29 Dec

Reason Behind Always Tired Mode- Read And Get Rid Of The Sleepy Phase!

Do you always feel tired and restless despite taking eight hour sound sleep? Well, if the answer is yes then this is the perfect place to stumble upon as here you will get to know about how you can easily get rid of this situation and the causes behind the same.woman looking tired sitting on sofaMany a times doctors do ask this question  from his /her patients as it helps to rule put the exact cause of the issue and you can easily get the treatment done. It goes without saying there are various reasons attuned with this and to help you or rather ascertain you with the same here we bring you some of the causes that will definitely help you. Moreover can easily rule out the root cause of the sleep state that you face all aver the day. The most common symptoms that most of people face is as follows fatigue, lack of energy, feeling always tired but here we will not focus on the symptoms.

On the contrary, here we will tell unveil about some of the causes that are responsible for such state. Without further delay let us delve with the cause or rather deficiencies that takes up the shape of this aliment. Here we bring you most common reasons that are as follows:

  • Low blood count: Lack of iron and vitamin B often affects the overall bodily process and our RBC (red blood cells) plays a very pivotal role in providing energy to different part of the body. If your body lacks red blood cell then the oxygen that your tissue in the body require will not reach out in the good quantity and as a result you will feel sleepy all the time.
  • Wrong and unhealthy diet: if you are someone whose large part of diet is processed then certainly you are heading for the sleepy face as all the junk processed are low on vitamins and minerals. After certain period of time you won’t like doing anything as you are unable to feed your body with balanced diet and as a result your sleepy feeling mode is always “on”.
  • Lack of sleep: this is another potent cause as many a times insomnia and lack of quality sleep also becomes the root cause of this issue. It important to get undisturbed sleep of eight hours so that your body will get time to regain the energy in the best manner possible, our body also require rest and hustle bustle of the day in carrying  out different activity  in the day make it tiresome. So, sleep well so that not just your body but your mind will also get the time to relax.woman looking tired sitting on sofaThe above mentioned points are the major reason that is responsible for the same and apart from these there are a few psychological pressures like depression and anxiety where this situation may arise.  It important to find the exact cause so that you can easily work on that so that you can get over this always tired mode.