05 Feb

How to Earn More Coins for Farm Town by Installing Apps & More

There is more than one way to earn coins for Farm Town. Not only can you earn them by harvesting people’s farm and selling your crops, but you can also earn them by installing apps on Facebook and taking surveys. This guide will show you how to earn more coins for Farm Town by installing apps and more. Let’s take a look at more ways you can earn coins on Farm Town.

Earn Coins by Installing Apps on Facebook

Every day, there will be an app available for you to install. Installing this app will earn you more coins. Normally, installing these apps will earn you any where from 500 coins to 700 coins depending on the app. To view the daily app that is available, follow these instructions. Load your Farm Town game and look for the Earn Coins button at the top of your game. Click the Earn Coins button and look at the top of the page for the app of the day. At the top of the page, you will see the app that is available for today’s install. Beside the app, you will see the amount of coins you will get.

If you want to install the app to receive the coins, click the title of the app. Then you will need to go through the process of installing the app. Once you have installed the app on Facebook, go back to your Farm Town game. Once your game loads, you will see the new number of coins you have received. After 24 hours, you can go back to that page and another app will be available.

Earn Coins by Taking Surveys

Another way to earn coins is by taking surveys. You will need to visit the Earn Coins page again. On the page, you will see different surveys. Beside the surveys, you will see the amount of coins you will get if you complete the surveys. If you want to take a survey, click the title of the survey. You will then be redirected to the survey site. Once you have completed the survey, go back to your Farm Town. Once your Farm Town loads, you will see the new amount of coins you have.

Bear in mind that surveys are something that can be made up and quite difficult to prove as genuine but still a reliable method when it comes to earning coins. A survey is basically an opinion poll of sorts which only gives an estimation of which one is better than the other but in Farmville, it is quite useful to follow. Its not something like judi online terpercaya which is based on assumptions and has more losses to its name than gains.

Earn Coins by Signing Up for Stuff

You can also earn more coins for Farm Town by signing up for special offers. These offers vary daily. You can visit the Earn Coins page and view the different offers and trials you can sign up for. Beside each one, you will see the amount of coins you will receive if you complete the offer. Some of the offers will give you the coins as soon as you sign up for it. Others will make you wait a certain period of time.