themselves of it.

They are able to accomplish this when Ashitaka and San return the head to the forest god the curse is lifted and they are both cured. However, the odd aspect of their romance is that at the end of the story instead of the typical Western ending, they separate and live in their own locations. San returns to the forest with the wolf clan and Ashitaka helps to rebuild Iron Town. However, Ashitaka says he will visit often.

Not only does Princess Mononoke have action and romance, but it also integrates horror themes with a blend of fantasy. For example the Tatari Gami which attacks Ashitaka’s village was an enraged boar which was shot by Lady Eboshi’s gun. Although instead of dieing the boar is covered by maggot type creatures and gains strength from its rage.

It attacks the village to gain revenge on the humans, however, Ashitaka’s tribe is quite passive with the nature around them. However, throughout the story the constant intertwining between all the different themes of action, romance, horror, drama, and fantasy is what keeps the audience interested.

Along with these themes present in the movie, there is an underlying moral imbedded as well. The idea of implying a moral into the story is not a novel idea in terms of anime. However, it was utilized extremely well in this story.

After watching the movie, the audience not only thinks about the movie itself but also about how the movie relates to their own lives. This is a characteristic of all good movies. Princess Mononoke specifically poses the question if humans are destroying nature and if they need to take a step back and actually examine what they are doing to their environment.

In essence, excellent movies make the audience ponder about their own life, and this is what Princess Mononoke is able to achieve in its own audience. Applying the aspect of a moral in the story with the mixture of action, adventure, romance, drama, and other entertaining devices is how and why Princess Mononoke is the great success it is. Lastly, since there are tons of apps that are there in the market where you can watch this it can be quite confusing and frustrating for you to choose one of them. This is where you have cyberflix tv, a free online Cartoon hd and tv shows streaming app that you can download on your mobile or PC.


03 Aug

Top 3 Plants For Your Aquarium

Have you been planning to give a makeover to your aquarium? Plants are the best thing you can get your aqua-space. If you haven’t seen one already then you will be pretty surprised to see how amazing and vibrant they can look. Fresh plants keep the environment of aquarium healthy and help fishes to breed as well.

Here are top three plants you may try out for the new look of your aquarium.

  • Foreground Plants

These kinds of plants tend to stay low on the ground and cover the whole of the aquarium floors. They tend to grow quickly and hence they keep the aquarium water filtered a lot. Java Moss is the most common among foreground plant options. They need to be attached to be a surface or a rock to avoid them from floating around. Once attached, they tend to grow rapidly on the surface of the aquarium. Mini Pellia, also known as the coral moss is a more attractive alternative for Java Moss. Coral Moss is slow growing but with care and patience, it can grow into a lush expansive mat.

  • Dwarf Baby Tears

These aquarium carpeting plants are both tough and beautiful. It can be used for maximum number of aqua scaping styles. They grow like a carpet protecting the aquarium floor. But, you will need intense lighting condition to ensure a dense growth of the plant. One of the amusing things about this plant is that when it produces oxygen the leaves tend to have bubble like structure appearing on them.

  • Dwarf Hair Grass

The possibilities of designing your aquarium with this plant are endless. Their vibrant color looks contrast against dark soils or rocks. They are extremely easy to grow so much so that you might not even have to trim them from time to time. The look like grass with small to medium sized strands.

  • Jawa Moss

This plant is a trendy type of plant for freshwater aquarium. They provide extra space for hiding. Jawa Moss adds beauty to various items present in your tank, such as rock. These plants are best known for their floating feature. They are necessary to be attached with some material to avoid them floating away from their place. The growth of this plant is influenced by the excellent lighting conditions. It also results in a plague of green algae.

  • Amazon sword

This is also one of the best plants for an aquarium. It can be grown in a type of conditions. Its best part is that it is very easy to maintain as compared to other plants available in the market. It grows to a very large size in the aquarium so huge aquarium is necessary for growing this plant. It can grow up to 20 inches Amazon sword can easily survive in low lighting conditions. It is preferred by the first time users as it is one the economic plant which can be grown in the aquarium.

