28 Jul

What Is Vaping?

We see so many youngsters nowadays getting affected due to their addiction to smoking. They addicted to the nicotine in the tobacco while trying to look cool and they later develop smoking related diseases and some even develop cancer. Other than cigarettes shisha or hookah are quite the rage now amongst youngsters as they call it the safer than cigarettes, which they actually aren’t. So do we have something which is safer and doesn’t kill us, something that we can enjoy without harming us? Obviously we do and they are called vaporizers. The process of inhaling smoke through a vaporizer is called vaping. We are going to answer all your questions about vaping today through this article.


Probably the best thing about vaporizers are that they don’t need tobacco and you can smoke without it, so this helps you get rid of your addiction. Due to lack of tobacco and cigarette smoke it doesn’t really harm your heart and arteries like a cigarette does but you can still be smoking nicotine without the use of tobacco. As the smoke is made of vapor it is way better for your heart and the vapor comes in various flavors which you like and smoke something depending on your taste buds. Your mouth doesn’t even stink when you are done with a vapor and it is way more cost effective because all you need to do is buy a vaporizer and then keep on refilling the vaporizer as and when you feel like. Its way more cost effective on the longer run.

You will be amazed to find as to how many vape shop are there in your city, all you need to do is know the right people. A vaporizer ranges from $25 to $50 and you’ll get a quality vaporizer for just $30. They are also known as e-cigs as they need to be charged or battery can be changed when needed.


The vaporizer is a tube which consists of a chamber for the battery which can be charged using a USB. Then comes the cartridge of the vaporizer which has the e-liquid, which gets converted into vapor or smoke. The color of the e-liquid varies depending on the flavor of the smoke. Then comes the atomizer which heats up the e liquid and converts it into vapor. The vaporizer concentrates the e liquid and heats it up. One vaporizer is the tip is that, it is also the healthiest way to smoke marijuana.