01 Feb

Non-Surgical Bite Correction Methods

In a perfect world, you might have perfect teeth that are properly aligned. However, in this world, it is rarely so for everyone. This is why bite correction is essential so that your teeth get aligned in the right manner. The major reason for trying bite correction is to maintain the teeth easy and prevent gum disease. Though there are many surgical ways and means for that procedure, here are some non-surgical bit correction ways that you will find to be useful.1-Side

  • Orthodontics: In case of malocclusion, seeing an orthodontist is highly recommended. They will make use of orthodontic retainers, dental braces and other appliances to group your teeth into the right position. This will take around a year or two to get to the desired position successfully.
  • Night Guards: If you have bruxism, then it is possible that use of a night guard is recommended to you. It is used to be fit onto the bottom and top teeth to be worn when you are sleeping. It not only reduces tear and wear grinding but will also help to improve bad bite considerably.Dian
  • Reshaping: This can be used when teeth are aligned fairly well but are not touching perfectly. Irregular and rough teeth can be subject to bite correction. The procedure will start with you having to bite a coated paper which will be used to trace your upper and lower teeth. Your teeth will then be shaped with the help of a dental drill.

Though most malocclusion cases will require you to undergo a dental surgery, you could also try the non-surgical method to see if your teeth get aligned easily. If not, you could always opt for surgery. The mentioned ways are few of the recommended methods for bite correction without making you go under the knife.