17 Oct

Purchasing Pokemon Go Accounts

There’s a great amount of satisfaction when you see how much your account has progressed over time. This is especially true if your account is among the upper half in the rankings, what more if it’s counted as one of the top twenty or higher. But the problem with busy players of Pokemon Go is that you can’t really progress that fast if you don’t have time to find them or you can’t hatch eggs. For that reason, players purchase Pokemon Go accounts. It’s not that satisfying for some, but you don’t really have a quicker choice when your schedule is hectic.

Pokemon Go accounts, as well as majority of the transferable accounts out there, can be bought and sold. By purchasing accounts, you get the chance to instantly own rare Pokemon, achieve a higher level and you even earn a few bragging rights. Of course even if you manage to get a hold of a high level account, it’s still your job to improve it. Keep in mind that there are tons of scams out there on the internet; they’re only after your money. Always look at reviews before settling on a website, but to lessen your burden in finding a website we’ll go ahead and offer one.


Player Auctions

Thanks to the number of branches they have spread across worldwide, they are able to help out more players with their multilingual staff; these countries include Shanghai, Hong Kong, USA, Philippines and South Korea. Also, don’t worry about the time that you can contact them since they have 24/7 customer support.

Player Auctions have more than 16 years of experience with the gaming and trading industry, they empower all the gamers out there by providing fun and easy services. For all those who would rather buy accounts to save them the all the trouble, then it’s a great website due to the size of the company; a bigger community means lower prices, more staff, safer transactions, a bwider selection of products and of course more people to socialize with.

One of the main reasons why users love Player Auctions is the significantly lower prices they offer when compared to other websites. In case you’re wondering when you’ll receive your purchase, just view the seller’s delivery guarantee period. The mentioned guaranteed period is reliable since it was computed by Player Auctions according to the previous successful deliveries. Keep in mind that this may differ from case to case; you might get your purchase at a faster or slower rate.


In cases where the seller doesn’t deliver, although this is a rare event, PlayerAuction guarantees that either the sellers deliver what was promised or your money back. Don’t worry; the majority of the transactions are successful. As for the mentioned rare cases, they have all been handled quickly and efficiently.

With regards to your privacy, it will be protected because neither you nor the other party can see any sensitive or private information about the other party. They strive to protect the privacy of your important information like credit card numbers.