03 Mar

Virtual Data Rooms by Intralinks

Considered as the leading provider of varying technology for capital market, deal making and global banking communities. Pioneering in virtual data rooms, Intralink’s technology secures and enables seamless flow of information, hence clients are more empowered and confident in working with the product. With the aid of their solutions, Intralinks improve business activities through risk reduction, increased visibility and the streamlining of operations. Intralinks data room, even the business as a whole, has earned the trust businesses and corporations; a staggering 99{58d852fa1a9b1c92c48c934e5f614afa45036350fdbfb15d3a7252a24fefa713} of the Fortune 1000 and has already executed more than $34.7 trillion in financial transactions. Virtual-Data-Room-2

Intralinks Data Room

Virtual data rooms are built through the most sensitive and secure digital platform in the world. High-stakes transactions also feature top managed permissioning abilities, advanced IRM or Information Rights Management and lifelong data protection. Of course Intralinks aims to stand out from the competition, and so they implemented a new interface for their virtual data room. One that’s a lot faster and easier to use; clients can then focus more on the tasks instead on how to maneuver the features. The FinTech solutions are integrated with Artificial Intelligence, so machine learning tools effectively automate the sorting of documents; doing so saves clients time and resources that could otherwise go to expensive errors.Virtual-Data-Room-1

Intralinks designed their multi-featured data rooms to facilitate M&A deals done at great distances thanks to their compliance and Cloud. As we speak, Intralink’s community has over 3.1 million official users and that number increases by the minute; these users generate a staggering 6,500 transactions a year. Intralinks allows the following:

  • Even without plugins, all Microsoft Office and Word files can be protected without essentially sacrificing fidelity.
  • Automatic Intelligence Incorporated in the system manages and analyzes files for better efficiency.

Innovative mobile management to facilitate secure work activities anytime, anywhere.