18 Jan

Beach Volleyball – a Blooming Sport

Beach Volleyball has been a fan favorite for a long time. The game can be played from any number of people up to 9 or 12. There are many types of tournaments. there are co-ed tournaments, 6 player, 4 player, 3 player, and my favorite 2 player.

It is played at many different venues across the US. There are games behind bar and grills, at parks, picnics, and on the beach. If a beach doesn’t exist, then they play in the sand. The height of the net depends on whether it is men or women’s action. A women’s net is 7-4 and a fourth. A mens net is 8 feet high. A court is 8 by 8 meters. Antennas mark the boundaries above the net. Lines marking a court can be done with a string or rope like material.

While the game itself is full of fun and entertainment, a regular practice can come in very handy and beach volleyball is no exception in this matter. Just make sure that you frequent 토토사이트with your playmates to get a gist of the game as beach volleyball is completely different from regular volleyball.

There are some difference in the rules,too. Here are some of them:

  1. Overhand finger passes are called tightly.
  2. Overhand passes or hand sets are called for catches more frequently unless executed well.
  3. A block counts as first contact.
  4. Open hand dinks are illegal.
  5. It is legal to cross under the net as long as you don’t interfere with play on the other side.
  6. Players are not required to rotate positions but, they must share serves.
  7. Players play barefoot.
  8. The ball is slightly bigger and lower on air pressure.(lower internal pressure)

The game of Volleyball first began in 1895 by William G. Morgan at a YMCA in Holyoke, Mass. The net then was only 6 feet 6 inches high. In the 1920’s, it was said that men were seen playing on the beaches in Hawaii. However, it is believed to have started on the beaches at Santa Monica, California. This is also where the two man games started in the 1930’s.

Since that time the game has blazed across the world to countries like France, Brazil, Australia,and Bulgaria just to mention a few. Beach Volleyball really took off in the US when Jose Cuervo took over sponsorship in the 1970’s. Prize money started growing attracting great players. Then in 1981 Miller Brewing started advertising the game. The two companies started promoting Beach Volleyball everywhere.

In 1994 The Goodwill Games at St. Petersburg, Russia hosted the first Beach Volleyball in this venue. Then in 1996 Beach Volleyball was held in the Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Since that time both men and women’s beach volleyball has been on the incline. It is not unusual for money prizes to be as high as $50,000 for a winner and $170,000 in prize money for the whole tournament.

Just a few highlights in modern time include Karch Kiraly winning 146 career titles. Misty May and Karri Walsh winning 72 tournament titles. Several Beach volleyball players have won over a million dollars with their tournament play. Today there are over 1600 tournaments world wide involving up to 7800 professional players. This is just at the professional level. To get into these tournaments, a team has to qualify in preliminary tournaments. There are also many rankings that are used to let players into certain tournaments.

Beach Volleyball is a great outdoor game. It can even be played indoors. This is sometimes done to help seat more spectators. But, Beach Volleyball in its truest form is best played outdoors.

Players will use hand signals behind their back to let their teammate know if they plan to block a serve or where to play or serve the ball. Some of the signals for the better players are a way to communicate to each other. They hide these signals from the other team. There are 6 main skills in Beach Volleyball. They are the serve, receive, pass, set, spike, and block. Another skill is sometimes referred to as the dig. It is usually combined with the pass. It is important to note, that teams that dig the ball well are usually very successful.

Beach Volleyball, although very strong among the younger age group, has been a fan favorite for a long time for just about everyone that loves the game.

12 Jan

Appalachian State Signs on to Play LSU: Is Another College Football Upset on the Horizon?

After taking down Michigan in the Big House last year in one of the greatest upsets in sports history, the Appalachian State Mountaineers have their sights set on frying an even bigger fish next year.

The defending BCS Champion Louisiana State Tigers have announced that they will bring in Appalachian State for a game August 30th, which will be the opener to the 2008 college football season for the Tigers.

This match-up marks the first time the BCS Champion will play the FCS Champion from the previous year. But does Appalachian State really have a chance to beat the Tigers on the road?

Appalachian State does return a good deal of their skill talent from last year including lightning quick quarterback and superstar Armanti Edwards, but the main disadvantage they’ll be at is the fact that they won’t be able to sneak up on the Tigers like they did Michigan last year.

LSU is also a better team than that Michigan squad even with their losses to graduation and the NFL including quarterback Matt Flynn and superstar defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey. But LSU will have some uncertainty going into the year as well that could play in Appalachian State’s favor.

Quarterback Ryan Perriloux was supposed to be the starter but he has been suspended indefinitely for violating team rules and now LSU will be breaking in a new starter.

