10 Mar

Importance Of Water Softeners And The Criteria For Purchasing One

Water softeners are becoming a more and more popular among homeowners and commercial property owners. This recent rise in demand for water softeners can be attributed to the realization by many, that they’re very essential to our day to day lives, and failing to use them can be very disastrous. Softener systems are very important because they make it possible to soften and purify the water for drinking and for other uses.

Hard water contains many minerals and chemicals such as Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur. These minerals can cause clogging of pipes and water heaters, stained utensils, scale on metal surfaces, bad taste in drinking water, teeth discoloration, and can even be harmful to our bodies. Water softener systems are able to transform mineral laden water, into clean water that is safe for drinking. This is achieved through a process known as Ion exchange, which uses a combination of organic materials and other harmless chemicals to remove dissolved minerals, bad taste and odor in the water.
download (3)Clean water is a necessity in every home and work premise. This means that, purchasing a water softener is a worthwhile investment for every homeowner and commercial property owner. It is however very important to note that, there are different types of softeners that are suited for different types of water, different volumes and also for varying budgets. To find a water softener, you’ll need to follow a specific criteria during your search, for you to land the best fit for your needs. You’ll need to check the price of softener, type or brand, grain capacity, performance guarantee, customer reviews, and product ratings. All this information can be found by reading water softener reviews from reliable internet sources such as manufacturer websites and other high authority sites.

Price should be the first factor you consider. Your planned budget should set the maximum and minimum price parameters. It is however advisable to be prepared to push your budget to the limit if you want to get a high quality water softener. The type or brand of the softener is the second factor you should put into consideration. Brands that are known to be reliable are the best choices. Examples of such brands are GE, Kinetico, Culligan among others. Type refers to the specific model. This helps you pick a system that has all the features you need. Different types include automated, manual, and volume-initiated softeners.
images (8)Grain capacity refers to the amount of salts and organic material that a softener system can hold. This directly affects the ability of the system to clean your water. The grain capacity of the softener you choose should be able to handle the hardness level of the water that you’re going to clean. The fourth factor to consider is the availabity performance guarantee and product warranty. A one year warranty or a money-back guarantee is important because it shows that the seller is confident in the performance of the softener. It also keeps you on the safe side incase of performance failure.

Finally, you should check for reviews and ratings by other customers who have used the specific type of water softener you want to buy. This will give you an insight into their user-experience. High quality products will always have positive consumer reviews and high product ratings. Such reviews and ratings can be found on websites of the sellers, water softener reviewer sites, or on manufacturer websites.

Using this criterion to evaluate water softener systems will guarantee you success in finding an efficient, effective and durable system.