29 May

Download Latest Clash Royale Apk Android

Clash Royale is a mobile strategy video game.  It was developed & published by Supercell & was released on 2nd March 2016 for iOS & Android.

Game play

The game play is simple & straightforward. It ranks the players according to level & arena. There are nine arenas & the maximum level is thirteen. The player has to destroy more towers than opponent or destroy opponent’s king tower which grants three crown victory. At start, a hand of four cards from deck of eight cards is selected by player. A new card is added to the hand once a card is played. By acquiring certain number of trophies, players unblock different arenas.


By donating or upgrading cards, players may increase their level which increases tower hit points & damage.

Using real world money, it offers players to purchase gems & gold in play shop. These are used to purchase chest & cards

When a player wins multiplayer battle, a chest is obtained which takes certain time to unblock. In this case, gems can be used to speed up unblocking. Chests contain cards, gold & gems.  A maximum of 4 chests at one time can be hold by a player. At certain time intervals, free chests are also given to the player.

Clan members can also get engage in friendly battles with one another & can also donate or request cards from one another.

Features of Clash Royale

  • To unlock rewards earn chests, collect new cards & upgrade existing ones
  • Destroy opponent’s towers
  • To defeat the opponent construct ultimate battle deck
  • To share cards, form a clan
  • Build your very own battle community
  • To a private duel challenge the clanmates
  • By watching best duels on TV Royale learn different battle tactics

Clash Royale tips for beginners

In Clash Royale, players need to use both offence & defence strategy. Listed below are some tips which help beginners to win battles in Clash Royale.

  • Have variety in battle deck:

The most important thing is setting up battle deck. Mix up the deck with high & low elixir troops. At different times, wide array of options are given & there is best chance to win if it is mixed with good variety. Splash damage can be done by Dragon & Valk.

  • Use skeleton Attacks:

Try to pair skeleton with a Giant & take out a tower with only two moves. Skeletons are good on defence as well as offense.

  • Don’t attack first:

Wait for the enemy to deploy first which helps to use your troops & strategy. It allows saving important cards for later like the fireball. A good defence wins the championship.

  • Don’t rush attacks:

The player should be precise with each move & use a solid strategy.

  • Watch replays on TV Royale:

It gives an idea to players how to be strategic & use the troops to move forward.


Clash Royale Apk android

  • Download Clash Royale Apk file
  • After downloading, install the Apk file
  • Install the application & allow it to access
  • After installation, open the game & enter arena

You can Download the Clash Royale APK Android App from here.