Appalachian State should be able to move the ball some on LSU’s defense because they’re so talented but in order to stay in the game they will have to jump out to a lead and make some stops on defense like they did against the Michigan Wolverines. They will also need some luck such as how they were able to block UM’s last-second game-winning kick.

LSU should be able to run the ball all day on a woefully small Appalachian State defensive line as Michigan did, so the Mountaineers’ ability to get the lead will be key. If they’re behind, LSU will run the clock out behind potential star running back Keiland Williams and their big offensive line. Williams sat the bench behind Jacob Hester last year at LSU but is faster and has a little more talent overall than Hester did and is waiting to break out.

In reality, this game will be a moral victory for ASU if they manage to stay within two touchdowns of the defending champs. But the Mountaineers will be preparing and practicing and lifting as hard they possibly can in anticipation of this game all summer so it’s a bit too premature to completely rule out the possibility of an upset.

One thing’s for sure: LSU had better come ready to play because the Mountaineers are bound to be pumped up for another chance to prove themselves.

The saying is quite popular that never underestimate the power of the underdog and this is where most of the popular players falter when they make this very mistake and allow a rookie to hog the limelight as he has got his 15 minutes of fame but it appears that LSU do have the upper hand as they surely would have planned out a strategy of their own. The football index offer code is the first step to begin your struggle as you can learn new tips and tricks in football.

06 Oct

Heart Rate Monitor- Chest Strap Vs Wrist Strap

Now you don’t have to be a professional to monitor your heart rate at the time you are training, your heart rate monitor will do it for you, without you having to do anything for yourself!

A monitoring device, heart rate monitor is increasingly used by professional trainers and masses alike for its ease of use. It helps to monitor one’s heart rate at the time of training or can be used to record such readings to be used later for a study.


Chest Strap Monitors Vs Wrist Monitors

Though the technology of recording a heart rate monitor is old yet with progressive technology, there are better ways of monitoring a heart rate. There are basically two options- one is a chest strap monitor where the device is strapped around the chest. And the other one is a wrist monitor that works more like a smart watch worn around the wrist.

  • Accuracy-

Chest straps are considered to be more accurate in the readings than the wrist monitors for the simple reason that they monitor the heart rate closest to the heart unlike the wrist monitors.

  • Comfort levels-

As far as comfort is concerned, the wrist monitors get all the points since the chest straps are not only inconvenient but also make it difficult to breathe. The watches on the other hand are a much comfortable bet.


  • Convenience-

There are chances to be always on with your smart watch that is also your heart rate monitor. But there is a higher probability of leaving behind a chest strap monitor that is not too convenient to be carried everywhere.

  • Battery Life-

The chest strap monitors can not only give you an impressive run time but also you do not have to bother about charging them often or carry that charger along always, as is the case with the wrist monitors. They work on the traditional watch batteries.

  • Pairing with other devices-

When it comes to the feature of pairing, the wrist monitors are the clear winners. They can be easily paired with a number of devices. While the chest straps with their Bluetooth connectivity are often a disappointment. They are far from a seamless connectivity with your smart phone or your smart watch.

  • Price-

A chest strap monitor is a way cheaper method to track your heart rate than one of those flashy wrist monitors that are often too pricey.

Features to look for in a Heart rate monitor


  • In case of a chest strap monitor, the fabric used should be soft and comfortable and they should be light in weight.
  • The device should have a good connectivity with the other pairing devices. (Bluetooth)
  • It should have a good battery life.
  • Apart from monitoring the heart rate, it should also monitor calories burnt, steps taken, distance covered and pace etc.
  • The most important feature should be an ability to give an accurate data.

Get more such information at: www.runninglikeapro.com

24 Aug

Unearth Hidden Details About Basketball Online Betting

Basketball online betting has surely become the point of discussion for game lovers. It is the emergence of W88 Club which has created a huge amount of buzz in online betting world. This particular online betting club has become extremely popular in very short time. W88 is a Thai online betting source where you are served with an opportunity to place bets on live basketball games in a safe manner. Yes, all worries regarding safe payment transactions have been erased with perfection. You will not find any problem whatsoever while dealing with the online betting source. Just create an account, add your payment details and select the basketball games on which you want to place the bet.


On winning the bet you will earn huge money which is huge plus point.  It is the availability of Website W88 which has allowed the basketball betting lovers to place bets from anywhere. In your free time, you are just required to open your account, access the games and place the bet. All trouble and effort of visiting the land based casino have been erased.


