12 Jul

Want to improve your Instagram aesthetic? Top tips by experts!

The popularity of social media marketing is increasing rapidly and also providing numerous benefits to business owners. Well, Instagram us one of the best social media platforms that help to promote your brand online. Most business owners have an Instagram business profile, and that’s why it becomes difficult to stand out from the crowd. You can make your brand memorable with a visually stunning Instagram aesthetic to grab the attention of Instagrammers. Creating an eye-catching Instagram aesthetic for your brand is not easy, and that’s why you should follow the tips listed below. 

Know your brand personality 

First of all, you should determine your brand personality to create an eye-catching Instagram aesthetic. If you don’t know what brand personality is, then you need to know that it is a set of human characteristics that represent your brand. After knowing the personality of your brand, you can easily create a cohesive Instagram aesthetic. It will represent your brand accurately and also provide other benefits. 

Pay attention to the content 

After deciding on your brand personality, you should pay attention to the content which you are going to post. In order to get an idea, you can consider InstaPrivateViewer and view the Instagram profiles of your competitors. After this, you can create a good strategy for your content to grab the attention of potential customers. Always try to share informative as well as helpful posts t0o promote your brand. 

Select a theme 

Without selecting an Instagram theme, it is difficult to create a visually stunning Instagram feed. With the help of choosing a good theme, you can get a particular look and feel for your feed. It also helps to make your profile more memorable to users. Many types of themes are out there, and that’s why you should pick the one carefully. 

04 Jul

Oversharers.Com And How Social Networking Became

What is Oversharers?

Oversharers.com is a website that reposts embarrassing Twitter and Facebook updates with witty commentary. The Oversharers editorial staff reviews the best submissions from users and posts the grossest and most strangely personal updates on the internet for public embarrassment. This is really similar to https://en.instaprivateviewer.com that you can use to tackle different issues related to private profiles on Instagram. 

Do you have a friend who constantly tweets her child’s potty training nightmares on Twitter? Do you have a friend who’s known for asking strange medical questions via Facebook status updates? You might consider submitting one or two of their choice updates to Oversharers.

Why is Oversharers socially relevant?

Besides being funny, Oversharers is trying to tell us something about our use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. To be fair, Oversharers will also take submissions from regular blogs and stories overheard in public places. But the vast majority of the material posted on Oversharers is culled from tweets and status updates.

At some point, we must have begun to feel the need to post such unnecessary details about our personal lives and bodily functions in publicly accessible places. Oversharers invites us to laugh at these TMI (too much information) posts, but also take a step back and think about how this sort of sharing became a social trend in the first place.

How did this happen?

Twitter and Facebook aren’t necessarily the root of the problem. Rather, the problem is how we’re taught to view Twitter and Facebook as inseparable from daily life. If you want to promote a product, it needs a Facebook page. If you want to publicize an event, you make an event page. The same goes for Twitter. If you have anything to sell or promote, it better be online 24/7.

The vast armies of tech-savvy, creative, unemployed people out there have also been taught that they must sell themselves. It’s not about what you know, but who follows you on Twitter or sees your Facebook status updates. Even folks who are gainfully employed now believe that the general internet-using public must find them witty if they are going to continue to succeed. Unfortunately, our lives are not always interesting on an hour-by-hour basis. That’s when we dive into the TMI-zone for material and become oversharers.

How much information is TMI?

Here are some rules to help you from becoming a victim on the Oversharers website and from embarrassing yourself in general:

  1. Anything to do with pee, poop, or sex does not make a good tweet or status update.
  1. If you couldn’t visit your grandmother and make the same “witty” comment about your life in her presence, don’t post it.
  1. Don’t use tweets and status updates as a primary means of communication with your friends. If you want to overshare with them, use the phone.
  1. If you are even slightly in the market for a job or a promotion, all your posts should be positive-sounding and neutral in the subject matter.
  1. Don’t rely on your Twitter or Facebook privacy settings to keep you safe. The Oversharers website reposts people’s TMI tweets and updates with their user name, picture, and “real” name attached. Anyone with internet access can see Oversharers, and your name might end up on a Google search for a tweet about your mysterious genital rash.
04 Jun

The Implications of Social Networking Sites

Remember when MySpace was where bands went to promote their music? Then it was even creepier when it became the place people went to try to hook up with other people online. Nowadays, everyone has a MySpace or Facebook (it’s new and improved knock-off site). The sites are fun and are great when you need to kill time to avoid studying for an exam, but what people might not realize is how much these sites are changing long-standing societal norms.

