06 Nov

Services Provided By Nec Corporation Of America

NEC Corporation of America (NEC) was established in the 1st of July 2006 from the joint operation of NEC USA, NEC Solutions and NEC America. It is one of the most popular modes of communication that is used in offices. As a leading technology integrator, NEC is dedicated to improving the way people communicate and work together. With the special focus on efficiency, security and safety, NEC has designed integrated solutions for the society that are in sync with clienteles’ priority to create new value of society, business and people. They are said to be pioneers in providing industry’s most innovative and strong portfolios of technology, biometrics, security, analytics and communication solutions that meet with the potential productivity of the end users.


Range of Availability and Features

There are a large variety of applications and phones that are offered by the company for the benefit of businesses. The UNIVERGE group of softphones, wireless systems and desktop phones aid workers to reliably an immediately access individuals, information and tools at all time. The advanced features along with customization options make the use of these phones flexible and adaptable to communicate with others.

Instant Access Application (IAA)


It uses the Instant Access Application which is free could-based suit that is managed by the company and is suitable for their IP desktop telephones. They have dominated the communication world with their technology and are currently running in more than 160 countries with a revenue that touches $25 billion.

To tackle the most complicated problems that exist in today’s world while communicating between two ends, the company has provided numerous solutions that make speaking with fellow workers easy and accessible. The company provides a robust solution that combines cutting edge technology as well as reliable communication means that go hand in hand.