06 Sep

Planning A Cremation

As if the loss of dead was not enough, there are additional costs of cremating them that make things even more difficult. According to a research, one in every five families finds it difficult financially to plan a funeral service. They even end up taking debts to cover the related expenses.

As more and more people are looking for options of low cost cremation, the market is making such choices readily available to them. One such low cost option that is available is Direct Cremation.


What is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation is a funeral rite in which the body of the deceased is cremated (consumed by fire) within a few days of the death. There is no funeral service in the process. It is one of the most economic or low cost methods of disposition.

Features of Direct Cremation:

Considered as one of the most economic method of disposition, direct cremation eliminates a formal funeral thus further eliminating the expenses involved in a traditional funeral.


  1. The body is directly cremated in a crematory without any delay. Thus, the expenses incurred on the services of a funeral home are saved.
  1. There is no expensive casket involved, the body is cremated in a simple box that reduces the cost significantly.
  1. Since the body is directly cremated, there is no such thing as viewing or visitation. This saves the expenses of embalming and other preparations of the body.
  1. There is no immediate memorial service organized. The expenses of funeral arrangements and an expensive casket are completely curbed.
  1. All the formalities of cremation are handled well by the staff present at the crematory. It also includes the formalities related to the completion of a death certificate.

The charges of a crematory are only a fraction of the charges at a funeral home.