23 Jun

Sequencing The Soccer Schedule

The development of the jadwal bola is one of the most awaited events during the  summer for a football fan . The schedule of the English Premier League has already been released on 15th August and the action starts right from the first day as Arsenal host Liverpool at the Emirates stadium while Leicester City start their title defense against Hull City . The other matches to watch out for are Chelsea vs Manchester United on 22nd October at Stramford Bridge , the north London derby at the Emirates stadium on 5th November , the Meryside derby at Goodison Park on 17th December and Liverpool host Manchester City on New Year’s eve . I’m sure we can’t wait for the season to start on 13th August .

Have you ever wondered the process that goes on into coming up with these schedules keeping international competitions , the european club competitions , the festivals , the distance between the teams and the stadium , etc .


To be honest it’s a very tough process and the scheduling starts when FIFA and UEFA send in  their dates for their respective competitions to the English FA right in the beginning of the year . They have a tie up with an IT company called Atos which helps them come up with schedule . They need to keep in mind the distance to be travelled by a team for a match , the rest before a match and the availability of the stadiums . Last year when the Rugby World Cup was being held in England the organizers had a tough time squeezing their timings between the Rugby World Cup as many matches were being held in stadiums where EPL matches were supposed to be held . They have to calculate the probability of each and every disaster and stay on the safe side so that the tournament goes on smoothly.

A method called ‘sequencing’ is used in which the season is broken down into a number of sets and the sets have five matches each, which are reversed in the second half. For example in a set of five matches for a team , at least two will be home matches and three will be away or vice versa .


A team never has more that two home  or away consecutively . A team can never start or end the season with two home or away matches because if a team which is trying to earn points have their two last matches away then it will be unfair .Other than this if you are at home on Boxing Day then you will always be away on New Year’s Eve . And two neighboring teams will never have their match on the same day like Manchester United and Manchester City can never have their matches on the same day .

If they don’t satisfy a particular club then the club is asked which requests are more important and give it a priority. This method has a satisfaction rate of 85{58d852fa1a9b1c92c48c934e5f614afa45036350fdbfb15d3a7252a24fefa713} !

So we see that the fixtures are not just drawn out in a day and it takes a lot of time and brains into satisfying everyone in the league .