06 Jul

What Are The Techniques To Implement While Horse Riding For Beginners?

For majority of horse riders, it is not just a sport. It is obviously the love of their life and their passion. Even for the beginners who didn’t show much interest towards this sport, but they come up with curiosity. They all end up doing horse riding a hobby and then to love and passion. Those people who like to go out for adventures are the ones who find their love towards this sport, Horse Riding! A lot of challenges during this sport can be achieved. By enjoying this sport few of the people think that they can achieve mental peace by eliminating their fears.

The main reason for few people is that they can overcome their fears and convert them into thrills and excitements. Yes! Horse riding is a very risky sport compared to all, if you aren’t prepared yourself. And to mark precaution measures for those beginners who wish to start their new sport action, this article will provide you them. Even though this is a risky sport, one can easily adopt this thing when you overcome your fears. Once you are done with your fears, this risky sport turn to your exciting holiday hobby.


Horse riding is not just a sport, it can thrill you and can make you goof friendship relations who are similar to you. With these enough advantages, one can learn how to be obedient to animals. And this will help you to know the feelings of other living being and that can further help you in better future and make you a better person as well. While riding a horse, understanding each other is very important. Because if you don’t understand the feelings of others, then one can get it more difficult situation during this sport. Riders will end up building good relationships with their horse.

These are the reason behind most of the people’s interest, love and passion towards this sport. You will enjoy this sport only when you got the training properly. If the beginners didn’t learn the basics well then they can end up with only sour experiences which further can maintain the distance from this sport. There are many cases where the beginners get into this sport without any basic level knowledge and hurt themselves. One should take the basic lessons from a good coach who has a keen interest and better knowledge.

What are the basic tools to remember when you’re the beginner of horse riding?

Horse riding is not just a simple task to complete; one has to be prior in his basics before getting into the reality. One can get the knowledge of basics from these sources without the trainer:

  • Reading useful magazines and books on horse riding tips & techniques.
  • Watching horseback riding videos.
  • Internet.


Few of the beginners try to start this sport without any basic knowledge, may be this can help in any other sport but not this one. Do remember, only when you put efforts for training of horse riding, you can feel the fruitfulness of the sport.


Now-a-days, horse riding can be learned at home by using the DVD’s. Watching the basic techniques of riding a horse is one of the best ways of training to be the master of horse riding. One can spend less time in self training while watching DVD’s. You get the best benefits when you feel your presence on the field and riding horse yourself.

This gives your different knowledge on riding a horse, reading a book can help you in having the perfect posture while riding or positioning but whereas watching the DVD’s can help you in some of the practical skills. Though even the bookish knowledge is also needed to be the perfectionist but it doesn’t help you throughout. Watching the professionals riding a horse can help you improve your skills. Confidence is the main important aspect of horse riding, if you are not confident about riding a horse then start gaining some for you.

There are some things which can’t be learned from the bookish, as one has to visualize everything. But when you watch the clips of the professionals, one doesn’t always imagine the situation. As the visual experience is the best way to understand for the beginners.

There are many DVD’s which offer the beginners a help but only few of them have the standards and quality. A DVD named 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman which is more recommended by everyone. Hence a DVD can bring many of the techniques to visualization but confident of riding a horse is self made. One needs to gain his own confidence; you cannot buy anywhere or steal from anyone.

The DVD’s can give you more information in horse riding techniques and the behavior or so, like

  • Maintaining a horse properly
  • Getting used to the rather uncommon equipment related to horseback riding.
  • Different positions you can adjust on a horse.
  • Knowing your horse and his behavior.

Know Your Horse:

When you are up in the market for a car, everyone are very keen to know about its features, just like that one has to know his/her horse behavior properly in order to get a good sport experience.


You better know these few things before getting upon him:

  • Style of running.
  • Dislikes.
  • Level of patience.
  • Likes.

Few of the horses are very cool to handle and can be easily used before giving any instructions to it as few of them would need. Some of them are very rude and not easily handle by the beginners; they need a perfect trainer for giving and understanding instructions.

Similarly, few of the horses are quite and calm and other are very aggressive. Riding a horse without making proper relationships with them is a very difficult task even if you are perfect rider. Hence, understanding the behavior of your horse is the first step to make your riding career successful. If you’re a true beginner for this sport, there are many techniques and supportive measure to be considered, which are shown in www.horse-show-schedules.com.