28 Jan

The Dosage Of CBD For Dogs

Cannabidiol products have shown remarkable positive effects on dogs. It has open a new market for CBD products. Consumers are now demanding more of CBD for dogs. There is a small difference, which is both CBD isolate, and CBD full-spectrum is effective with humans. But with dogs, it is only the CBD full-spectrum that works the best. The CBD isolate does not provide with all the qualities of CBD. Hence, make sure you check the label before you purchase.


How CBD help dogs?

CBD products do not have any different effects on dogs. It works just the way it does on humans. It helps with:

  • Anxiety
  • Seizures
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Skin conditions
  • Depression
  • Appetite loss
  • Glaucoma
  • Sleeplessness

What is the dosage for dogs?

CBD for dogs can only be beneficial when you give the right dosage. Most CBD product sellers have a chart with the required dosage on their respective websites. You can either check these websites or ask your reliable veterinarian. If you’ have already been prescribed any CBD product by them, then they will inform you about the dosage beforehand. The dosage will be either prescribed in milligrams or droplets. It will depend if they are capsules or oils.

Usually, you will start with a minimum amount of dosage and then gradually increase the quantity. Another point to keep in mind is that the amount of Cannabidiol per droplet will depend on the CBD concentration in the oil. This amount varies per product and brand.

Your dogs are like your own child, and just like you will provide the best quality products to your child, you are going to do the same for your pets. Hence, getting them from a trusted buyer is very crucial. Even if your vet does not tell you anything about the dosage, you will find the instruction on the package

16 Jan

Characteristics Of African Cichlids

Cichlids are among the family of fishes Cichlidae in the order Cichliformes. These fishes are often found in tropical regions of America, the mainland of Madagascar and Africa, and some Asian regions. The convict blennies are most probably the closest living relatives of the cichlids family of fishes and amazingly both the fish families are classified in the 5th edition of Fishes of the World as the two families in the cichliformes are a part of the subseries Ovalentaria.

Scientific researchers have described at least 1650 species and found this family is both large and diverse. The species research proves it one of the largest vertebrate families. There are many Cichlid types available however African cichlids belong to a family of fishes that have many excellent features which often attracts the fish pet owners to take them over other fishes. Given below are some of the features which make them unique:

  • Behave in a typical way

These fishes are usually found very active which means whenever they see a certain movement outside their tank, they will follow it in the same direction in ahope that they are about to be fed. This behavior makes these fishes a good swimmer, to the point that they can jump out of the tanks as well however it is not certain to say that as the fishes won’t do this unless they are provoked.

  • Varieties of colors and general appearance

Cichlids types come in a large color and appearance variety. When the fishes are kept healthy then the brightest colors usually come on their own and this will get even brighter during the mating process and times of aggression or dominance. This is one of the reasons why fish pet owners generally prefer to have African cichlids.

  • Belong to a huge family of fishes

It is under research process that there are more than 1500 species which science needs to describe. As these fishes belong to such a huge family, this makes them kind of special with diverse amazing features among other fishes.

27 Sep

Dog Bullying: Is Your Dog A Bully or Bullee?

No matter how much you dislike admitting it, dog bullying is real and it does exist—just as in a human world, you would find bullies in any high schools, elementary schools, or even in kindergartens. Similarly, there are larger dog bullies who prey on other smaller dogs such as Shiba inu puppy in a “doggie environment,” such as a dog park, dog daycare, grooming parlor, dog party, or a beach area where dogs and their owners are congregated.

Dog bullying often takes place in large groups, regardless of the size. Usually, dog bullies are of the larger breeds, however, most commonly seen are those from the bully breeds preying on smaller dogs. While there are also smaller breeds—commonly in the Terrier group—with a strong, dominant personality who would bully on other dogs of all sizes.

The bully breeds, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, were originally bred to kill vermin for either utility or sport. In addition, they were also used in other blood sports, including bull-baiting and dogfighting. Because of this background, as well as their continued use in unlawful dogfighting, there are concerns about their temperament. Having said, this is not to conclude that all bulls and terriers are dangerous dogs to be around with. As a matter of fact, most of these breeds are extremely people-oriented and some are great with children, they’re just not very reliable with other dogs. Of course, there will always be some bullies who love their fellow canines without any special training or socialization. But for safety precaution, it is best that owners expose their bully puppies to as many good dog experience as possible.

