24 Dec

Drug Tests

Drugs are illegal and a lot of measures are taken to stop the abuse of drugs. We can find companies conducting tests like 5 panel drug tests to find if their employees are using drugs during their time in the company. There are three main methods that are used to check the presence of drugs in one’s body. We know that the alcohol content in our body is checked with the help of a breathalyzer but organizations go way easily on the alcohol than they go on other drugs like cannabis. Drug tests are also used by sport committees to check if the athletes have been using any unfair means to reach their targets like steroids but that can only be tested using urine but not with blood or hair samples.5-panel-drug-test


Blood or oral fluid test is one of the tests used by organizations but this test is the least reliable amongst the three tests. This drug test is perfect to test substances that have been used recently as they start showing up in the blood as soon as it is used and stays for 2-3 days at least depending on the substance used and the amount used. This test isn’t commonly used because it is authorized by the FDA to use it in the DOT tests that the companies use as the source of the fluid is still a point of debate. This test is also not used because costly requirements are required to conduct this test.


The most popular and the most widely used test is the urine test as this test is very easy to conduct and doesn’t need any costly equipment. This test is even more reliable than the oral fluid test. Companies conduct 5 panel, 7 panel and 10 panel drug tests depending on the area it is based in and the drugs that it wants to test. This test doesn’t actually test for the presence of the illegal substances but actually tests for their metabolites. Drugs present in the fluid compete against their conjugate for the binding spots on their required antibody. If the concentration of the drugs present in the fluid is very less then it won’t test positive. The urine is put into a strip where many drug panels are present and a bright line will appear in the area showing that that particular drug has been over used.urine-collection


The most reliable drug test present to us is the hair analysis drug test and drugs can be tested positive with this test for up to 90 days and sometimes even longer. The test is now used for the test of most street drugs in both the judicial systems of the United States and the United Kingdom. If there is no hair on the head then the hair can be taken from any part of the body including the pubic region but that increases the time frame of the test as hair grows on different parts of the body at different rates.