11 Oct

The Beautiful Phi Phi Island

Holidays are very important part of our lives. That is a moment when we want to rest our brains and go and chill somewhere while wandering in the history and beauty of the spot. Many people have very different ideas of holidays, they like going through new roads while reaching their destination. And when they reach their destination they like to rest most of the time while trying out some new things. One of the perfect holiday spots is the Phi Phi islands; this archipelago is a part of Thailand and was made popular by the Hollywood movie featuring Leonardo di Caprio, The Beach. This island is just a 2 hour boat ride away from Phuket. You can plan a one day best phi phi island tours or can stay there over for the weekend away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life.

There is a lot to do at the island and you will specially enjoy if you are a big water sport fan. The islands host a couple of beautiful spots along with the emerald Andaman Sea and there is a lot of unique wildlife on display too. The lifestyle over there is very chilled and there is no traffic and the main medium of transport is your legs. Everything is within walking distance. As the popularity of the island is increasing so are the amounts of tourists that are visiting every year. This is having a very negative effect on the ecosystem of the island.



Dr. Thon who is a marine biology lecturer has said that if the government doesn’t control the amount of tourists visiting Phi Phi Island then it will affect the natural beauty of the place and the people will drive away the wildlife too. As noticed the corals have already decreased in the water bodies around the island compared to before. There is no way to throw away waste other than to carry it from the island to the mainland and a public company is paid to do so. The fuel from the boats and the water let out by the hotels from the island are affecting the underwater ecosystem. There is no way of treating water on a huge basis on the island and the hotels are supposed to treat their own waste before ejecting them out but most of the business men are selfish and they could easily just turn off the machines any time and only switch it on when the inspector goes to check.


Another thing that is being affected by the mass tourism is the wildlife. Many tourists like taking pictures with rare animals and this leads to poaching as these animals are caught by the poachers ad are brought away from their wildlife which decreases in their number and leads to extinction. Many efforts are being made to stop this and return the caught animals to their wildlife.

So please be a little cautious when you go to visit foreign lands and don’t do anything that will harm the natural habitat. Always act responsibly in the present because in the future it might not be there.