20 Apr

Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting – Not Just for Kids

When you were a youngster, did you ever like to hunt for treasure? I recall when I was little, that if I was not out in the woods behind our house digging for buried treasure, I was hiding things for my friends to search for in the garden or sometimes the attic.

Of course that was a long time ago, but things today have not changed much. In fact I bet you did not know that treasure hunting is a pretty sophisticated adult game now. That’s right! You have heard of a metal detector, haven’t you? There are literally thousands of adults that enjoy the hobby of metal detecting. People everyday are throwing away and loosing all sorts of treasure. Anything from old scrap aluminum to missing gold jewelry and other relics can easily be found with a metal detector.

As people begin to take metal detecting up as a serious hobby, you might be interested to know that it has actually split into a variety of sub hobbies too. The top 5 best thermal scopes will be the best choice for the children. There will be no harm to the children after the use of the techniques. The use should be done properly through thehunters.

Have you ever heard of coin shooting? No, it’s not anything that has to do with a gun. It’s the hobby of searching for lost coins. They can be all sorts of coins like antique coins or rare coins and such. You know anything a dealer might be willing to pay good money for. I think that the easiest way to find coins like these would be to start looking where most people tend to loose coins. For example, a school yard or church property. Lots of people tend to gather there and you never know what they might have lost. If you search the Internet, you can usually find all sorts of places to look.

Oh and let’s not forget how the West was won! Gold prospecting is probably one of the oldest forms of treasure hunting man has ever done. In fact there are metal detectors out there today that can be set to look just for gold or silver for instance. Wouldn’t it be grand to find a cache of raw gold that you could lay claim to? You’d be surprised how many metal detecting clubs there are that revolve around just this one type of treasure hunting.

Relic hunting is my favorite by far. As a kid I loved reading all about the different types of monetary systems that different civilizations had. I also loved learning about all of the things these same civilizations made from various types of metal. These artifacts, if found can lead to some serious income. Not just because they are old, but they are also historically valuable. I checked out these metal detecting bookmarks and in them I actually found web sites that listed maps of some of the best locations to find old relics.

If you don’t mind sand in your shoes, then beach combing is probably the best way to utilize your metal detector. Of course the nice tan you can get is also a great by product. The early spring and summer seasons are the best times to start hunting for things. With the increase in foot traffic because of tourists, your chances of finding some exception items increases drastically.

Obviously, these are not all of the ways a metal detector can be used to locate treasure, but they are some of the more fun ways to do so. It took me a long time to find information about the hobby on the Internet until I cam across a site that had bookmark packages already assembled. In fact, one of them was about the hobby of metal detecting. You should check it out.