13 Aug

How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing

Every now and then I get emails asking questions about social media marketing and working online. I figure others may want this information too so I answer them here through Social Media FAQs. (PS. I love getting questions and feedback so you can always contact me here if you have any.) Zara asks:

What are the tools that you use to build your foundation skills?

When I started out, there wasn’t nearly as much information online about starting a social media business as there is today. Luckily, that has changed. For someone starting out now, I would recommend using the following resources, in the order listed.

An Introduction to Social Media for Business:

Intro to Social Networks & Social Media for Organizations (Hootsuite University, hosted by Udemy)

This free course from Hootsuite University will help you understand the basics of social media, how customers use it and how businesses can use that to their advantage. Highly recommended primer for anyone wanting to pursue social media marketing. Hootsuite is one of the primary tools used for managing social media.

Also from Hootsuite University, this course goes more in-depth into what makes social media marketing successful – building a strategy. It provides the steps to building a strategy and a workbook so that you can create your own.

This is a series of blog posts written over time, bundled by Social Media Examiner, that gives basic steps and tutorials for everything from setting up pages to writing the best content and tracking social media performance. Social Media Examiner is arguably the best blog for social media managers – it provides tutorials for novices to professionals and keeps you updated on the latest news, trends and best practices in social media.

The best way to learn about anything is from the people who created it. Facebook has built two websites, Facebook Studio and Facebook for Business, dedicated to showing marketers how to most effectively use the platform – they provide training courses, case studies and a gallery of top campaigns. I wrote a review on these here.

The term library is appropriately used here. There are so many resources it may overwhelm you at first glance. HubSpot, which specializes in inbound marketing, has created 100+ useful e-books, blogs, worksheets and templates that can come in really handy when you start working with clients. Take your time to review these using the navigation links on the right and bookmark the link for future reference.

Pinterest is a social media network that allows persons to ‘pin’ images unto ‘boards’. I’ve made use of this by creating a board dedicated to great resources I find online that would be useful to social media managers – this include lists, checklists, articles, among other things. It’s frequently updated (everytime I find a useful article or image) and highly recommended.

How to Build a Part-Time Social Media Business (Alexis Grant of Socialexis)

This is the only resource on this list that you have to pay for (US$24, approx. JMD$2500) but I have included it because it is well worth the investment. Alexis Grant has outlined all the steps you need to take to build your business in the most straightforward way and it’s a very short and easy read. If you’ve made it through all the resources above and you are determined to build you own social media business, whether part-time or full-time, read this book! In addition, you may also consider to buy Instagram followers with instantly fast delivery. This is helpful for businesses on IG that are having a hard time to grow their following.