Basketball online betting is just incredible and has a lot to offer in quick time. When you place bets from home the chances of winning will increase a great deal. With no distraction, you can now focus on numerous aspects of a basketball game with ease. It will definitely become possible to carry out all calculations and predict the result. W88 is a wonderful online betting source which is safe to use from all perspectives. You might still have some doubts clicking your mind. Already many basketball lovers have used the betting source and earned money. Itis all about sitting in front of your computer, enjoying a nice coffee and in your shorts you can now place bets on basketball games.

06 Jul

What Are The Techniques To Implement While Horse Riding For Beginners?

For majority of horse riders, it is not just a sport. It is obviously the love of their life and their passion. Even for the beginners who didn’t show much interest towards this sport, but they come up with curiosity. They all end up doing horse riding a hobby and then to love and passion. Those people who like to go out for adventures are the ones who find their love towards this sport, Horse Riding! A lot of challenges during this sport can be achieved. By enjoying this sport few of the people think that they can achieve mental peace by eliminating their fears.

The main reason for few people is that they can overcome their fears and convert them into thrills and excitements. Yes! Horse riding is a very risky sport compared to all, if you aren’t prepared yourself. And to mark precaution measures for those beginners who wish to start their new sport action, this article will provide you them. Even though this is a risky sport, one can easily adopt this thing when you overcome your fears. Once you are done with your fears, this risky sport turn to your exciting holiday hobby.


Horse riding is not just a sport, it can thrill you and can make you goof friendship relations who are similar to you. With these enough advantages, one can learn how to be obedient to animals. And this will help you to know the feelings of other living being and that can further help you in better future and make you a better person as well. While riding a horse, understanding each other is very important. Because if you don’t understand the feelings of others, then one can get it more difficult situation during this sport. Riders will end up building good relationships with their horse.

These are the reason behind most of the people’s interest, love and passion towards this sport. You will enjoy this sport only when you got the training properly. If the beginners didn’t learn the basics well then they can end up with only sour experiences which further can maintain the distance from this sport. There are many cases where the beginners get into this sport without any basic level knowledge and hurt themselves. One should take the basic lessons from a good coach who has a keen interest and better knowledge.

What are the basic tools to remember when you’re the beginner of horse riding?

Horse riding is not just a simple task to complete; one has to be prior in his basics before getting into the reality. One can get the knowledge of basics from these sources without the trainer:

  • Reading useful magazines and books on horse riding tips & techniques.
  • Watching horseback riding videos.
  • Internet.


Few of the beginners try to start this sport without any basic knowledge, may be this can help in any other sport but not this one. Do remember, only when you put efforts for training of horse riding, you can feel the fruitfulness of the sport.


Now-a-days, horse riding can be learned at home by using the DVD’s. Watching the basic techniques of riding a horse is one of the best ways of training to be the master of horse riding. One can spend less time in self training while watching DVD’s. You get the best benefits when you feel your presence on the field and riding horse yourself.

This gives your different knowledge on riding a horse, reading a book can help you in having the perfect posture while riding or positioning but whereas watching the DVD’s can help you in some of the practical skills. Though even the bookish knowledge is also needed to be the perfectionist but it doesn’t help you throughout. Watching the professionals riding a horse can help you improve your skills. Confidence is the main important aspect of horse riding, if you are not confident about riding a horse then start gaining some for you.

There are some things which can’t be learned from the bookish, as one has to visualize everything. But when you watch the clips of the professionals, one doesn’t always imagine the situation. As the visual experience is the best way to understand for the beginners.

There are many DVD’s which offer the beginners a help but only few of them have the standards and quality. A DVD named 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman which is more recommended by everyone. Hence a DVD can bring many of the techniques to visualization but confident of riding a horse is self made. One needs to gain his own confidence; you cannot buy anywhere or steal from anyone.

The DVD’s can give you more information in horse riding techniques and the behavior or so, like

  • Maintaining a horse properly
  • Getting used to the rather uncommon equipment related to horseback riding.
  • Different positions you can adjust on a horse.
  • Knowing your horse and his behavior.

Know Your Horse:

When you are up in the market for a car, everyone are very keen to know about its features, just like that one has to know his/her horse behavior properly in order to get a good sport experience.


You better know these few things before getting upon him:

  • Style of running.
  • Dislikes.
  • Level of patience.
  • Likes.

Few of the horses are very cool to handle and can be easily used before giving any instructions to it as few of them would need. Some of them are very rude and not easily handle by the beginners; they need a perfect trainer for giving and understanding instructions.

Similarly, few of the horses are quite and calm and other are very aggressive. Riding a horse without making proper relationships with them is a very difficult task even if you are perfect rider. Hence, understanding the behavior of your horse is the first step to make your riding career successful. If you’re a true beginner for this sport, there are many techniques and supportive measure to be considered, which are shown in www.horse-show-schedules.com.

