02 Jul

What Is Gymnastic And Different Types Of Gymnastic Bars?

Gymnastics is a sport which involves the performance of how we can control our body. For example we have to stretch our body, we require flexibility. Not only this but there is one more important thing, that is balancing of the body. Without body balancing we can’t do gymnastic. That’s why it is most important i.e., body balancing.

In gymnastic, we have different types of gymnastic bars. Some of them are as follows:

  • Uneven Bars
  • Horizontal Bar
  • Parallel Bars
  • Balance Beam

Uneven Bars:


It is the first type of bar in which gymnast uses uneven bars. We have another name for this, that is, it is also known as asymmetric bars. The uneven bars are inventive gymnastics equipment. It’s far used best by women gymnasts. It’s fabricated from a metallic body. The bars are made from fibreglass with a wooden coating, or less usually timber. In these gymnasts use only a single bar to perform their act. The bars are positioned at extraordinary heights and widths, allowing the gymnast to jump from bar to bar.

Horizontal Bar:

It is the second type of bar which gymnast uses that is a horizontal bar. We have another name for this as high bars. It is a men oriented event where only male gymnasts will take part in this. The bar shape will be in cylindrical shape and which is made of metal. The bar is placed equidistance from the surface of the ground or floor with the help of strips or cables for support. In these gymnasts uses only a horizontal bar to perform their act.

Parallel Bars:

It is the third type of bar which gymnast uses that is a parallel bar. It consists of two parallel bars which are placed parallel to each other and which are placed above the ground level at certain amount of height. The bar is made of metal with a combination of wood also which is coated outer layer of the bar. In these parallel bars gymnasts use a leather based grip gloves to perform on the bars. In these gymnasts use only two bar which is parallel to perform their act.


Balance Beam:

It is the third type of bar in which gymnast uses that is balance beam. In this balance beam the gymnast uses the technical equipment to perform. The technical equipment is known as apparatus and in simple words it is known as a beam. The beam which is used by gymnast is made of leather material and the beam is very thin which is placed above the surface at a certain height where a gymnast performs on his legs. It is associated with female gymnasts.

In this sporting event we have different categories for male and female gymnast. Depending on them it is divided that is in some categories only female can take part but male could not take part likewise in some categories only male can take part but females are unable to take part.