  • Anubias and Anubias Nana

Anubias is a type of plant that can be grown on rocks and driftwood. The growth of this plant is slow as compared to other aquatic plants. This plant should be kept above the substrate, and its roots should not be covered. It is best suitable for nano and small aquariums. Anubias Nana does not grow above 6 inches.

06 Mar

Travelling The United Arab Emirates And Abu Dhabi

If you are unsure about what to do in Abu Dhabi for two days then it is beneficial for you to make an itinerary and work according to your schedule so that you can enjoy maximum places within less time and able to enjoy your trip in a most effective manner.

Abu Dhabi is not only the skyscrapers that you see in the photos because there are lots of amazing things and places that make your tour effective and reliable in the most effective manner. Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirate and also known as the neighbouring city of Dubai that offer a unique experience to the visitors to enjoy their tour.

Etihad Towers

To make your holidays memorable, make sure to get the glimpse of the Etihad Tower that is an iconic place in the city and the towering structure will make you amazed in efficient way.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the centre piece of the UAE that shows the history and culture of the country. The mosque is named after the erstwhile President of the nation and this mosque is known as the largest mosque in the UAE.

WTC Souk

If you do not want to visit the malls then it is a better option for you to visit the place WTC Souk where you will be able to know about how the Emirates used to shop in earlier days. The jewellery, spices, hand-woven carpets and herbs all in one place will take you back in the old times.

In addition to this, this tour also helps to explore different Things to do in Dubai that make your holidays more specials and in cost-effective manner. If you want to make most of your tour then it is beneficial for you to explore all these places of Abu Dhabi and gain high pleasure and relief.

27 Feb

The Best Online Movie Streaming Websites

Who doesn’t like to watch movies in their free time, it is a common topic with almost all of the people around you. People often go to the theatre with their family and friends to take a day off from their hectic schedule. But no one can always go to the theatre for movies and this is online movie streaming comes into picture which you can see on your mobile phone, tablet or on your smart TV while relaxing on your couch. There are websites like papy streaming where you can enjoy all sorts of the movie which are available in different formats.

Things to keep in mind if you are looking for an online websites website

You cannot enjoy a movie with poor video and audio quality as distracts a lot and no one can find a movie interesting with such issues. So there are following which you need to keep in mind:

  • See if the web page has sorted movies according to the genre. It can help you a lot as it allows you to watch movie according to your mood.
  • There are different qualities of video available on these sites like 480p, 720p,and 1080p which you can select as per your convenience. Some websites also provide movies in 4K.
  • Make sure that the online streaming web page is being updated from time to time as there are some sites which do update in months and you will miss all the latest movie are available on other sites.
  • It can be really difficult if the movies are in a different language which you cannot understand but there are websites which provide subtitles in your preferred language.

You can easily operate these websites as they are user-friendly. It works on your existing data plan you do not have to get any special recharge just log in and enjoy movies with your close ones. Pick up the movie of whatever genre you like which you can play, pause and stop anytime you want.

12 Dec

Techniques To Learn With His Secret Obsession Hero Instinct

Many of the females are trying some techniques to make their love life stronger with their partners. The partner will feel the care after giving them proper attention. If you want to get the complete attention of your partner, then it is very easy to step to choose a book for getting the information of male and his life. There are different kinds of the secrets of the male person, and you can easily understand their feeling to complete their demand. The demand can be complete with the help of some ways or a technique that gives the information and the article explain how to awaken the hero instinct.


  • Techniques for a better love life

We have come here to discuss the techniques to make a better relationship. If you want better relationships, then it follows some tips and tricks that we will share here in the article. The article is very beneficial to the knowledge of the relationship. The relationship demands different things like as proper care and love. On the other hand, sexual life is also essential to the male person and female person.

The male also demands the sexual feelings that a female should complete after getting the full information of their personal lifestyle. So, you have to understand the about the secret book of the male that we have discussed in the article, and that is known as His secret obsession hero instinct book.

