12 Jul

Fighting Back Against Drugs

Drug addiction is a dark and ugly truth that exists in our society since ages. Be it the 60s, or the rock and roll age 70s or the present time , people are suffering from an illness known as drug addiction. Ever since the introduction of mind altering drugs in our society, the youth have always been attracted towards it. Some see as a cool thing, something which their favourite artist or rock bands do, and they follow them in that path. Some see it as a way of escaping the pain or depression they are going through, to find a feeling of happiness and solace.

Drugs and mind altering substances have always been romanticized in rock songs and pop culture. In the world we are living today, people have real easy access to find and buy drugs. This makes people even more vulnerable and an easy prey for all the drug dealers out there. The drug dealers and kingpins make huge profit out of selling mind altering substances to young people, which gets them addicted and keep them coming, wanting for more.


Talking about drug addiction, it is a chronic condition which alters the mind and body of the victim, that causes compulsive drug seeking . It extremely impacts the person’s behavior and personality, and can even make them violent and irrational if they don’t get what they need. Drug addiction not only effects the victim, but it also effects the people around him; family and friends. People don’t take this seriously, but drug addiction is a real disease and the victims need love , care and support like the patients of any other disease.

This is a kind of disease that grabs you even harder when you are trying to let go. That means, even if an addicted person tries to leave the drug, he might get withdrawal symptoms, that only get worse with time. That causes panicking, sever sweating, depression and loss of appetite. An addicted person can go to any extent to get the drug that he needs. Drug addiction is more complex than you think, and even the people of strongest will and good intentions fail to quit it. It changes the structure and function of the brain, and it’s like the rational thinking part of your brain dies.

young woman in a conversation with the psychologist

But even if you or anyone you know is battling with drug addiction, don’t lose hope. There are a number of drug rehabilitation centers that can help you get out of this disease and help you live a healthy life. One such Centre is the luxury rehab Malibu, which provides top notch services, and help. They understand their patients and the problem they are suffering from, and provide their care and support every step of the way. They provide the necessary medications and counseling needed for the victim to get better in terms of health. You can meet new people who are battling the same fight as you, and you will come out a totally different person, leading a healthy and better life.