How Do I Know If My Dog Is a Bully or Bullee?

Do not be mistaken that all dominating dogs are bullies and all shy dogs are bullies (being bullied). Not all-dominating dogs process the great leadership skills of an Alpha dog, neither all Alpha dogs have an interest in bullying their weaker counterparts. And certainly not all submissive or passive dogs are subjected to be bullied. Dog bullies and bullies come in various shapes, sizes, and status.

It is not that difficult to recognize a dog bully as I’ve mentioned some of the traits above. But for “bullies,” the signs can go unnoticed for as long as the dogs have never exposed to a group of dogs in an unfamiliar setting.

To find out whether your dog is a bully or bullee is to observe how he behaves toward the other dogs in a neutral ground like in daycare, the park, or other places where there are other dogs around. I highly suggest you do not force your dog into this situation if he has never been to any socialization classes like puppy kindergarten training school.

Here are a few more of the obvious traits of a dog bully, he often does these behaviors for no legitimate reasons…

  • growls at other dogs
  • jumps on other dog’s face
  • gangs up on other dogs
  • When a Dog who is Being Bullied, he is…

almost always happy and comfortable around other people and dogs, but feel nervous and scared around the bully dogs

  • constantly mounted on even she is not in the heat
  • continually being taken away from his toys, water, or certain spots
  • being attacked, beaten, pinned to the ground, and pushed around
  • continually being menaced
  • being badly hurt or bitten, that is in a worst-case scenario.

Whichever side the coin your dog is in, these acts cannot be tolerated either they can be ignored. Both owners (the bully and the bullet) have to acknowledge that there is a behavioral problem and should work on resolving the situation before it gets out of hand. In the next issue, I’ll share some pointers on how you can prevent this situation from taking place and what you could do if your dog is being bullied.

17 Apr

Tips on How to Groom a Dog

So I have groomed my Yorkie, and my Schnauzers many times. Each time I do it I find a tip here and there about how to do it. First off, if you plan on grooming your dog, plan on it being around an hour or so for each. You can get them groomed at local pet shops most the time; Petco and Petsmart offer dog grooming and clipping at a minimum charge.

However, so you have decided that you want to groom your dog. Many people think that they would cut a dogs hair like they would a person’s hair. That is the wrong idea. First off, when cutting a person’s hair you normally would use scissors, but when cutting a dog’s hair for most of the time you will be using an electronic shaver. It is safer for you, and the dog.

So here is the list that I have come up with in how to properly groom your dog for the summer.

Electronic shaver:

This is an essential tool in proper dog cutting techniques. The shavers often come with several lengths that are adjustable, depending on how much of the dogs hair you want shaved off. Also, these allow for a safer environment for you, as well as your dog. Many dogs are easily skittish, or try to run off while getting groomed.

Don’t wash their hair:

OK, this is just my opinion on this one. Whenever I have done my dogs’ hair, I found it a ton easier to use a shaver on dry hair then damp hair. Also the dog doesn’t get as cold normally, which when they are wet sometimes mine shake, which makes it harder to groom.


When I groom my animals, I think a little music helps. It keeps my mind more focused, instead of worrying about cutting them on accident, which in turn eases the dogs mind too. Also, it keeps out other distractions, such as a dog barking from across the yard, or other things like that.


I end up giving around 15 treats a shave to my dogs. I should say parts of treats. I break up a couple, and keep them a little ways away, so for when she stays still for a good amount of time I will feed her one, showing her that behaving will get her treats. Don’t feed treats to them when they are acting bad, otherwise that will increase the chances of them not behaving for you.

Talk to them:

Nothing will calm down a shaking dog more than talking to them and communicating. Even though you two can’t understand each other, talking is relaxing to your pooch, and will calm any dog down.

Shave properly:

OK, if you are using a shaver, making sure to shave with the hair, or on the side, but not against it. I mean, if the hair starts from her back, then points down to her butt, start shaving from an area on her back, and follow where the hair goes. Don’t shave in the opposite direction, it can cause cuts, which make both you and your dog nervous. This is also the methodology used in exotic pet care and grooming. As a result, the shave is done properly and accordingly. Hence, the hair of the dog is neat and clean. 

Make it a happy experience:

The most important part of grooming your dog is that it is a bonding experience for the both of you. The more happy it is, and the less frustration will teach your dog that getting groomed is nothing to be scared of, and nothing to fear.

