19 Nov

Parts Of A Wedding

Marriage is a very auspicious moment in the lives of many people. Many of us grow up thinking that one day we will get married and lead a very happy and healthy family life. Marriage is a must in many cultures, while in some it is advised and in some it is optional. Various cultures have their different traditions for marriage and follow old customs. People mostly spend a lot of money for their weddings and invite all of their loved ones for their wedding.

Parts Of A Wedding weddin5

Couples plan ahead of their wedding so that everything turns out exactly how they want it to be and book their dream marriage venues. It can be a town hall wedding or a a destination wedding like weddings in gatlinburg. Destination weddings have become really popular nowadays where you chose a beautiful spot near the beaches or somewhere in the valleys where you can have your special moment in a beautiful location. The people who are invited have to stay there for a  week or so until the entire process gets over.hemlockhillschapel_outside

Gifts are also an important part of weddings and you’ll so all your common friends trying to think hard so that they can get their friend a really good gift. Gifts are also exchanged between the two families involved and sometimes people spend really lavishly to show how happy they are to add another new member to their family. Nowadays to make it easier to chose, a list of things that the couple will need after the marriage is made and the invited people can chose from that list.

There are a lot of things that need to be taken in mind. In normal western weddings the entire process of marriage is commenced with the couples putting rings on each others fourth fingers which has a vein called Vena Amoris which is directly connected to the heart and thus this shows that the couple are connected for life. This is a practice high dates back to the Roman age. The bride generally wears a white dress which was popularized by Queen Victoria to signify her sexual purity. There are many more things that need to be taken care of for example the official who will conduct the ceremony. We still have religious officials like fathers or pandits officiating our marriage so that the bind is under the will of god.

Many people literally go crazy choosing what to wear and also have a hard time deciding the caterer. They want their marriage to he remembered by everyone and talked fondly about and the two things that the guest notice are the bride and the food. Going for food tasting to select a worthy caterer can be pretty tough job due to the amount of options out there. And the second most toughest thing is selecting a menu in such a way so that everyone can eat and enjoy the food. Another important point is the music which is played during and after the ceremony. Many people hire bands while some hire DJ’s.