06 Oct

Heart Rate Monitor- Chest Strap Vs Wrist Strap

Now you don’t have to be a professional to monitor your heart rate at the time you are training, your heart rate monitor will do it for you, without you having to do anything for yourself!

A monitoring device, heart rate monitor is increasingly used by professional trainers and masses alike for its ease of use. It helps to monitor one’s heart rate at the time of training or can be used to record such readings to be used later for a study.


Chest Strap Monitors Vs Wrist Monitors

Though the technology of recording a heart rate monitor is old yet with progressive technology, there are better ways of monitoring a heart rate. There are basically two options- one is a chest strap monitor where the device is strapped around the chest. And the other one is a wrist monitor that works more like a smart watch worn around the wrist.

  • Accuracy-

Chest straps are considered to be more accurate in the readings than the wrist monitors for the simple reason that they monitor the heart rate closest to the heart unlike the wrist monitors.

  • Comfort levels-

As far as comfort is concerned, the wrist monitors get all the points since the chest straps are not only inconvenient but also make it difficult to breathe. The watches on the other hand are a much comfortable bet.


  • Convenience-

There are chances to be always on with your smart watch that is also your heart rate monitor. But there is a higher probability of leaving behind a chest strap monitor that is not too convenient to be carried everywhere.

  • Battery Life-

The chest strap monitors can not only give you an impressive run time but also you do not have to bother about charging them often or carry that charger along always, as is the case with the wrist monitors. They work on the traditional watch batteries.

  • Pairing with other devices-

When it comes to the feature of pairing, the wrist monitors are the clear winners. They can be easily paired with a number of devices. While the chest straps with their Bluetooth connectivity are often a disappointment. They are far from a seamless connectivity with your smart phone or your smart watch.

  • Price-

A chest strap monitor is a way cheaper method to track your heart rate than one of those flashy wrist monitors that are often too pricey.

Features to look for in a Heart rate monitor


  • In case of a chest strap monitor, the fabric used should be soft and comfortable and they should be light in weight.
  • The device should have a good connectivity with the other pairing devices. (Bluetooth)
  • It should have a good battery life.
  • Apart from monitoring the heart rate, it should also monitor calories burnt, steps taken, distance covered and pace etc.
  • The most important feature should be an ability to give an accurate data.

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