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What You Need To Know About The Dol And Owcp

Having a job entails you to many benefits. One of these are the medical benefits, which is extremely important, especially if your job is a physical one! But what if you end up injured while working? It may be daunting, as you will have to spend time off work and miss pay, as well as having to face hefty hospital bills from medicine and doctor’s appointments! But you won’t need to worry about that and losing your source of income because the Department of Labor has come up with the Workers Compensation Program in order to keep you financially at bay as you recover from your work-related injury. In this article, we show you all about the Workers Compensation Program, what you are entitled to, and how to get a Texas DOL doctor near you.

What’s the Workers Compensation Program?

This is a program created by the Department of Labor to ensure compensation for all workers who encounter injuries while at work. This covers all types of injuries, from temporary to permanent. It also covers the rights a worker is entitled to from his company and the Department of Labor.


From medical benefits down to compensation in case of death, this program will be able to help you and your family have the financial support needed in case of any accidents while at work. But take note that the program fully depends on the cause of injury. It may be at work, but if it is due to the misconduct of the worker (clumsiness or intoxicated while on the job), then he is NOT entitled to this program

Right to Choose Your Texas DOL Doctor

In this program, you are entitled to medical benefits such as payment for your medical care. Not only that, but you will also have a Texas DOL doctor attending to your needs through the care of both your company and the Department of Labor. One thing you should know about this is that you have the right to choose the Texas DOL doctor you prefer. While your company may encourage you to one particular doctor (may it be for personal or financial reasons), you still have the right to refuse and choose the one you think is best.

How and Where to Choose Your Texas DOL Doctor?

Doctor or Nurse Talking to Senior Woman with Touch Pad Computer.

When looking for a Texas DOL doctor, you can visit the Department of Labor for a list of licensed and quality doctors available to attend to your needs. You can even check for a list online. As long as your doctor is from the Department of Labor, you will be fully compensated and will not need to pay for anything.

In Conclusion

It’s best to know that you are in good hands with your company and the Department of Labor in case you get into any injury. For more information about the doctors you can work with or the other compensation benefits you are entitled to, you can visit the official website of department of Labor.