Take high school reunions for example. We can argue that its great to see all your old friends and it brings back old memories. But lets be perfectly honest, there’s a reason you haven’t seen those people for 10 years and there’s a reason you won’t see them again after the reunion. Years later when classmates get together, they don’t want to bond, they want to see how their life has been going compared to their peers. Who’s married? Who has a great job? Who had a baby?

Thanks to social networking sites, this system is obsolete. It won’t be a shock that the girl who sat next to me in math class had a baby because I already saw the pictures online. I also know who is going to a good school and who has a great job as well as whose stripping and getting arrested. And if you’re really gung ho about getting all your old friends together, they’re just a click away. You never have to wonder how to get in touch with that old friend who moved to New York after high school. Buy real Instagram likes instantly from real people available at online websites. There will be requirement of a single click at the option. The meeting of the old and new friends will be effective at the site. Hence, plenty of benefits will be available with the person. 

Reunions aren’t the only social institutions affected by the use of these sites. Take dating for example. When was the last time you heard of anyone going on a blind date? It just doesn’t happen anymore. No one is completely “blind” about their dates because before they go on them, they look them up on facebook to see pictures and read up on their hobbies and interests and music preferences.

The same goes for friendships in general. People don’t make friends the old fashioned way like they used to. It used to be that person you drunkenly hooked up with or took a few shots with a party was never to be seen again. Now you can just look them up on Facebook the morning after and decide whether or not you would hang out with them again.

If you want to have a big party, you invite all the people on your friend’s list. You don’t even have to worry about calling. Some might argue this is a great step in communication. Others argue that this is detrimental to our society; that people are unlearning communication that doesn’t involve a Facebook wall. The choice is left up to the people and 300 million people have spoken.

26 Feb

New Google Social Network To Match Facebook, Twitter?

The quest for a Google social network has been a long one for the famed website. Although Google can do many things, it hasn’t mastered social networking quite yet, at least not to the extent of Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, it hopes that the tide can be turned with the debut of Google+, even though there are some early hiccups.

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Very few users have had a chance to navigate the system since Google sent a limited number of invitations. For everyone else, they can only request a new account by sending their first name email address to the Google Project home page.

According to the Huffington Post, the new platform is supposed to be different from Facebook and Twitter, letting users share with “special groups within their personal network.” This will presumably help users maintain some privacy, which is harder on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, there are more traditional elements like video chatting and content sharing.

Since very few people can see Google+ right now, and the site admits it is still “ironing out a few kinks,” it is hard to judge if the network will pan out right now. When it is fully ready to launch, it will have a hard road ahead considering the tough competition in Facebook and Twitter. But these two social networking giants were once underdogs themselves, and they managed to take over the Internet anyway.

Having the Google name would seem to benefit this latest challenger, since the search engine giant is one of the other big websites in the world. However, one of the few things the site hasn’t succeeded in yet is creating a social network for itself. Orkut failed to make it big after its 2004 debut, and Gmail’s new Buzz option was accused of violating privacy policies.

That may be why Google+ is making privacy a big draw, as users can decide for themselves who to share their social connections with. The Internet isn’t the most ideal place for secure and personal contact, which is a consequence of being able to easily communicate with the world. Yet it seems only a minority mind it too much, given that Facebook has half a billion friends. The pope even just sent his first tweet.

Time will tell whether the Google+ is the next big thing online, and whether it can change the way people communicate on the Web. Although the search engine has the resources to do so, it doesn’t guarantee success. For now, only a few people can see if the site is on the right track, yet more will presumably get the chance in the months ahead.