24 Feb

Don’t Leave Your Pet Behind

There are a number of reasons why people these days depend on their animals and while it becomes very difficult for you to stay without your animal even if it is for a brief time; there are certain situations when you might have to separate from your pet. If you do not want to stay away from your pet even for a short then it is essential for you to get the right emotional support animal letter in order for you to always be around your pet. There are a number of reasons why an emotional support letter comes in handy and in case you are dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress then it is this letter that will ensure your pet is with you at all times. 1-original-size-chart-012417

It is extremely easy to apply for an emotional support letter and if you need one, all you need to do is send in your details and it will be monitored by a moderator who will get in touch with you later. After a brief examination you will be provided with your emotional support letter via email. You can always use the email copy to get your pet wherever you would like to, however the original copy will be sent to you on your mailing address in a few days.Emotional-Support-Animal-Laws-featured-image

While there are a number of restaurants and hotels that have become pet friendly these days, there are still some places that do not allow a pet. When you have your emotional support letter with you, then your pet cannot be denied entry and this enables you to travel with your pet no matter where you want to go. It is essential to overcome stress, anxiety and depression and if you are dependent on an animal, this letter helps you to travel freely without your animal being taken away from you.

17 Oct

Don’t Worry About Separating From Your Pet Ever Again

Dogs understand a lot and they often relate to humans more than any other animal in the world. This is why dogs are considered to be the most reliable and popular pets in the world. Apart from being a great companion, they help you overcome stress, anxiety, depression and a lot more. While some people choose to bring home a dog as a pet, others rely on them for a lot more. People who have physical disabilities get a great deal of support from their pooch and when their beloved pet is not granted an entry at particular places, it makes the person feel very uncomfortable. If you are someone who doesn’t just look at your dog as a pet, but more as a support then you need to apply for an emotional support dog letter in order to ensure your pet is not separated from you no matter where you go. cooper_on_plane

This letter is very easy to get and there are a number of websites that enable you to get the letter in no time. All you need to do is visit the website, fill up a form and submit it. An expert will go through your case and approve of the letter within no time. You should receive a digital copy of the letter on the same day which can be used no matter where you go. You will also receive the hard copy of the letter via post within a few days. This letter is a certificate that states you can’t be separated from your dog since you depend on your pet.345_sdvidzip3

Applying for an emotional support dog letter requires that you prove your eligibility for it. Only a trained psychiatrist can certify an emotional support dog letter. This emotional support dog letter is one of the most important pieces of documentation if you want to stay sane and stable headed. It is said that dogs are the best animals when it comes to giving emotional support. However you will come across situations where your dog will not be allowed with you. This could be in an airplane, in a place on rent where the landlord has a no pet policy, in a hotel that has a similar policy or even in a restaurant. While there are certain places that will make an exception upon requesting you will not have your way all the time.

This is where an emotional support dog letter plays a huge part. Once you have this letter any institution or establishment has no legal right to deny entry to your dog. Your dog can be with you at all times. This proves to be a huge boost especially in situations where you do not like to fly and could lose your stability during takeoff and landing. Your four legged best friend will ensure that there is no stress for you before, during or after the flight. An emotional support dog letter gives you the right to mental peace and satisfaction at all times.

22 Sep

A Cage Your Hamster Can Call Home

Hamsters are very cute and these furry little creatures are becoming a popular choice as pets these days. You don’t really need to spend a lot of time with your hamster and they manage to keep the kids very happy. Hamsters don’t take up too much space and don’t require to be taken for walks either. This makes them a great pet to have for people who don’t have too much time in hand. If you’re looking to get a hamster, you need to remember that apart from bringing home the hamster, you also need a cage. You can explore some of the best hamster cage options at http://hamstercageguide.com/.


While looking for a hamster cage, make sure you pick one that is large enough to let your hamster move around. This not only gives you hamster enough space but also ensures that he does not think of escaping. Hamsters are very active and when they are left alone they like to play. A small cage means limited space to move around and limited toys to play with. This leaves the hamster sad and makes him want to escape from the cage. Larger cages on the other hand give you hamster a lot of space to move around. This lets your hamster run and play without getting bored and thus keeps him happy. You can also add some amazing toys for your hamster to play with inside the cage. This helps you hamster to stay busy playing.


