24 Aug

The Quality Yamaha Graphic Kits That Will Work For You

The Yamaha  graphic kits by motorcross graphics are available in different packagings. Let us try to look at each one of the packaging so that you can decide on which one will best suit your Yamaha bike.

  • There is the ready made package which includes radiator shrouds, front and rear fenders, swingarms, number plate backgrounds, and lower forks.
  • There is the ready made Yamaha graphics kits with the lower forks, radiator shrouds, number plate backgrounds swingarms, front and rear fenders plus an optional number plate backgrounds.
  • Ready made radiator kits
  • Number plate backgrounds which include two side plates and front plate


The Steps To Getting a Yamaha Graphics Kit

First, a need arises whereby you need to get yourself a Yamaha graphics kit. You then order a semi custom graphic kit where:

  • The race number, the name, colors and logo changes are done (most places don’t charge for this service)
  • The logos which are in the product image are for display purposes and can be replaced or changed or even be supplemented with logos of your own choice; you are at liberty to do that
  • When you take your Yamaha bike for Yamaha graphic kits fixing, work will start immediately after you pay for them
  • Within 2-3 days, a picture of what is going on your bike will be emailed to you so that you know that work is ongoing. You can approve or make amendments.
  • After your approval, the Yamaha graphic kits will be placed on your bike
  • In most cases, the entire work will take 3-5 days after you approve the design
  • Here is when the choosing of the Yamaha full kit will be done. The kit includes graphics for front/rear fender, shroud/tank, lower fork guards, front and side number plates with the airbox, and swing arms.


  • You can choose a pre printed background which includes graphics for side number plates and front with the airbox.
  • In case you need a separate graphics for different parts like lower fork guards, and shrouds, you can always contact your graphic designer.

When doing graphics for your Yamaha motorbike, make sure that the materials used are quality. The digitally printed materials like vinyl with the best MX plastics are recommended. This is because, vinyl is covered with durable laminate and can be precisely cut to fit the plastics which cover your Yamaha motorbike.


Yamaha graphic kits are tailor made for specific bike so make sure that your bike is properly profiled. Get  an expert to do the alignment of the graphic pieces with the plastics. With a professional, your bike will be the talk of the race. You can as well do it on your own after purchasing the Yamaha graphic kits. This you will do with aligning the graphics on the plastics; pull them back on the corner of the graphics backing paper. Remove the backing paper while pressing the graphics simultaneously onto the plastic. The best results will be that one done by a professional.