21 Sep

Tips And Tricks Of Goose Hunting

Whether you’re already an expert goose hunter or someone who just does it for a hobby, goose hunting will have its good days and bad days. Some hobbyist could break a record with their luck on a certain hunt, while professionals can even experience times when the geese just seems to go farther away from their reach. Not all is lost though, since goose hunting can also involve tips and tricks. We’re not claiming that these are the perfect way to turn your hunt from disaster to success. But keep in mind that sometimes you only need to a change in technique and strategy.

Try Spreading the Decoys


Use your decoys in a practical way, we’re not restricting the variety of the decoys that you choose and all of them produce amazing results. But we highly advise that you should not practically pile them up on top of one another. Spread them out, you’ll see that it works a lot better that way. When you put them in concentrated places, the birds will most likely leave it unfinished or just hover over them since there not much room to land. Geese are even considered as bug birds, but they never get tangled up on with each other despite taking off or landing in groups. Basically, there are enough space between birds so your decoys shouldn’t even be a problem with their landing until they’re that tightly spaced.

Have at Least One More Style of Goose Call


While going out and looking for a goose call, purchase two very different kinds of calls. For example, one like an acrylic short-reed goose call which produces the loud, sharp and high-pitched sound; this is perfect for windy day calling. The other one should most likely be a short-reed goose call which makes a softer, deeper and realistic sound. Yes, they are very different but they complement one another. When you go goose hunting with both of them together then you’ll be ready for just amount any kind of weather to come your way, no more “I should have brought another caller with me.”

Keep Still, Don’t Move and Keep Your Head in the Game

Until the shot is called, don’t make any sudden movements and don’t go looking up at the geese; a simple rule, but unfortunately it’s unknown to many hunters. If it’s possible, no one in your group should gawk of look up at the geese.