21 Oct

Here’s Why There’s No Need To Avoid The Use Of Products That Contain Carrageenan

A number of people continue to wonder what is carrageenan and if you have been avoiding products because you read the word  carrageenan mentioned on the label, you need to reconsider why you’re doing that and start using these products as long as they have the pure extract of carrageenan present in them. There are a number of reasons why carrageenan has been under the scanner in recent times, however based on the FDA report food items and medicines that contain carrageenan are safe to use and have no known side effects.

Carrageenan is known to be a thickening agent. This substance is a soluble fiber which is derived from seaweed that is popular in Asian countries. While this fiber has been used to thicken food items for a very long time, it is only in recent times that people have begun to question the use of carrageenan. The reason carrageenan got a bad name is because a large number of food manufacturers began to use cheaper chemicals combined with smaller quantities of carrageenan in order to reduce their manufacturing costs. This led to the products becoming harmful.


People who consumed these products with high chemicals began to complain about severe digestion problems and when checked for what they had eaten, the word carrageenan popped up a couple of times. Only later did people realize that it was not carrageenan, but the chemical that had caused these problems and that is when carrageenan was given a clean chit from the FDA department.

Carrageenan is one of the most versatile natural products available. While many food preservatives have a certain effect on food, Carrageenan takes food to the next level. Carrageenan not only makes the food look good it makes it taste amazing as well. Carrageenan also helps remove any kind of harmful substances from food such as excessive sugar and fat. The United States food and drug administration (FDA) has conducted various tests on Carrageenan and found it safe for consumption. The FDA report even states that infants and pregnant women can also consume Carrageenan without having to worry about any sort of side effects.


One of the biggest benefits of Carrageenan is that it is completely safe for vegetarian people to consume as well. Carrageenan is also gluten free and does not contain any kind of artificial flavoring or any other substances as well. Consuming Carrageenan on a daily basis is extremely good for the body. There are people that still believe that Carrageenan is bad for the body and should be avoided especially by infants. However the fact that the FDA has approved this food preservative goes a long way to show that it can be relied upon and there are absolutely no side effects in consuming Carrageenan in any form. However you must be careful of consuming only naturally derived Carrageenan. The other form that is available is made for cheaper substances and can have harmful effects on the body.