15 Jan

Metal Gear Solid 4 Boss Strategy: Screaming Mantis

The final member of the Beauty and the Beast unit of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will stand between you and your final objective during Act 5. To defeat Screaming Mantis, the leader of the unit, you must do so using unconventional methods. Here are some tips to help you out.

The Arena

Old Snake will be battling it out with Screaming Mantis in the command center of Outer Haven. There is a huge globe in the middle of the center with layers of computer monitor surrounding it. Although you have plenty of space to move around, Screaming Mantis can reach you easily. You are better off fighting her straight on.


Conventional methods won’t work on her. However, her dolls are a different story. Make sure you use a fairly accurate weapon like the M4 Custom so you can aim at the little targets. Using sniper rifles are a little tough in this battle since Screaming Mantis is constantly moving and will use human shields.

Screaming Mantis

Keep in mind that the boss fight starts immediately after you have to take on a bunch of Heaven Troopers in the area. So make sure you are prepared for the fight before taking out the last of the Heaven Troopers.

When the battle begins, immediately use the Syringe item on Old Snake to break away from the ghastly strings of Screaming Mantis. Keep using the item again anytime you have been hit by a strange aura and start seeing the strings being attached to Snake.

Alternatively, you can try switching the controller port on your Sixaxis/Dual Shock 3. While it doesn’t do anything, the resulting codec conversation will be golden (especially if you played the first Metal Gear Solid game).

Screaming Mantis uses two dolls for her attacks. On her right hand side is the Mantis Doll (modeled after Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid). She uses this doll to control the bodies of the living to do her bidding. The doll on her left hand side is the Sorrow Doll (modeled after The Sorrow from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater). This doll will be used to manipulate the bodies of the dead.

Meryl and the bodies of Heaven Troopers (doesn’t matter if they are dead or alive) from the battle before will be controlled by Screaming Mantis. Keep in mind that if Meryl dies, the game will be over. So make sure you take special care of not killing her, especially when her body is in front of a doll.

If Meryl tries to attack you, try to tranquilize her. When she tries to shoot herself in the head, immediately run up and do a punching combo on her. This will eliminate Meryl from the rest of the fight.

Focus your attacks on the dolls hanging to the left and right of Screaming Mantis. Although you only need the Mantis Doll to beat her, you should also pick up the Sorrow Doll if you plan on playing the game again for some neat extras from Slot Online Uang Asli that will provide you with cheats and other essential features that can help in increasing your potential into the game. Eventually, she will drop one on the ground. Make sure you pick it up before she does.

When you acquired both dolls, Screaming Mantis is pretty much on her own. She only has two attacks by herself. For the long range, she will throw knives towards Old Snake. It is hard to dodge them unless you look for cover immediately. For her melee attack, she will suddenly appear in front of Old Snake and try to hit him. From away from her right away and you should be fine.

Once you got the Mantis Doll, equip it on the weapons menu and use it on Screaming Mantis. She will lose her metallic armor soon after. Stay far away from her when she is in this form and keep firing. She will be defeated eventually.


Unlike the previous fights, you don’t need to use non-lethal weapons in order to acquire the Screaming Mantis Doll (no relations to the Mantis Doll). It will appear once Screaming Mantis loses her armor, go pick it up immediately near the north door of the command center.

You can also get the Screaming Mantis FaceCamo after defeating her non-lethally when she is out of her metallic armor.

Once you figure out the secret behind Screaming Mantis, the battle is actually a lot easier than the previous fights.