19 Dec

Creating Time For Post Natal Massages

After delivering,  the mother becomes busier due to the attention she has to offer to the baby. The time revolves around the baby: nappy change, feeding, baby bath, baby massage, everything is about the baby and there is no time for the mother. So how does she create time for a postnatal massage? The hustle and bustle itself are stressful and for your own sanity, you must just create time for yourself as the mother.Post natal massage

How to Create Time

  • Pick the right time. You can decide to have the body massage immediately after bathing and feeding the baby. If the baby is comfortable after its needs have been met, chances are, you might have an hour to yourself where you can squeeze your postnatal massage
  • You can ask for help. This you can do through asking a relative or a friend to look after the baby while you get a body massage. This can be anyone you trust; your mother, husband or bigger sibling. Or do it while the baby is asleep. Knowing that the baby is in safe hands will give you peace as you do your body massage. The last thing on your mind when doing a massage is to worry. 
  • Do it at home. There are several people who specialize in door to door body massages. If you contract one, you will be able to get your body massage while being near your baby. Check out for their details online and find the one who is in your state so that you utilize their services. Get a 40-day package price rate instead of a daily pay. This way, you might get a good discount. Check out on the reviews of the person you are about to subcontract to get to know if she is a professional or a starter in the field. For professionals, you will at least get some reviews about them online. 
  • Schedule Ahead. You can decide to take yourbody massages during weekends when there is someone at home to take care of the baby. Make sure that you book the appointments in advance to avoid disappointments. This way you and the baby are not inconvenienced in any way. Post natal massage

Postnatal massage is the best exercise for a mother to do as allows her time to be alone. Share this information with others so that they can learn the benefits of doing a postnatal massage