14 Dec

Lose your Man Breasts with Antioxidants

Some foods pack a powerful antioxidant punch. Their Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (also called ORAC) is high therefore they increase the chances of losing body fat.  Nutritionists recommend a 3000 ORAC point per day for everybody. While exercise is a good way to lose weight, you can help yourself more by eating food with antioxidants. You’ll have a healthy heart and keep off practically every other lifestyle disease. The secret with antioxidant intake when you want to lose weight is taking more than the recommended dose. Many men looking for information on how to lose man breasts want something that works fast. Surgery is a fast solution but it is very costly and could disfigure you for life if done incorrectly. This is how to lose man breasts with antioxidants. 59b6f0d9b80a11c7a84a183e2e1da928

You need eight glasses of water per day. Add at least one ounce of lemon juice to every glass. By the end of the day, you will have surpassed your ORAC count by at least 200 points.

  • Eating at least three halves red grape fruit during the day not only keeps the cancer away but helps you lose over 3.5 lbs. in three months.
  • The darker the cherry the more antioxidants, the lower the cholesterol and glucose levels. Eat a small bowl of these and you’re 500 points over your daily ORAC need.
  • Good news for chocolate addicts! Just one ounce of dark chocolate will give you 3500 ORAC points.
  • Take more artichokes. They are low in calories and contain more than twice your recommended antioxidants intake.aid287801-728px-get-rid-of-man-boobs-step-3


Antioxidants are part of the safer and cheaper way of losing weight. It’s incredible how much weight control you can exercise by eating right. Do it instead of trying to cure the weight gain later.