23 Jun

Sequencing The Soccer Schedule

The development of the jadwal bola is one of the most awaited events during the  summer for a football fan . The schedule of the English Premier League has already been released on 15th August and the action starts right from the first day as Arsenal host Liverpool at the Emirates stadium while Leicester City start their title defense against Hull City . The other matches to watch out for are Chelsea vs Manchester United on 22nd October at Stramford Bridge , the north London derby at the Emirates stadium on 5th November , the Meryside derby at Goodison Park on 17th December and Liverpool host Manchester City on New Year’s eve . I’m sure we can’t wait for the season to start on 13th August .

Have you ever wondered the process that goes on into coming up with these schedules keeping international competitions , the european club competitions , the festivals , the distance between the teams and the stadium , etc .


To be honest it’s a very tough process and the scheduling starts when FIFA and UEFA send in  their dates for their respective competitions to the English FA right in the beginning of the year . They have a tie up with an IT company called Atos which helps them come up with schedule . They need to keep in mind the distance to be travelled by a team for a match , the rest before a match and the availability of the stadiums . Last year when the Rugby World Cup was being held in England the organizers had a tough time squeezing their timings between the Rugby World Cup as many matches were being held in stadiums where EPL matches were supposed to be held . They have to calculate the probability of each and every disaster and stay on the safe side so that the tournament goes on smoothly.

A method called ‘sequencing’ is used in which the season is broken down into a number of sets and the sets have five matches each, which are reversed in the second half. For example in a set of five matches for a team , at least two will be home matches and three will be away or vice versa .


A team never has more that two home  or away consecutively . A team can never start or end the season with two home or away matches because if a team which is trying to earn points have their two last matches away then it will be unfair .Other than this if you are at home on Boxing Day then you will always be away on New Year’s Eve . And two neighboring teams will never have their match on the same day like Manchester United and Manchester City can never have their matches on the same day .

If they don’t satisfy a particular club then the club is asked which requests are more important and give it a priority. This method has a satisfaction rate of 85{58d852fa1a9b1c92c48c934e5f614afa45036350fdbfb15d3a7252a24fefa713} !

So we see that the fixtures are not just drawn out in a day and it takes a lot of time and brains into satisfying everyone in the league .

12 Jun

Tee Off In Style

Sydney offers an array of amazing coastal courses, unique bush settings and some of the best quality courses located at the base of Blue Mountains. Most of the classic Sydney golf courses are located within an hour’s drive from the city. People from around the world visit Sydney for its varied culture and natural beauty. Golf is another speciality of this city. You can expect Sydney golf courses to have spectacular scenery right from panoramic views of the ocean to the green bush land. Sydney is definitely one of the best golf getaway destinations. It is blessed with fresh air and sunshine and most of the golf courses are located close to the city. Here we look at some of the best Sydney golf courses.

Moore Park Golf Course – Moore Park

The Moore Park golf course offers visitors seven day access with first class golf and entertainment facilities. They are the only golf course to host the 18-hole golf course championship. Their driving range is also one of the best in the world with 60 bays. Golfers can enjoy the modern facilities here with food and beverage services led by Chef Graham Ette.


East Lake Golf Course – Randwick

The unique thing about the East Lake golf course is that it is not a private club. This means that it is open to all members of the community. East Land offers amazing food and beverage options on the golf course and in the clubhouse.

Bondi Golf Club – Bondi

The Bondi Golf Club is surrounded by the cliffs and the sea making it the most exciting golf course to play on. The rough terrain challenges the golfers and makes the 9-hole golf course one of the toughest to conquer.

Bonnie Doon Golf Course – Randwick

The Bonnie Doon golf course is one of the oldest and best golf courses in Sydney. Among all the Sydney golf courses, this is the only golf course that enjoys Group One and championship status. The best part of the golf course is the elevated greens that offer an exclusive view of the city. Bonnie Doon’s club house offers an amazing environment to kick back and enjoy with your golfing buddies.

Randwick Golf – La Perouse


The Randwick golf course is a par 59 course overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean. The course is open to public from Monday to Friday. The Bay Window restaurant offers amazing views of the Malabar beach and serves the most authentic contemporary Australian cuisines.

The Coast Golf Course – La Perouse

The Coast Golf Club is situated along the coarse Sydney coastline and is always open to the elements. Every hole offers unique views of the ocean. Members are allowed to play all seven days of the week; however they are not allowed to participate in competitions that are exclusive for members.Members can enjoy competitions every Tuesday and Friday. The club also has a modern fleet of electric carts for hire. The club house houses a restaurant that offers amazing views of the golf course.