15 Oct

Weed: Measurement Cost Quantity And The User

With the consumers of weed on the increase so is the knowledge about weed on the increase. New marijuana users would like to know more about the terms used in this market and about how to use them. With four states legalizing the use of marijuana and with more to follow, this crowd is all set to grow. There are some simple hints to all new marijuana users that they would like to know.

What is Marijuana Eighth in Terms of Grams?

Marijuana dealers are both recreational and medical. They sell marijuana in eights, dimes and dubs. These are marijuana slang terms that consumers and sellers understand. With stringent rules and regulations, these people try to use common words so that the meaning behind these words is not easily understood. Dime and ounce are common words that do not have any significant meaning other than measurements. As marijuana is measured in terms of pound it is broken into 16 ounces. When the ounce is broken up into eight, which is called ‘eighth’ or 1 8 of weed, it comes to 3.5 grams. In the marijuana world, users are easily cheated. So it is best to be clear about marijuana measurements before entering into habit of using it. The measures are easy to calculate but whether you get the right quantity is left to you. You have to go the right seller to see that you get the right stuff.


Cost, Quantity and Quality of Weed

It is a generally found that people buy a gram of good weed. This costs about $20. 1 8 of weed refers to 3.5 grams and it costs $60. You can then calculate the cost of ¼ and ½ ounce from that. It means that ¼ ounce would cost $120 and ½ ounce would cost $240. The cost also varies between states and depends on the quality of the weed. As a first timer, you should know where you stand before dealing with the seller as you may be ripped off, especially if people know that you are new to marijuana. Sometimes the seller may also give more quantity initially, to keep you addicted to the stuff and then lessen the quantity once they find you hooked to it.


There are more interesting facts about marijuana. New comers can learn more on our website when you feel embarrassed to ask others about the various terms and aspects of the weed. 1 8 of weed is a common term that you should know to get more of the stuff and to keep up with the others in the marijuana world. You will be astonished to know the wide circle of people who are involved with weed. It is not only the youngsters but also elders who are hooked up to the weed. However it is a practice that is frowned upon and hence being discreet about the habit is best for new entrants especially when you buy the product from your seller. Be sure about the cost paid and the quantity received so that you do not get duped.