18 Sep

Hair Follicle Drug Test? Read To Know How To Pass It!

Drug test is certainly very tough to pass especially if you are an addict then it becomes way more tough to clear the test. In fact there are different ways that are being implemented to make out the presents of the toxic or foreign element in the body. It is indeed one of the difficult phases and here in this piece of write up, we bring you all about hair drug test yes here in this brief piece of  compose,  we  bring you some of the easy  hacks that would help you in letting how to pass a hair follicle test.

Without further ado, let us quickly peep into the different process that will help you to pass the hair test.  To assist you with the same here we have complied the ways that will help you some home based remedies that will help you to pass the drug test.

Some home based remedies that will help you to pass the drug test!


Lemon water:  Fill the water of bucket overnight lave the water as it is, next morning add lemon juice in the same bucket. Wash your hair with the same water; this will remove the metabolites from the hair strands.

Vinegar: is another potent home based remedy that will help you to wash off the impurities or toxic material from your hair.

Sea salt: mix two cup of sodium bicarbonate and one cup of apple cider vinegar mix the well now wash your hair with this solution.  It is advisable to wash your hair several time to pass the test.


You can cut your hair short also you can repeatedly wash your hair with detoxifying shampoos for not only making your hair well conditioned but coated with substance so that no lab can trace drug for at least 20 hours.