  • Relationship materials

If you don’t want to lose your partner, then it is essential to give then proper attention and care. On the other hand, some females are not paying them attention in sexual activities and other emotional feelings. The emotional touch is essential for every couple because it is the base of their sexual life. If you want a better sexual life, then it is beneficial to know the information and the article explain how to awaken the hero instinct with the help of obsession book.

26 Nov

What To Be A Professional Wedding Photographer Then You Should Need To Know?

There is no doubt that professional photography is not for everyone. It is an art, so if you want to become a professional photographer, then you should consider different aspects of it. If you have skills of clicking pictures, then you can make it part of your career. Really, it is going to be amazing and joyful beyond description.

Well, today we are going to let you know more and more about professional photography profession. Before putting your efforts to such a profession, you should work under professional photographer. You can contact Toronto wedding photographer to learning more skills of professional photography.


Things you should know

If you want to present yourself as a professional wedding photographer, then you should consider different aspects of such a profession. In this section of the article, we are going to discuss those specific things. Lets’ take a look at them:

  • Know your field

If you are going to start your journey of wedding photography, you should know your work field. It is the best way if you want to get perfection in with your wedding profession. You should analysis the working criteria of wedding photography and know about every single aspect of photography.

  • Know your gear

You should need a professional level to the understanding of your gear. It is extremely important to consider if you want to present yourself as a professional. If you don’t know your gear yet, you should learn more about it from Toronto wedding photographer. Really, this thing helps you a lot.

In addition, make a proper research about such profession before starting your journey as a professional photographer. It would be better for taking guidance of a professional wedding photographer that help you a lot.

25 Nov

Cabin Weddings-Impressive Details To Check

There are lots of things to discuss cabin wedding parties and management. Firstly, we will discuss the demand for cabin wedding after that we will talk about the impressive details of the wedding party. The wedding party needs perfect management, and that is a really challenging task for the people. The individuals have to manage their wedding party with a proper system. People are selecting marriage in different ways, but they prefer Gatlinburg cabin wedding packages in the place of a normal place. You can take the help of cabin wedding packages because it is very easy to get extra benefits with them.


There are lots of advantages things to cover which you can take with the best wedding services. Most of the individuals are selecting their rental cabins in a famous place. The couples like to go with the romantic place to their wedding function or trip. The trip should be comfortable with some aspects that are given below:

Benefits or details:

  • Get additional pass

There are lots of benefits to discuss the rental services. The first thing that you get with the rental services is to take some pass. The pass is used to the trip or outing in a different place in the decided area. In the bounded area, you can freely move or can take the rides to see the places without paying money. It is really beneficial to go with the free adventure or trip option with some services.

  • Bigger hall or cabin

The marriage demands the perfect management to the complete family members. If you want to get the complete family package, then choose Gatlinburg cabin wedding packages. It is a very good option to choose their packages because they provide the bigger hall or cabin to the invited guest. So, you can understand the complete benefits that we have discussed.

17 Oct

Special Notes In Hiring Call Girls Dubai

Hiring call girls Dubai can definitely be very fun, especially with all the happy time you can have. However, you would love to make the most out of it, thus you should remember some points to help you. This will not just simply help you have the bliss, but can help in gaining your escort’s favor as well.

What to Remember in Hiring Call Girls Dubai?


To begin with, always look for a reliable escort club where you can hire the best escorts. Not only that you can have the hottest, sexiest and most beautiful babes in Dubai, but it can also assure you of great service. Moreover, it can also give you the assurance of their girls being clean from any infections as well.

When you have found the best club, you just have to walk in with your best attires. Most clubs will not allow you go in if you are just on sandals. Of course, prepare your cash as well. It is best if you’ll pay right away to make the babe want more of you.

When the escorts go out with you, always treat her like a special lady. It would not hurt if you’d treat her for dinner first, or have a casual conversation with her. Also, remember to be gentle as you do the deed. Avoid doing things that she does not want. If she declines doing anal, for example, do not force her to do so.  After all, if you want to satisfy a certain fetish, you can inform an escort about it right before you hire her.

These are just few points that you should remember in having call girls Dubai with you. It can help a lot for you to gain your escort’s favor, thus making her do better for you.