08 Jul

Prepare For Funeral In Singapore

There will be a time when you come into an age where you will have to ready you or a loved one’s funeral. That way, you will be prepared for the worst, and you won’t have to burden anyone with having to prepare for the funeral arrangements. While this may sound unfortunate, it is actually a practical way to make sure nothing will go wrong, even until your last moment. When preparing a funeral Singapore, there are some things to know beforehand.

How to Prepare for a Funeral in Singapore

You will have to consider a few factors. It’s similar to planning an event, where you will be setting the place you will want to be resting on, and other things. Here are the things to know on how to prepare for your or a loved one’s funeral:


  1. Look for a trusted funeral home that is able to deliver quality service. That way, you won’t have any strains in emotions, nor will you stress out over your loved one’s funeral arrangements.
  2. Find their rates and services included. Instead of going to various companies that offer different individual services, opt for the one that is able to do everything you want and need for a good price.
  3. Read the contract before you go into any agreement. Look for any hidden fees and details that may end up costing money and effort.
  4. Prepare the casket. Some may have to be custom made, depending on the size of who you’re preparing the funeral for. Depending on the casket, they can be quite costly.
  5. Prepare the obituary and list down what you want said, along with the people you would like to include in it.
  6. Ask about any religious services that need to be made or you would like to have made. Depending on your religion, your local churches will be able to cater to that.
  7. Location is also key. Where would you like to be buried? Or how would you like to hold your funeral? There is cremation, where your family can keep your ashes or spread them in your favorite area, or you can be buried in an area around the cemetery. You can also be kept in a funeral home where your family will be able to visit you.
  8. Remember to list down your will and testament, with witnesses and a lawyer signing it to make it official.
  9. When preparing a funeral, make sure all your family members have copies of the details so if you do go, they will know what will happen. It will lessen the burden, and instead of being in shock with all the preparations needed to be made, they will be able to properly grieve.
  10. All the small details need to be looked into, especially when it comes to looking for a funeral home. Make sure you work with a trusted one that will be able to do the job.