19 Nov

Cheap E-Juice’s For Vaping

Vaping is the new rage as it has replaced our cigarettes with e-cigarettes that are not that harmful for our body like cigarettes are. You can control your nicotine levels and there is no ash that will affect your lungs. All you need is a vape device which is rechargeable or comes with a battery and a container which contains the e-liquid or e-juice that is compressed and turned into the smoke. All you need to do is constantly change the e juice whenever required as it keeps on getting over. There are a lot of companies that sell e juice online or in their shops and you will get a variety of quality flavors at a very cheap price. Slim’s e juice is one such company that works online and you can directly order from there. According to the majority reviews, the delivery is very fast and most people are very happy with the quality.


These are one of the cheapest e-juices that are available in the market and there are varied ranges of flavor, some of which we have reviewed below. You can get 30ml bottles and also 900 ml bottles, the cheapest ones available for $9.5. You can also get varied ranges of nicotine and different kind of flavors that are sweet, sour, tangy, basically anything you want. Let’s check out some of the flavors that are available. cuttwood_sugar_bear_best_e_juice_usa_011


Moose Juice is one of the flavors that we reviewed and it is an interesting blend of berry cheesecake and cotton candy. You can taste the raspberries and the blackberry in the flavor a lot but you don’t really get any taste of the cotton candy or the cheesecake. Though the flavor tastes really nice, but it is all really mixed up and something that you wouldn’t have expected.best_e_juice_vendors

The Drunken Turtle is one of the best flavors that you will taste amongst them all, and it is really refreshing. All the flavors included in this are fudge brownie, pralines, caramel and kahlua. The pralines are the most prominent flavor and then are the chocolate which blends in with the caramel. The last flavor that you will experience will be the kahlua which gives it an alcohol taste.

Unicorn Milk is a bit of a disaster due to the amount of flavors that were added into it, so that the makers would come up with it. There is the artificial strawberry, cheesecake, Bavarian cream, sweet cream and cracker that have been added in this flavor. Strawberry is the only flavor that you will really be able to taste and other than that everything is really a disaster.

Badger Grease is one of the special flavors of Slim and you can definitely see that a lot of interesting ingredients like vanilla custard, honey, brown sugar, roasted almonds have been added to it. All together it does smell a lot fruity and you can’t distinguish the flavors but they taste very good together. The flavor is a bit on the creamy, mellow side.