Hamsters are small and when they escape from the cage it could be very dangerous. Hamsters that escape from cages can hurt their limbs. They can also fall victim to larger animals. Since hamsters are so naughty, if they succeed in escaping into your home, you might have to reconsider wiring your entire home.

09 Aug

How To Look For An Outside Dog Kennel

Dog kennels tend to play really important roles in training your dog for a number of things, as well as giving it a boundary to call its own. Kennels can help you housetrain your dog, help it adopt an appropriate behavior, and give it a suitable and safe place to stay for the rest of the day. Dog crates can be really useful tools for training your pets; however, still need to be of the right kind.

Outside dog kennels come in various different shapes and sizes, and are made of different kinds of material combinations to serve your purpose. However, not every kennel may work out the same way for you. Dogs can be just as variable as kennels, which makes it important for you to make sure that you look for a kennel that’s all work out for it. This guide will help you understand everything that you need to consider when looking for a dog kennel.



Different dogs tend to be of different sizes, and tend to grow in different ways. It is necessary for you to make sure that you provide your dog with a kennel that’ll work out for it, for a long time. You’ll need to choose the kennel according to the physical characteristics of your dog, and keep it comfortable, but also feel somewhat restrictive at the same time, as it is important for your dog’s house training.

Material & Design

The design, as well as the material used in your dog kennel should be good and suitable enough for your dog to offer it sufficient comfort. For example, getting your dog a kennel that doesn’t carry an additional floor can be okay, as long as the kennel is placed on a comfortable surface, such as soil. Moreover, the design of the kennel should allow your dog to rest comfortably, and move around as much as it needs to, in order to adjust itself.



The kennel you keep your dog inside should receive enough exposure to the rest of the environment to allow it to receive fresh air, and give away non-breathable parts of it. However, your dog’s kennel still should not over-expose your dog to the environment and cause it any discomfort. Most outside dog kennels carry small openings and wireframe openings, which are really important to allow your dog to breathe and keep it healthy. However, any openings should still not expose your dog to tough environmental conditions.

10 Jul

Time To Save Your Pets

The bond that a human being and his pet share is inexplicable and the love you have for them is more than words can say. Whenever you came back to home for holidays, your pet beat even your mom to run towards you to caress you just so that you realise that this adorable creature safeguarding at the gate is enlivened by your presence. The loss of pet does feel the same when you lose a close human being if not more. Sometimes it is your sheer callousness that costs you the pet’s life and sometimes it is your pet’s carelessness. But now you can breathe a little because many GPS pet tracking devices are available that are easy to operate, are reasonable priced and more than anything else can save the lives of your pets.  The devices are a use of robust technology that can track your pet over long distances and come in different price ranges from hefty to moderate prices.


There are few important parameters that need to be into account before purchasing a GPS pet tracker. Firstly look for the battery life of a GPS locator. An inclination for a longer battery life is a basic prerequisite as for any other battery-supported system. The device should be suitable for the size of the pet and should not be bulky that it weighs down on your pet. The device should be tautened around the part clung to the device so that your pet does not lose the device. For this some devices come with clips to be fastened to your pet. Water resistance is another quality when choosing the GPS pet tracking systems. If you have a litter of dogs and cats living in house you may fetch good discounts as many retailers are offering special deals with reduced prices on multiple purchases of the tracking devices. Another important feature of the device is its compatibility with your mobile phones or laptops as many trackers function via the GPS pet tracker App installed in the electronic devices.

According to customers’ pet tracker reviews POD GPS and WIFI tracker has emerged as the best pet tracker device. It is small, light (around one ounce), waterproof and helps you track your pet through GPS, 2G network and WIFI and buzzes you when your pet treads outside the safe zone. The combination of WIFI features helps quick location of the pet even inside. You never run down on batteries even when your pet is without the tracker because it comes with two interchangeable batteries.


Whistle GPS pet tracker is rated as second best. It is a combination of pet locator and also helps you track the health of the pet. It works on GPS, Verizon network and also with phone and computers with the facility of SMS. It sends your message via the app or texts and helps you locate the position of pet on the map. Whistle zone is the area where your pets are supposed be and the moment they leave that vicinity, pet owners receive the alert.  The only complaint received so far is that the time between the dog leaving the whistle zone and alert retrieval is lagged. It has a battery life of 10 days.