01 Jul

It’s Not A Wonder That Escape Rooms Are So Vividly Popular

You’re Indiana Jones in the guide room, situating the Staff of Ra to uncover the mystery area you’ve been looking for. You’re you, caught in a D.C. cellar, quickly scanning for pieces of information to find the spy defector, and the powers are coming, and time is running out and —

Do you need a clue?

You’re Harry Potter in the TriWizard Tournament (Don’t kill Cedric, please), and you should comprehend the sphinx’s enigma to pass. You’re the star of “National Treasure” or the one at “Night at the Museum”, and you’ve quite recently found the red-and-blue glasses in the shrouded block, and now there’s another message on the back of the Declaration of Independence.

What are you going to do?

The voice comes from the amplifier towards the edge of the room, and you’re shaken from the adrenaline-filled mission that made you feel like an ad­ven­ture-film saint. At that point, you recall that you’re in a setup. That you paid for.


The name of this specific Game is called “Escape Room” — an exacting portrayal for an entangled try. A group of individuals sign up to secure a room, and should discover pieces of information and understand riddles to finish a given mission and locate the way to escape, after taking off in Asia, Western Europe, and the West Coast, these games are appearing on the global level, In the D.C. zone. I mean, how can one keep themselves away from such an ecstatic game?

It could be only a prevailing fashion. On the other hand, in reality, as we know it where screens are the overwhelming wellspring of stimulation like X-Box or PS 4, it makes people euphoriant, and no wonder people are getting addicted to it.

The Escape room enterprise in Glover Park begins with a plummet into what was before a storm cellar office, behind a Starbucks on Wisconsin Avenue. The room is stuffed with stylish, Pinterest-rescue stylistic layout — chevron dividers, horse shelter wood, writing slate craftsmanship — a bunch of kids aged 20-30 that draft plans for the Escape Room designs.  As the game is spreading its way to Singapore, the team building Singapore also started forming a regal office with a quintessential equipment. In general, Escape Room Live D.C. doesn’t feel claustrophobic and dreadful, as one may anticipate from a storm cellar experience. The similar is with the Singapore team. The vibe is intended to be fun and comfortable — as comfortable as being secured a room can be.


Here’s how the game works: A group of two-twelve individuals is given a story line of the Escape Room by the master. They have to act as spies by breaking into offices of their co-workers, one of each respectively who is an enemy in the fort that is leaking information. The mission is to find the location where the enemy is going to drop information to the other side.

However, as soon as they enter the office they will get trapped by the security system, and they will be given 45 minutes each to escape from the room without being caught. The time is fixed, and certain rules are to be followed. Once the door is shut, the time starts. For example, according to the plot, the room is an office and therefore will be well ornamented with different objects in which the clues can be found in suitcases, paintings, sticky notes, trench coats, watches, riddles, alarm clocks, lamps and mugs, etc. All the while, the clock keeps ticking. Amazing eh? What are you waiting for?