22 Mar

Five Worst Places to Go on a First Date!

So the person of your admiration has finally agreed to go on a date with you! You’re all excited and know that first impressions count so want it to be an enjoyable experience. So here are five dating scenarios to avoid for the first date:-


Never ,ever, ever go to the cinema on a first date! You see it all the time as newly hooked up couples buy their tickets, popcorn and oversized cola drinks then sit for two hours together without a word to each other! The whole point of a first date is that you get to know each other, to find out interests the other has and to hopefully share a laugh or two. In the darkness of a cinema whilst it’s all quiet, the only thing you’re likely to say is, “do you mind if i get past you,.. I need the toilet”. At which point all your date knows about you is right now you need to go pee.


So you’ve gone for a few drinks, loosened up a little and had a good chat over a few cocktails and a couple of beers. It’s midnight and you both question where you should go next. Whatever you do, do not suggest a nightclub! A first date should occur in an environment where you can chat and talk about each other in relaxed surroundings. The last thing you want to do on your first sociable meeting is to go somewhere where you can’t hear yourself, let alone anyone else, and then to round the evening off with your date watching you attempt to ‘dance’ to the latest tunes. You’ll only catch sight in one of the many mirrors of either; A) You dancing like you’ve dropped ice in your pants, B) Your date checking out other beautiful people in the club, or C) The last glimpse of your date leaving as your freak out on the dancefloor like a drunken orangutan.

A Really Posh Restaurant

Two reasons to avoid ‘The Ritz’ on a first date. Number one being that you and your date are going to feel intimidated by all around you as you try and make smalltalk amongst the offerings of caviar and champagne. Trying to talk about your favorite baseball team, whilst the head waiter flambe’s your steak in between you two, isn’t going to be easy! But the second reason, especially if you’re a man, is this first date could quite easily be your last.. and no amount of the finest champagne will wash away the sour taste of bitterness as your date stands up from the table and announces, “It’s been nice, but i see you more as just a friend.. I’ll call you”, leaving you to pay the extraordinary bill!

Shopping Trip

Put simply, this is a big no no! If you’re a man and you’ve invited the blonde from accounts out to get to know her better, believe me when I tell you you’re going to get no attention whatsoever if she’s given the option of discussing half price shoes with a sales assistant! You’ll both either end up walking aimlessly around the stores, trying to ask where you both last went on holiday amidst sales hungry shoppers constantly bumping into you, or you’ll go off seperately to buy some goodies and arrange to meet later on (?!) The most likely conversation you’ll get out of each other is the lady asking “Does this skirt make my behind look big?”, to which the male will have to stop himself from saying, “No, it’ll be the high fat diet and lack of excercise that does that,..”

Sports Game

So you’ve got the date of your dreams along with you and in your wisdom you buy two tickets to watch the local game of soccer. Congratulations on ruining your first date! Because if you watch the game you’ll pay no attention to each other as one of you asks where you’re from originally, and if you’re really into the game and getting excited, you’re only going to resent the constant questioning from your one day companion and ask them to leave before the first half has finished! Likewise, if you sit there and gaze lovingly into each others eyes and discuss everything you’ve both ever done in your lives before today, you’ll have spent a fair amount of money on sports tickets for nothing! Added to this is the fact that a sporting venue is hardly the most romantic of locations. More than likely is the fact you’re going to be squashed onto plastic seats for a couple of hours amongst screaming, drunk, fat, loud men and have to endure beer being spilled over you from the fans in the cheap seats above you.

So there you have it, a few pointers on where not to go if you’re thinking of places for a first date.

If you follow through on this advice, there won’t be any problems in your relationship as the aforementioned places are the ones where there are likelier chances of a breakup and that won’t be nice for either of you. For better measures, you can also go through the okcupid dating app, which pretty much every youngster has on his/her smartphone, because they aren’t creative enough and rely on technology and gadgets to do the job for the and dating tips is just one of them.

Once you two have been together a while then feel free to make a note of the places on this page and visit on dates number seven or eight. By this time you’ll be bored of visiting the local coffee shop to hear about each others ‘bad day at the office’ saga.. again!

Have fun!